VTech DM1211-2 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Night Light, 2 Parent Units, Silver and White

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The VTech DM1211-2 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Night Light lets you hear baby clearly even from the other end of your house or in a large backyard. Thanks to the enhanced range on this long-range baby monitor, you can be up to 1,500 feet away and still know how your little one is doing. Big home? No problem.

  • Belt clip on parent unit
  • Volume Control
  • Night light on baby unit
  • DECT 6.0 digital Technology
  • Low-battery alert on parent unit
  • Up to 1,500 feet of range
  • UPC: 735078044471
  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: DM1211-2
  • Display Technology: Digital
  • Color: White
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.588 POUNDS

Reviews (12)

  • No Rechargeable Battery Pack for Baby Unit
    3 stars

    4/9/2019 by Momof4

    I really liked this set of monitors, until we had a power outage. I’m remembering now that I only saw rechargable batteries for the 2 parent units. Now that we’ve experienced a couple power outages, it become very apparent that the baby unit only plugs in to the wall. Not rechargable. And all 3 units become useless without power. Bummer. Otherwise, the sound quality is great. We live in a larger home, and have had no issues while having the baby unit in her room on one side of the house and a parent unit in my gym on the otherside of the house. And out of 4 babies, its had the best sound quality and lack of interference. The lack of a battery pack in the baby unit makes even our suoer poor quality older monitor from 12 years ago a better purchase when without power.

  • VTech DM1211-2
    5 stars

    3/25/2019 by MayaGoddessQueen

    Best monitor we've had!!! All others pick-up interference, and are not at all, quiet!!! Looove the nightlight, that there are two monitors, and most of all, we can hear the tiniest sound!!!

  • Vtech Baby Monitor
    5 stars

    2/17/2019 by galaxy

    our monitor we had recently started having alot of static and interference to which we did not know where it was coming from. I had read all the reviews on this monitor I really love that it has rechargable batteries that is such a plus and two parent units saves me form having to remember to take the unit from our room at night to the living room the next day. it has an amazingly clear sound! and I love that the sensitivity of what range of sounds it picks up can be adjusted as well. this was a fantastic buy!

  • Nice Unit with very Clear Sound
    4 stars

    12/11/2018 by Jonesie

    The VTech DM1211-2 was very easy to set up and was incredibly clear throughout our house. I used it for my child's room and moved it outside where they were playing and it always worked well. If you don't need a video feed then this item would work great. I would recommend this item.

  • Great Monitor
    5 stars

    11/15/2018 by S

    Having soon-to-be 4 kids, I used a fair share of baby monitors. This one is by far the best I have used in my experience. The quality of sound is excellent, and it easily works between the 3 levels of my home. I love that there is an option to vibrate when noise is detected. One of the only downsides is that it vibrates almost excessively every time here is a noise, so the feature is best used only when needed, but is easily turned off. The battery life is long once fully charged and the main unit can also be used as a nightlight. A lot of those went into this monitor, and it is worth it!

  • great for the price
    5 stars

    11/11/2018 by vzhvania

    The digital system is great. My daughter tends to wake up during a night. I like to cook or not be present in the room while she is sleeping. This system allow me to hear every time she starts crying, which saves me nerves. Before i kept coming to check if she was sleeping because i would think that i heard something. I would position one piece next to her and second one i would carry around my home.

  • Baby monitor
    4 stars

    11/8/2018 by 4baby

    The audio monitor is great. It does exactly what it is needed for. It picks up sound in the room very clearly and the talk future is a bonus. I'm not sure about the usefulness of the night light but it does not bother me. I enjoy being able to clearly hear what's happening in the room.

  • vtech audio baby monitor
    4 stars

    11/7/2018 by ondagomom7

    I am very pleased with my new vtech baby monitor it was very easy to set up, the 2 handsets are convinient they come with rechargeable batteries and a belt clip which makes it easy to carry around. The sound is very clear and the range is great, I was able to walk out of my house about 20 ft before the signal got weaker. The only drawback I found with this monitor was the signal will cut in and out in a larger home where there is several rooms in between otherwise it did great.

  • Worth every penny
    4 stars

    11/6/2018 by Nicolelyn

    I have been using this baby monitor for a few weeks now. I am really impressed with this product overall. It has great range. I also really love the night light feature. My only issue was the battery life could be longer. But for the price it is definitely worth it.

  • VTech
    5 stars

    11/4/2018 by Nikki

    Received this product in exchange for a review. Unlike monitors that I have used in the past, I did not get any static noise while operating which is a HUGE plus. You can control the sound sensitivity as well, that is another bonus. I used this while my elderly relative was staying with us and I was able to make sure she was okay and assist her when she would struggle getting up out of bed.

  • Great!
    5 stars

    10/16/2018 by Latosha

    I love how I don't hear the static and it only lights up to sounds in my daughter's room. I also like that I can set the sensitivity to sound.

  • Good product
    4 stars

    9/4/2018 by Dee7

    I like the fact that there are two receivers that I can place in areas of my home where I spend a lot of time. Use it for elder caregiving.

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