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You are a busy parent who’s on the go but all you can think is about your baby at home, is he/she crying, Sleeping or if they are comfortable? The MobiCam® Multi-Purpose Camera with dual core processor provides you with peace of mind, wherever you are using your smartphone to monitor and listen in smooth HD audio and video quality, day or night and playback recorded moments with ease, including motion alerts and notification..

  • UPC: 891040702005
  • Brand: MOBI
  • Model: 70200
  • Color: White
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.65 oz
  • Manufacturer Part Number: VB605

Reviews (15)

  • Works Great
    5 stars

    5/30/2019 by Minimalist

    Works great. It helped us to monitor the temperature in our RV all winter without having to get in it— we pointed the cam at the thermostat.

  • Wonder product
    5 stars

    5/29/2019 by Jamie

    Great product with a great price. So easy to set up with my iPhone.

  • So far so good!
    4 stars

    5/29/2019 by Becca23123

    It is very easy to set up and small enough to put anywhere.

  • Works sometimes
    2 stars

    5/28/2019 by Greg

    When it works it's great but it freezes daily. You're better off spending more money and getting something more reliable....

  • Not the best product
    2 stars

    5/27/2019 by Lcmomma

    Decent price but the camera lags a lot in time. The app was a little hard to understand.. i would spend the extra money on a camera that works in real time.

  • Awesome! Definitely going to buy another.
    5 stars

    5/24/2019 by roadrunner11

    Works really well. We have used it for about a month now and enjoy being able to see our children wherever we go and are able to talk to them as well. Very useful when your child doesn't want to go to bed and you can talk to them and assure them all is well go back to bed.

  • I'm in love with this. About to buy more
    5 stars

    5/20/2019 by Kelsey1118

    I really wasn't sure when I bought this. Some reviews were bad and some were good. But I have been soooo happy with this monitor. The picture is clear day or night. The sound is great. You can talk through it and the baby can hear. I am so happy we bought this. I think I will be buying more.

  • Great features with a peace of mind
    5 stars

    5/16/2019 by Regina

    This baby camera is the best way to have a peace of mind and know that everything is alright all hours of the day and night . It has tons of great features and was very easy to set up and get going if you just follow all directions you will be ready to record and take pictures in no time . What I loved about this camera is that it was easy to set up , you can record and take pictures, it has good quality and 2 way audio so you can listen to your baby and also talk to them as well. The magnet base is super strong so it holds well it rotates from side to side so you get the whole room view for better reassurance also there is a so card that will store up to 20 days if you cant get it hooked up to the wifi for whatever reason. There was only a few things I didn't like about it and it was the cord was short and it didnt go up and down but other than that I loved it and would ml oyst definitely recommend to friends and family [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Convenient and clear picture
    4 stars

    5/16/2019 by Jkarpy12

    I have been using this monitor from time to time during the day while I am at work. It is easy to access while not at home. Never had any wifi connection issues. It is easy to use and am able to talk through to calm my child when not there. I would recommend having two cameras but one is good for now. Easy to connect and set up. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • I love this camera!
    5 stars

    5/15/2019 by Thanx4AllDaFish

    So, we've just taken off the crib sides for our twins and now have toddler beds. I had a different camera up, but it only allowed me to move the lens along a vertical axis. This limited the view based on the horizontal axis being locked down. Enter MobiCam... Now I can get the angles I need so that I can make sure both girls aren't getting into trouble in the late nights while mommy and daddy aren't watching them, per se... 100% would buy more. Only complaint is that the camera cannot be moved by use of the app. Would be extra amazing then! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great product
    5 stars

    5/14/2019 by

    This is a great monitor. The set up was very easy and it relieves me that I can keep a clear eye on my elderly parent while I am away.

  • Don't waste your money!!
    1 stars

    5/12/2019 by Tessy821

    Was purchased to watch live stream of my husband who had just had open heart surgery to let us know if he needed something. It had TERRIBLE lag and kept freezing. We have top notch internet (highest residential can have) and it was just very poor quality. I ran out and purchased a $25 camera the same night and it was phenomenal. Would NOT recommend this one ESPECIALLY for an infant. Returned this one the next day. Don't waste your money.

