VTech VM4261, 4.3" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera, Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens, White

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The lens moves in and out for a seamless transition from detailed close-ups to wide, 170-degree panoramic views of the nursery—all with the touch of a button. The VTech VM4261 4.3” Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera, Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens features a two-way, talk back intercom so you can soothe baby before you get to the nursery. Want even more control? Use the buttons on the parent unit to pan and tilt side to side and up and down, so there’s no angle of the nursery you can’t see. You’ll see everything that’s happening in the nursery with the included wide-angle lens. Best of all, if your little one has a bad dream, you can let them know you’re on the way. This special attachment gives you full control of how you watch over baby.

  • Secure digital video and audio transmission
  • Rechargeable battery with low-battery alert on the parent unit
  • Full-motion video
  • 9-level sound indicator
  • Wall-mount bracket
  • Vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit
  • UPC: 735078039965
  • Brand: VTech
  • Model: VM4261
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Color: White
  • Assembled Product Weight: 2.03 oz

Reviews (16)

  • Awful monitor
    2 stars

    5/29/2019 by Txlady217

    I bought this baby monitor based on the great reviews since ours finally broke after 2 years of every day use. I guess that one spoiled us. I was impressed at first because of the clear image and the range. Then nighttime came, and my son's bed was a blurry mess. I couldn't even see him, and when he would make noise, I couldn't hardly hear him. I bought a new monitor the next morning. We are very active people with 8 acres that we need a dependable monitor that we can hear and will give us the range we need. Maybe this would work above the crib for some people, but we needed it across the room from my son's twin bed. Thankfully, I found a great system that meets all our needs.

  • Vtech 4.3" baby monitor
    5 stars

    5/9/2019 by Shrek321

    Great monitor, picture is excellent. The sleep function until a sound is detected is awesome

  • Good quality, just not loud enough
    2 stars

    4/21/2019 by Wayne

    It just wasn't loud enough. Everything else about it was fine.

  • waste for the money
    3 stars

    2/8/2019 by cmdoa

    terrible night vision, not like the other vtech I had. that charge port went bad. maybe I wouldn't mind if i had gotten it for free from weespring. i returned this item also because it wouldn't sync with our existing vtech cameras.

  • A Must Have For Moms
    5 stars

    4/14/2018 by KWilling

    As mother of three little boys, we have gone through our fair share of baby monitors over the years and I have to say, the VTech video baby monitor is by far the best on the market. This monitor is not only affordable but also has all the bells and whistles of the top dollar monitors. One of the features I liked the best about this monitor was the detachable lens that came with it. As a parent of a baby, you need to be able to see close up into the crib, but when your little one reaches toddler years, a wide-angle view is needed! This monitor gives you the ability to have both views! Not only that, but we loved that unlike other monitors, this one has a vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit which gently alerts you when your little one is making a noise and could possibly be awake! I highly recommend the VTech video baby monitor for parents with children of all ages! Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending us this monitor to try and review.

  • Great Monitor
    5 stars

    4/12/2018 by SunnyMom

    I received this video baby monitor from the weeSpring Parent Panel. I love the wide angled lens and the ability to pan side to side. The night vision is perfect for being able to check on my daughter in the middle of the night. I love the crystal clear video and the noise filtering. Other monitors would pick up noises and have interference but this one has been spot on for us. The easy to use interface has been easy for us and the grandparents to use. The ability to communicate with my child through the camera is pretty awesome, she's only 1 but I have a feeling this will be useful as she gets older.

  • Great Monitor
    4 stars

    4/12/2018 by

    I received this monitor as part of the weesprjng parent panel. This monitor has actually replaced our previous monitor for a few different reasons. First, I love that you can move the camera with the parent monitor. Second, the wide angled lens is great! I can see our daughter's entire nursery on the monitor screen. Third, the sound quality is great with this monitor!! I can hear every little noise that she makes when she is in her crib which helps me to sleep easier at night. Overall, I give this monitor 4/5. The only thing I would improve is the picture quality as it does appear a tad grainy.

