VTech VM320 2.4" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Full-Color and Automatic Night Vision, White

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The VTech VM320 2.4" Digital Video Baby Monitor makes it easy to keep an eye - and ear - on your little one from anywhere in the house. Plus, up to 800 feet of range means you can check in from almost anywhere in the house.. The high-resolution, 2.4 inch color LCD screen on this digital monitor ensures you can see every giggle and smile with full-motion video.

  • Temperature sensor
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom
  • Wall-mountable
  • Rechargeable battery with low-battery alert on the parent unit
  • 2x digital zoom
  • Volume Control
  • UPC: 735078044518
  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: VM320
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Color: White
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.475 POUNDS

Reviews (12)

  • Bad quality
    1 stars

    5/29/2019 by emily

    If i could give no stars i would. The signal drops. You get a blank screen or it freezes. Also the image is so small that it is very hard to get a full picture of your baby no matter how tgey sleep in the crib. I would bot recommend this product its no better than any one with out a screen!

  • Short lived battery
    2 stars

    4/5/2019 by Scottydoesknow

    This is a good monitor EXCEPT the battery drops fast! With the screen off and the sound only coming on if there are loud noises after about 2 months of having the battery only last up to 3 hrs before dying. At this rate I can foresee within a couple more months the battery only lasting a few mins before it dies rendering this almost useless. When we first got it the battery would last almost 8 hours. So this fast decline with battery time shows that they cut corners in their cost. Either there isn't a shut off switch on the charger when the battery hits peak charge, causing an over charge and ultimately the untimely demise of the parent units battery. Or the batteries mAh rating is far to poor for the power this unit requires. If battery life is a must for you, look further this will not meet expectations a baby monitor should.

  • Terrible monitor
    1 stars

    4/4/2019 by Scrappu

    This is a pretty crappy monitor. The image and sound quality at terrible, but at this price that isn’t a huge deal. However, the image and sound completely stop working after awhile. The screen freezes and is rendered useless. This has happened to both of these monitors we’ve used.

  • Won't link
    1 stars

    3/30/2019 by Kelly

    I have only had it a few days and it became unpaired from the camera. I have tried everything. Nothing worked

  • Pretty good monitor
    4 stars

    2/15/2019 by Mommyofone

    I just purchased this and I dont want to speak too soon but so far I I really like it. Iv seen some complain about the screen if you feel its too dark you can hit the “menu/select button” go to the picture that kind of looks like a sun I think its the forst choice and click the up button. It will turn the brightness up and it goes to 5. I would recommend this. I will say to put it on a wall (it shows you in the manual the parts to buy) if you put it on the crib its likely to move over sometimes ans you have to constantly go in and fix it. So if you’re looking for a monior and dont have 130$ to spend on one go with this one!

  • camera has bad viewing angle and poor quality imag
    1 stars

    1/21/2019 by unhappyvappy

    The price is low for a reason...the image quality is poor(not terrible but poor), but the worst feature is the range of view. The crib is in the corner of a small room. I attached the camera to the wall for a better view, but it does not get video of the entire crib. The camera shoots a square view, but the crib is obviously rectangle. bad design. Its also mostly viewing in black and white because the room has dim lighting(cause the baby is sleeping duh). For $30 dollars more, I bought a wifi security camera. I hope this info helps someone although might be difficult to understand what I am referring to until you buy it.

  • it's ok
    3 stars

    12/12/2018 by bri

    this product was o.k - the screen is grainy and not as technologically advanced as I hoped it would be. Also it wouldn't swivle to be able to see baby from other angles

  • Great Buy
    5 stars

    11/20/2018 by Sarah

    I really love this video monitor. For the price point and ease of use including set up you really can't go wrong. I like how everything just paired. You don't have to really do channels or inputs. I also liked night vision/close up feature. The detail is really sharp and I could hear my son sleep which gives this Mama peace of mind.

  • Horrible Battery Life
    2 stars

    11/11/2018 by Kt

    Consider this a corded monitor. This thing only lasts about 20 minutes without being on the charger. The range is also not as far as they claim.

  • Great Monitor
    4 stars

    11/9/2018 by Lando05

    I was really impressed with this product. The images were clean and everything was highly visible. The sound quality on the product is also outstanding. I would highly recommend this product to others who want to monitor small children while they are in a different room.

  • Great product, highly recommended
    5 stars

    11/8/2018 by MattD

    The monitor works really well. We like that it automatically actuates when the baby cries. The camera is great in both light and dark and gives the piece of mind knowing your child is okay. It is lightweight and very durable as we have dropped it a number of times and it has survived. Like the prop up feature to keep the monitor upright. Like the zoom in function to see the breathing of the child and we can adjust the volume. The ability to talk to the child from another room is an added feature. The downside is the battery life is short and needs frequent charging. Wish the camera had a suction cup or a clamp to lock to a crib.

  • Great Product
    5 stars

    11/7/2018 by Lynoli

    This baby monitor was better then I expected. The picture is colorful. I can see my son in the monitor clearly. I love that I'm able to hear him when he cries and I can sooth him right though the monitor. No static whatsoever. I found the temperature sensor to be a bonus! Great product.

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