VTech VC931, Wireless IP HD Video Camera with Remote Pan & Tilt, Free Live Streaming, Infrared Night Vision, Silver

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You'll be able to keep up with loved ones no matter where you are. With gesture controls you can swipe the screen to move the camera around the room and zoom up to 10 times. Know what your family is up to and make sure your home is secure at all hours. The VTech VC931 Wireless IP HD Video Camera with Remote Pan & Tilt, Free Live Streaming & Automatic Infrared Night Vision lets you see continuous live video, talk to people and pets, and best of all, installs in minutes with the free mobile app. See more of what's going on with remote pan, tilt and zoom. Plus, sound and motion alerts let you know the instant something happens at home to give you peace of mind while you're away..

  • 10x digital zoom
  • Extended-range WiFi
  • On-demand recording
  • Preset recording angles
  • Free mobile app
  • HD video lets you see everything clearly
  • UPC: 735078031815
  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: VC931
  • Color: Silver
  • manufacturer_part_number: vc931

Reviews (16)

  • VTech is great for baby! Would love a better app
    4 stars

    7/2/2018 by Pumpkinannie

    Overall, we LOVE our VTech video home monitor. My husband is able to check in on the baby at work (which he always gets a kick out of). The app is a little glitchy and lacks an overall modern aesthetic, but the monitor itself works well. Installation was easy, video quality is on par with other monitors we've tried. We were pleased as punch to be c

  • Decent Camera With a Few Issues
    4 stars

    5/25/2018 by awshucks5

    My wife and I both work and are gone during the day. We leave our dog at home, so it's nice to check in on him to see if he's ok. I really want to give this camera 5 stars but there are a few things that make the camera fall short. The ability to talk back and forth lags while you're trying to speak. If you speak, you need to make sure that you wait a second or two before you can respond because it's not instant. It's like it takes that much time to send the audio back and forth. The other problem I see with the camera is if the power goes off, like if you're on vacation, the camera doesn't automatically turn back on. That's a huge problem for me if I am planning on being gone for an extended period of time and I all of a sudden have no working camera inside my house. There are also a lot of good things about the camera. The picture and zoom features are excellent. The picture isn't crystal clear but it's good quality. The set up was easy for me but one thing that I didn't see in the instructions was how to zoom in or pan around with the camera. I eventually figured it out but if you aren't tech savvy, it may prove difficult. I'm not a huge fan of the app itself on my iPhone. It's a bit confusing. I don't like how you have to click on the image of the camera before you can use it, again not explained in the instructions. Some work on the app, the audio issues, and maybe a sharper camera and this camera would be outstanding! Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this camera to review

  • high quality video
    4 stars

    5/24/2018 by rana

    The video quality is excellent and the wide angle allows me to see a really large area of my house. I have it set up on a table in the front room and I'm able to see the front door, the entire first floor area and up to the second floor. It comes with mounting if I want to attach it to the ceiling and the app will give you the option of flipping the feed if you decide to use it that way. I had some trouble with the set up, I'm a Project Fi user and could not understand why I wasn't seeing my local network. I finally realized that I needed to disable mobile data in order to connect the camera. It was frustrating and took much longer than I expected! After using it for a few weeks I realized that it would be more useful to have recordings of actual comings and goings so I got a mini SD card to enable motion detection recording. I've spent some time trying to get it to work but it's still not working as I expected. I'm going to try again and I hope it'll work! I received this camera to try as part of the weeSpring Panel.

  • VTech Home Monitor Cam as baby monitor
    4 stars

    5/16/2018 by sharissap

    I've used the VTech video home monitor as a secondary baby monitor for the past few months. My wall mounted baby monitor doesn't give me the direct view that I sometimes want and it's accessible remotely and sometimes I need that. I think the video quality is great during the day and good at night as well. The sound is super clear and although the movement of the camera via the app is a little jerky, it works just fine. It's also really easy to record video as well, which has come in handy a few times, especially as my little one has learned how to climb out of her crib - fun to document and show friends and family what the little monkey is up to. I found the VTech app itself to be a little weird. It doesn't feel like a very sophisticated app. For example, when you initially open the app you can see the video but you can't hear it or adjust the view. You have to tap into the video again to open a new view where you can pan and tilt the camera and actually hear it. I get that this is because you can have more than one camera, but it just feels.. clunky for some reason. Maybe It would feel just fine if I had a few cameras and wanted to see them all at once (my feelings are based purely on using it as a baby monitor). I think the camera is super easy to install in terms of plug it in a go once it's already on your network. The initial setup of the app to get it on the network was a little complex, but we were able to follow the instructions and get things going without any trouble. Overall I've really enjoyed having the VTech video home monitor as a backup camera in my toddler's room. It's given me peace of mind in more than a few situations. I'm giving 4 stars and not 5 because I think the app that you have to use to access the camera could use some work. Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this camera to try and review!