  • multifunctional monitor, great picture quality
    4 stars

    4/11/2018 by alexc

    We received this monitor via the weeSpring Parent Panel. The large, crisp screen combined with the button interface makes this easy to use as compared to other monitors we've tried that only have touch interfaces (I haven't always found these to be as responsive as I'd like, especially while watching the little one move on the monitor at 3am). Although we haven't used it much so far, the lullaby function is pretty useful. This monitor doesn't zoom as much as we'd like- and while great, switching lenses isn't a perfect real-time solution- but the picture quality is good enough where this isn't a huge deal. The talk-back function works well on this monitor- better than on other monitors we've tried. Overall, a really good item.

  • High Quality Monitor!
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by TXBoyMom

    I received this monitor from the weeSpring Parent Panel, and I am so glad I did! This is by far the best monitor we have tried! We are using this monitor with our third son who is currently 4 months old. The audio is crystal clear, the only noise I heard with this monitor was from my son. At times, I can even hear him breathing. The picture is amazing during the day and night. My favorite feature is the ability of the lens to position exactly where my kiddo is in his crib. If he moves, I can tilt and pan the lens to give me the best possible view! The wide angle lens is great for letting me see his entire nursery! I know this will be a great benefit when he gets more mobile! The large screen on the monitor and the ability to carry from room to room are great! I also love the ability to talk back thru the monitor to the baby and reassure him I am on my way. This monitor does have several other features, including a music/white noise option and a room temperature reading. We honestly don't use the noise option, and the temperature doesn't always seem to read accurately. But neither are a big deal to us. If you are looking for a high quality monitor, I would definitely recommend this VTech!

  • Will get the job done, but it is not perfect.
    4 stars

    4/10/2018 by Kristin

    We received this monitor from the weeSpring Parent Panel. Baby is 9 months old and we did not have a monitor before hand - wifi enabled monitors were not something we were keen on, and the reviews for simple video monitors seemed all over the place. I was so excited for the opportunity to try out this monitor, since I do work from a home studio. While this monitor doesn't have amazing bells and whistles, it does get the job done. The range is nice - I am able to be at the other end of the house in my studio while baby is napping and still see her. The screen is large and picture quality is pretty good, but the baby end of the monitor does need to be fairly close to the baby - the zoom doesn't show much detail and if the monitor is placed more than a few feet away the image is extremely pixelated. I am a big fan of the ability to pan up and down and from left to right. The night vision is not that great - it basically doesn't allow anything to be seen. This is extra unfortunate, because the sound is also quite weak. Luckily, there are sound bars so when it is night and the imaging is not clear, and the sound is not carrying, you can still see the colored sound bars to know if baby has become agitated. The battery life on the parent unit is also disappointingly short - my baby is not a long napper, but usually the battery dies before she wake ups. It is also difficult to turn the parent monitor off. If the baby monitor is left on, which is quite easy to do, the parent monitor will randomly turn back on. If the baby monitor is turned off, and the parent monitor has not turned off yet, it will beep annoyingly. There are definitely aspects of this monitor that are frustrating, but overall it does allow me to keep an eye on baby in a secure way.

  • Gives moms peace of mind
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by Rosaliaq

    I am a mother of 2 children under the age of 3. I received the Vtech Pan & Tilt Video Monitor from weeSpring Parent Panel to review. Let me just say that this baby monitor has been a big help. It has a wide angle lense that helps me to see the whole room. My favorite feature of the baby monitor is the level sound indicator. It detects the slightest sound. This baby monitor has helped me so much with having peace of mind. It has night vision and it's so quiet when the camera moves. I sit back and enjoy my coffee while keeping an eye on both my babies from the monitor. This is a must have for babies and toddlers. You can speak to them through the monitor. My 3 years old talks back to me through the camera. From a mother of 2 under the age of 3. I highly recommend you buy it.

  • Does everything we need - and then some!
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by StephanieS