  • Easy to set up, great video quality! Peace of mind
    5 stars

    5/11/2019 by HomeSweetHome82

    This small but mighty MobiCam WiFi Camera Multi-Purpose Monitoring System is a great option if you're looking for a high quality and reliable baby monitor or general surveillance camera to add to your home for that extra peace of mind, especially at night time or when you're away from home. I love the ease of setup, it's actually a breeze and ready to use in less than ten minutes. The included instruction booklet is straightforward and easy to understand and follow, step by step. This WiFi camera comes with a USB and wall plug in. When you first plug in the camera, you need to download the MobiCam app, available for iOS and Android. Open the app on your mobile device and a friendly voice on the camera will guide you through the quick and easy setup process. You will need your home WiFi login information to let the camera connect to your home WiFi network. This camera has a base that is magnetic, which doesn't limit you to just horizontal places but lets you install the camera wherever you like to, even vertically or upside down! If you choose to mount it upside down there is even an invert picture feature inside the app. On front of the camera is a small LED indicator light that can be switched on or off via the app. I really like the crisp and clear HD video quality! With the built in advanced infrared night vision this camera lens can display great picture quality up to 40 feet in completely dark conditions! This makes this innovative, small camera perfect for nighttime as well to either keep an eye on a sleeping child or just sleep better with more peace of mind, knowing that your home is being monitored. The alarm feature captures and instantly alerts you of any movement by sending an alert notification to your mobile device, and as an additional safety feature you can turn on an alarm tone that will sound on both, the camera and your mobile device, when movement is detected. If you wish to save recordings and snapshots, the camera has a built in SD card slot in the back for additional storage. The wide monitoring angle range is 110 degrees and provides optimal view of an entire room. You can manually adjust the view by swiveling the camera up/down and left/right. Another great feature this camera provides is the two way audio, I think it's nice to be able to communicate or just listen if you choose to. This camera is not only limited to use with mobile devices but MobiCam also offers a software that you can download to any Windows PC to use the MobiCam app on a Windows computer. Up to 15 users can be registered to be able to view the camera anytime, anywhere. I also like that I have the option to expand this monitoring system by adding additional cameras, MobiCam allows up to sixteen cameras to be connected through this app and you can choose to display a split screen with up to four camera views at the same time. What I was most surprised about is the high quality of the video and audio output, and I was pleasantly surprised by the easy setup process. I know this is very helpful for less tech savvy people and make them less likely to shy away from new technology that is a must have nowadays. Home security is very important to my family and me, and I love the peace of mind this camera provides me with! I highly recommend this camera! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great value and fun gadget!
    5 stars

    5/7/2019 by Erin

    I love this! The best value I could find for the money. The only feature I wish was different is that the app must be open to hear the if you get a call or need to send a message, you cannot see or hear your child.

  • Good for the price
    4 stars

    5/7/2019 by AlliOop

    BE SURE YOUR wireless does 2.4GHz. The latest standard technology is 5GHz, so if you have a new wireless modem, be sure it can do 2.4 or both. I just set mine up this morning. It took about 5 minutes with everything ready that you need, like your WiFi password, and email ready to send back the code they send. I have a new puppy and work outside the home, so I wanted to see how he is getting out of the confined area I am putting him in (although I figured that out before the mobi cam came!) In any case, it is fun to watch him and call to him and have him respond. I can tell him "leave it!" when he starts messing with his potty pads, and "Good Boy!" when he obeys. lol! I had trouble finding a good place to set it to get a full view of the small galley kitchen I have, and also have it be near an outlet, since the cord is short. While the camera rotates left to right, that really doesn't help, since you can simply move the base that way, as well. What would be nice is if it tilted up and down. I will need to play with it more when I get home today, but in the meantime, the picture quality seems to be very good - when I enlarge it, I lose some quality, but to be expected. I forgot about the base being magnetic, so I might try it on my fridge! One last note: I cannot find any more detailed instructions than what came with the camera. I would like to get specifics on the SD card, and went to their website, but doesn't really give max/min storage size and if there are any other details, so that I don't order the wrong sized card. They did have a place to email, which I did a few minutes ago. In the photo I've included, I called to the puppy and he heard me, turned around, started coming toward my voice, and I snapped the pic through the app. Works perfectly!

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