  • Recommended
    4 stars

    5/16/2018 by Stav

    We installed the camera in the baby's room, which also has an exterior door to the backyard. We wanted a camera that could do double duty as booth a baby monitor device and something we can use to keep an eye on the back entry. The ability to pan and zoom with this camera allowed us to do just that. Installation is relatively simple. The app interface is elegant and easy to navigate. I like that you can control the camera easily from your cellphone. The video quality is great, crisp and clear both during the day and at night using the infrared technology. We have it set up so that we get motion alerts during the weekdays when the house is empty - thankfully we've never received one, but it's good to know that it will happen if someone is in our home that shouldn't be. Mostly we use the camera to keep an eye on our 5 month old after we've settled her for bed - and this camera is MORE than enough for that. With the ability to view what's happening from anywhere you've got a phone connection, it's been particularly sweet to use when one of us are traveling. I can still see the baby sleep even when I'm on the road. When she gets older I can see us using the two way talk feature more, but as of now we haven't explored that feature in great detail. Overall I like this camera and would recommend it. The reason that I dinged it a star and rated it only 4 stars is simply that I think for something that is always out and seen - it could be a little smaller and more aesthetically pleasing. Full disclosure, I received this home monitor from the weeSpring Parent Panel. The opinion above is purely my own :)

  • Very Nice, Simple Monitoring system
    4 stars

    5/16/2018 by Gingermama83

    This VTech video home monitor Worked well and served it's purpose. I liked the ease of use and also that there is an app to see while away from home. I did however have issue with the camera not being able to use the higher wifi connection of my home. Every time I wanted to check the app while at home, I would have to disconnect from my regular wifi to use a lower one. The night vision on the unit was excellent. We use it more at night than during the day, so that was a very important feature for our home. The camera installation was a but of a problem. As I mentioned earlier it wouldn't connect to the higher wifi network and it took a bit of time to get everything operating together, but once we did everything was great. I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for a simple monitoring system. I received this VTech video home monitor as part of a WeeSpeing Parent Panel for review.

  • Great wireless monitor
    4 stars

    5/16/2018 by Jenn92579

    I had the opportunity to use the Vtech monitor as part of the weeSpring parent panel. It was very easy to set up and use. The app is user friendly. I liked that the system is wireless and you can access the monitor from our phones, iPads, etc. The night vision was clear as well.

  • Breeze to setup
    5 stars

    5/16/2018 by rvca

    Setup was a breeze on this monitor. I was able to open it, glance at the documents and get the monitor setup and running in about 10 minutes. It's as easy to use as it is to set up. I have not mounted this monitor but have used it in different rooms and lighting and it works well in several rooms.

  • Awesome Product!
    5 stars

    5/16/2018 by cacr2069

    This V-Tech home monitor that I received from the WeeSpring Parent Panel is awesome! The camera has the ability to rotate 300 degrees and tilt up or down to see from different perspectives- all controlled remotely from your smartphone! The app to control it with is very simplistic and self-explanatory. In addition to live streaming, it has the capability to detect motion and automatically start and stop recording video based on the motion detected. These recordings can be stored in the cloud (service provided by V-Tech for a monthly fee), or into a memory card inserted in the bottom of the camera (I only tried the memory card). This product has a different brightness lenses, so your video is clear during the day or at night. And the night vision is surprisingly good! You can screen shot live stream on the app to save cute, memorable moments. Install was a 5-7 step process. Most of which was just connecting the product to your local WiFi network. If you follow the directions exactly as they are written, the set up and install are a breeze!

  • Get one of these! Thank me later
    5 stars

    5/16/2018 by Rainbow7

    This vtech home monitor is a very useful gadget for us. We use it mostly to observe our daughter while she sleeps. I am able to do chores around the house and as soon as our little one wakes up the monitor lets me know. When away from home, my husband, frequently uses the camera to check on us and it makes me feel safer. Sometimes, when we are expecting a package, we move the camera close to the door so that we get alerted when the package is delivered. We plan on purchasing an extra camera just for this purpose and also to identify visitors to our home before we open the door. The home monitor can be moved to different locations very easily (different rooms or even outside). The app was very easy to download, set up and use. It worked well with both android and Apple devices. The camera allows you to stream clear live HD video from anywhere 24/7. You can pan, tilt and zoom the view. The camera switches automatically to infrared night vision when there is not enough light. These features were used very often by my husband who travels often. It was great for him to be able to see live video from anywhere at anytime of the day/night. My husband was able to control what he was seeing and to zoom in thanks to the camera's features. Even though our little sleeps in our room, sometimes I use the camera to check on her since I do not have to get out of bed to do so. :) I liked that the camera has a video recording feature. I would record anything new or interesting that our little one did so that my husband and I could watch it later together. This way he was missing less and we could share those special moments. I wish there was a separate monitor to use with the home monitor. We plan to buy more of these to place around the house. Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this home monitor.