    By our third kid, we've been through several different baby monitors, including audio only, webcam based, and other options that didn't even leave an impression. All of them left us flustered and frustrated when they didn't work as advertised and instead we had to rely on our ears to hear baby from across the house. Enter the VTech Pan and Tilt Video monitor. We were skeptical based on our previous experiences, but soon my husband was making goofy faces in it to get our older children's attention. Straight out of the box the monitor was simple to set up with straightforward instructions and pieces. It even came with an attached cable Velcro strip, a seemingly small, but awesome inclusion to help keep wires tidy and out of sight - brownie points for my fellow OCD parents out there. The narrow lens didn't allow us to view baby's entire crib, let alone the entire room. We tried the wide view lens instead and found that it was able to reach all corners of the room with ease - great for catching older siblings sneaking in to see baby. Score! "Night mode" was a too-good-to-be-true moment. We keep our room dark enough that seeing hands in front of your face can be a challenge, but we were thrilled with how easily it worked and how clearly we could see. The light sensors switches the night view mode automatically, and we were able to watch our youngest babble and yawn in complete darkness. The screen also has a volume sensor which looks like cell phone signal strength bars, which in combination with the night mode makes it much easier to tell the difference between, "I just need to be rocked" yawning and "GUYS WHERE ARE YOU?!" screams, when we have the monitor muted (another awesome feature so we don't have to listen to the white noise machine during movie date night). I love the option to "sleep" the screen at night too, allowing it to only "wake" once baby begins making noise. The talk back feature is also handy, doubling as a walkie talkie for older siblings and my husband - or allows me to respond to baby and begin calming him as I begrudgingly awake for the 5th time that night to feed and soothe him back to sleep. My husband was also impressed that the monitor didn't run on the same radio frequencies as our WiFi, which kept it up and running just fine, and since it's not attached to our network or IP address, we didn't need to worry about anyone else hopping on and looking around. Our only complaint was the layout of the buttons. The controls are a little awkward and require two hands; a traditional d-pad would have been easier to operate. It's been easy enough to adjust to though and not a deal breaker. While I received this from the weeSpring Parent Panel, this product is one I highly recommend!

  • Now I really do have eyes in the back of my head
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by LoveMyFlock

    When I first learned that I had been selected to receive a complimentary baby monitor in exchange for my honest review courtesy of Wee Spring Parent Panel I was excited. When this VTech Montior arrived a few weeks later I was thrilled to give it a try! While the kids and I did our after school routine my husband went ahead with unboxing and setting it all up. It wasn't long before we overheard him saying "Oh, Cool!" and "I like that" again and again. We all had to go check it out and what we found is it's easy enough for the kids to use it yet packed with features mom and dad can appreciate. I know there's families out there like ours where the nursery isn't the only place this monitor can show what it's made of. Attach the wide angle lens by screwing it on and we are able to monitor the entire playroom with ease! We have six children, five of them are nine and younger. It seems every task has interruptions and disagreements are a regular. The talk feature allows us to communicate with the children and swiftly take care of minor issues. As a result we can return to the task at hand and finish sooner allowing for more family time. Then at night it is simple to relocate the camera to the nursery where different features have a chance to shine. I know that I have walked miles through the years going back and forth to check on my sleeping baby. This monitor allows me to make less trips and have some much needed relaxation with my husband before bed. Not only can I use the pan and tilt to ensure no sibling has gone in to disturb her I can actually zoom in and see my princess breathing, how cool! Also if she stirs a bit I can use the melodies or soothing sounds to lull her back to sleep. All in all we love this VTech monitor. There are some features we will likely never use such as the side by side view or boggling between cameras since this only comes with one. A brief visit to the VTech website did not yield info on purchasing additional cameras for this particular model. I love that in this day and age this model does not use any internet connectivity so I can rest assured only we see what the camera sees. To show the size of the monitor you can see it next to a regular size coffee cup in the photo, it's not to small and not too large. Whether you are a new parent or a veteran this is a great monitor that's easy to set up, easy to use, and has just enough features to make it fun!

  • great monitor!
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by rmm151s

    As a mother of two, we've had multiple baby monitors. First, a sound only monitor when our first was tiny... then we borrowed a video monitor when she started moving around in the crib. We ALWAYS struggled to see any detail at night (which is when you need to see the most detail!). When I got pregnant with our second child, we decided to move our oldest into her own room and keep the nursery. We then needed a video monitor with two cameras. My husband did a ton of research and we purchased a VTech based on the reviews. The camera is INCREDIBLE. Then I recieved this montior from the weeSprint Parent Panel, so we set it up to compare. VTech didn't disappoint. The camera detail is still hands down the best we've seen, even better in daylight but still so good at night. We can easily tell what's happening, where our daughter is looking, or if she's got an arm or leg caught in the crib. I love that you can pan the room left to right and even zoom in if necessary. It's sound-activated (if you select that setting) so when my daughter cries, the screen lights up. You can adjust the sensitivity of this too. The temperature alert is also great; this helps us to know if her room is getting too hot or too cold. You can hook up to four cameras. With two kids, we have two hooked up. You can easily check in on both switching back and forth. I don't think you can set it to sound activate for both cameras (but maybe we just haven't figured that out yet). All in all, this is a great video monitor that I highly recommend.

  • Love this monitor!
    5 stars

    4/10/2018 by Brigidrose

    I was given this video baby monitor to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. We had another monitor, but we did not like it due to it's bulky size, screen clarity and mobility so we stopped using it months prior to receiving this monitor. We have loved almost everything about this monitor since receiving it! We like the fact that the temperature of the room the camera is in is shown on the screen. This is very important in the winter since I'm always concerned that my baby is either too hot or too cold. Many of the monitors I have seen before are always in black and white, but this monitor is in color during the day and then has night vision in the dark. Our favorite feature is probably the ease of plugging it in to various places around the house and that it is very easy to move around and doesn't really require any set up other than plugging in the camera. Once you set the camera down, you can move the camera to the left, right, up or down by just using buttons on the monitor. It is nice to be able to do this from another room if necessary, especially if the baby moves around a lot. Another huge plus is that we can use the monitor without it being plugged in. This makes it very nice to be able to take the monitor around the house with us as we move from room to room. It also has a strong signal and good antenna. My husband has walked outside to our detached garage to take out trash and watched her the whole way while having a good connection. It is very nice that you can put it in your pocket and you can walk around with it, but it is also really nice that it has an adjustable kick stand when you want to set it down. You can lay it down or put it on the counter, or whatever surface. I use it to watch my baby while she is sleeping and I am pumping in another room. You can either have the sound on or off while the screen is on. There are several levels to the volume as well. You can also opt to turn the screen off but leave the volume on. Not only can you listen to baby, but you can press a button to speak your baby via the camera as well. I love this option! There is a wide angle lens option to view the whole room but we have not used it much as we have it set up to view her head and chest while sleeping. There is a zoom feature, but it does not zoom in very far. There is an option to use the split screen with multiple cameras but we have had a hard time finding additional cameras that pair with this monitor thus far. It would be nice to have 2 or 3 cameras more so we don't have to move it around all the time. Overall we love this monitor. The only thing that would make this monitor even more stellar is if they allowed you to use your phone to view your baby while you are away from home and not able to view the monitor at home.

  • Top quality monitor with a few imperfections
    4 stars

    4/9/2018 by WHHouston

    I'd like to start off by saying I'm a monitor junkie. I have depended on a video monitor from the moment my baby started sleeping in his own room (6 weeks old) and he is now 15 months old. I use it at nap time and at night. I get so much peace of mind from being able to check on him visually versus just hearing him. The V-Tech video baby monitor is top notch. The picture quality is amazing and there's almost no lag (I think it's impossible to not have a few milliseconds of lag time with monitors/home security cameras). I love that this monitor doesn't require wifi so I can take it with me when we travel or when my son spends the night with grandparents. It was very easy to set up and after reading the instructions and playing around with it, I had most of the features figured out. It comes with a wide-angle lens (included) but at the particular angle we use, I didn't keep this lens on. This monitor is nearly perfect. I say nearly because I own another monitor and there are three features I wish this monitor included. I wish the snooze feature kept the sound on. When you dim/snooze the monitor (i.e. put picture/backlight to sleep) the sound turns off. The sound and picture automatically turn back on when the child makes a noise, but it doesn't pick up light stirring noises and I like to hear that. Easy fix for me, I just turn the monitor face down and lift it up when I want to check the image. My second con is the mounting position. I like to have the camera hang directly over my son's crib pointed down and this is set up to ideally be mounted in a corner pointed somewhat horizontally. There's a work around but it feels less stable. Lastly, I wish the cord that powers the camera was longer. Our nursery is relatively small but the power cord wouldn't reach the power strip we had so we had to upgrade to a 6 foot power strip vs. the 3 foot strip we previously used. All in all, I'm still a huge fan of this monitor and find the good qualities far outweigh these minor imperfections. I prefer this monitor to my other monitor. Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this monitor to try and review.

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