  • Camera is good, app has room for improvement.
    3 stars

    5/16/2018 by Simone

    This camera is pretty good, but the app is just okay. I used it mostly to keep an eye on things around the house when I was in a different area, and the push notifications are useful. It would be nice to have noise alerts and not just movement alerts. This is easy to set up and install, and the zoom and pivot focus is really good! Thank you to the weeSpring parent panel, we received this for free to test in exchange for an honest review.

  • Monitor for baby room
    4 stars

    5/16/2018 by charlece06

    I was lucky enough to receive this monitor from the weeSpring Parent Panel. The setup instructions were easy to understand. The picture quality is clear on both the day and night settings. The volume and zoom buttons are also easy to find and use. The zoom function is nice to see if my son is awake or being restless. The only negative thing, and it is silly, but the power light is bright orange and my son hates it. I have had to hide the monitor a few times so he doesn't notice it. But overall, I love this video monitor and would definitely recommend to other families.

  • Great picture quality, SUPER easy setup and use
    4 stars

    5/16/2018 by Acavallaro

    This camera was super easy to use and setup took less than 15 minutes (including app download). We used this as an extra baby monitor... in the future, we will be using more for security purposes but it would also work well as nanny or pet cam. Pros: easy, minimal setup; EXCELLENT picture quality; incredibly simple to use—app is super easy; has capability to capture wide scope of view with the camera. Cons: app usage drains phone battery—would be great to have a parent unit for use room-to-room at home. Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this camera to try and review.

  • Reliable, Crystal Clear & Easy to Use!
    4 stars

    5/15/2018 by Dana

    This is our third monitor and the one we like the best. Our first monitor lacked wifi, but had crystal clear picture quality and was pretty reliable. Our second monitor was wifi enabled, but the picture quality was fuzzy and we often lost the signal (which defeats the purpose of the monitor int he first place!). The VTech monitor not only offers wifi convenience, great picture quality and reliability, but it also allow users to pan and zoom with a swipe of your fingers, security notifications whenever someone new logs in to your monitor and cloud recording capabilities. The only downside for us is the infrared lights around the lens that turn on in low-light settings. While they are great for getting such clear images, our older son was bothered by them and had a hard time falling asleep because he was constantly distracted by the lights. He can always tell when someone is viewing the monitor because the lights come on and he just will not go to sleep with it in the room! The aren't very bright, so the monitor works great with our infant, but unfortunately can't be used with our older son. I was given this home monitor to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  • Great camera feed, video recording only so-so
    4 stars

    5/15/2018 by MelissaBy

    I'm a mom of a 2 year old and a 4 year old, so older children as far as baby monitors go. However, my 4 year old still gets up in the middle of the night multiple times. We decided to use this home monitoring system as a way to check on him and see him in the middle of the night. I will say that the quality of the video/camera feed for both daytime and nighttime was extremely good. I liked that you can easily maneuver the camera around (is he playing on the floor when he should be in bed at 2am? Oh yes, yes he is.) I also really liked that he could clearly hear me when I spoke (get back in bed, it's not time to wake up yet!). However there was some delay if he spoke back right after me and it wasn't very easy to hear if there wasn't enough time allowed between speakers. For my purposes I found I did not record video often but when I tried this function, it required more than one step within the app, a downside in my opinion. Installation was a breeze. Overall, a high quality device for the price but I may feel differently if I needed to record video more often! Please note I was given this home monitor to try as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel.

  • VTech Home Monitor
    4 stars

    5/15/2018 by Lauren

    I was given this home monitor to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. This video monitor was incredibly easy to set up, and I probably had everything up and running within about 30 minutes. As a mom and somebody who travels for work frequently, being able to monitor my home remotely is quite an attractive idea. The fact that I can do it from my phone is even better! I particularly like that I have the ability to control the camera remotely and record photo/video. The video quality is excellent, as is the sound quality. The camera itself is fairly discreet and unobtrusive too, which is nice. The only drawback is that you have to have a subscription in order to be able to store recorded video. Overall, I would recommend this product to anybody looking for something to act as a nanny cam or looking for a way to monitor your home while away on business, awaiting a delivery, etc.

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