Evenflo Minno Twin Lightweight Double Stroller, Glenbarr Grey

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The compact Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller makes it easy to take both babies along for the ride. Its compact fold and narrow design offer parents a hassle-free solution for running errands or strolling in the park. At only 27 inches wide, it fits through most doorways with ease! No need to sacrifice great features for a smaller size — the Minno Twin has everything busy parents need, including an oversized canopy, parent cup holder and generous storage basket. Plus, you'll never have to bend down to put it in your car! Front-wheel suspension makes it easy to push and provides a smooth, comfortable ride. With independently reclining seats and foot rests, the Minno Twin is the perfect solution for your dynamic duo.. The unique one-hand, self-standing fold keeps your other hand free to attend to both children.

  • Durable, easy-to-clean fabrics
  • Parent flex cup holder offers snug fit for drinks
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Independent multi-position reclining seats
  • Oversized canopy with extended visor
  • 1-hand, self-standing fold
  • UPC: 032884193653
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Gender: Boys
  • Color: Gray
  • Maximum Weight: 90 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers

Reviews (18)

  • For toddler and infant, both!
    5 stars

    4/19/2019 by tlott

    With a new baby in the family I needed something for a toddler and an infant. This stroller meets all my needs and exceeds expectations. The grandkids will be able to use this for years to come. Each seat is rated to 45 pound, it's lightweight, and folds up easily. Plenty of storage on the bottom and adjustable footrest. I love it!

  • Great stroller
    5 stars

    4/9/2019 by Karen

    I really liked this stroller. It's a great stroller and doesnt break the bank like some of the double strollers. We use this stroller everyday. I have taken it to the amusement parks. It fits nicely and my trunk and isn't crazy heavy for me to lift up.

  • Great carriage for older toddlers
    5 stars

    1/30/2019 by Psawm2013

    I was looking for a stroller that would accommodate my older child as well as my younger toddler. This carriage is perfect. The wheels are smooth for turning and pushing the stroller

  • Broke on First Use
    1 stars

    11/22/2018 by Hello18

    Worst stroller ever, got it out of the box put it together and went to the mall. Got to the mall and the wheel was broken and shaking. The part to lay children down was broken and wouldn't recline. The cushions were hard and lumpy!! Don't ever buy

  • Amazing Stroller for traveling abroad
    5 stars

    9/24/2018 by MommyofDeux

    I thought I'd share my travel abroad experience with this great stroller, since I find that most parents buy umbrella strollers for travel. I have a 3yo and 20 month old and traveled from JFK to Italy for a wedding. It was a crazy trip involving 4 different hotels, lots of walking (in cities and countryside) and public transportation... We survived! I obsessed for months about getting the right stroller for our trip. I knew the stroller would be used heavily on all terrain and I didn't want a flimsy thing that would break on me on all the cobblestone streets. At the very last possible minute I ended up getting an Evenflo Minno Twin Umbrella stroller. It worked amazingly for our crazy busy trip. It is compact, light, loves that it stands up when folded, and is incredibly durable! I'm still using it, forgoing my other stroller... couldn't be happier with my decision!

  • Great lightweight double stroller
    5 stars

    7/24/2018 by Evan

    I am writing this review as part of a contest. This stroller is great, super light and easy to carry on and off the car. Assembly took maybe 10 min and required no tools. It has sufficient space underneath. The seats have their own reclining option so baby could take a nap and we can move the canopy around to give them shade. It also has parent cup holders and another little space to put phone and keys. Definitely recommend this double stroller.

  • Good twin double stroller!
    5 stars

    7/24/2018 by CalGrad8

    Nice double stroller. Would be perfect for twins. I use for 2 kids who are close in age. For a double stroller, I like how compact and lightweight this stroller is, but is not flimsy nor cheap feeling/looking. The stroller closes to a pretty small footprint considering the size. Very sturdy, pretty easy to navigate streets/places (even considering it is a side by side stroller) with the suspension wheels, and has great adjustable seats that fold back for when the toddler rests. Love the big storage basket to hold baby items. I am writing this review as part of a contest.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
    3 stars

    7/24/2018 by Joyce

    As with any umbrella stroller, this one functions best on smooth pavement. The front wheels swivel 360° and work well. It was very easy to assemble, all I had to do was click the wheels in and put the sunshade on. To open it you just release the lever on the right near the handles and then press down on the two black bars near the bottom. The handles are comfortable and a good height and the seats are comfortable and easy to buckle the belts. The things i dont like about this stroller is that the bottom baskets are kind of small, sun shades are not big enough to even shield the child's face from the sun, the cup holder does not click into place and keeps popping off. I am writing this review as part of a contest

  • Great lightweight stroller!
    5 stars

    7/24/2018 by savvyshopper

    This is a very lightweight and easy to use stroller. I was surprised at how easy it is to put together and push. There is a storage compartment below for any snacks and toys and to hold bags. It collapses well and great for a day in the park. I would highly recommend to anyone in the market for a double stroller. I am writing this as a part of a contest.

  • Double recliner! Yay!
    5 stars

    5/29/2018 by joant

    Very easy to assemble. My grandsons-6 months and 2 1/2 years can both recline(nap). Pushes easily. I like it a lot!

  • Best stroller to buy even for 1 child.
    5 stars

    4/20/2018 by MarkWaco

    I love it, so easy to open and use, with 4 grown kids and 7 grandkids I would think we have a little bit of stroller experience. Our granddaughters are smiling and comfortable. Oh it is a bit heavy but it will be the last stroller we will have to by. I would not hesitate on putting our 3 or 4 yr old grandkids in there if they were to get tired. Once you learn how to open and close, One handed will be the norm. Nice handle to pick it up and place in the car or van although i see having to make a rope handle in about 4 or 5 years being soft rubberand all. Offer me $200 and I will say no thank you. Enjoy it, we do.

  • Sturdy Side-by-side stroller
    4 stars

    2/1/2018 by Junior

    We enjoyed how our kids could interact in this side-by-side stroller. Our only concern was being able to make it through partitioned doorways. For our needs though, which is out in the open, it worked nicely. Steering was easy enough. The storage capacity was adequate. After a time or two, collapsing and setting it back up again became easier. A viewing pane or forward fold-down canopy would be nicely added features for the person pushing stroller. All in all we feel it will help our family out as we deal with tiring toddlers and sore armed adults. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Easy on-the-go double stroller
    5 stars

    1/11/2018 by momwithinreach

    My daughter has her cousins over a lot and we like to go to the park nearby except they can be a lot of hassle with two strollers. The Minno is lightweight and easy to maneuver, it is perfect for the girls to jump in and out of. They like to be side-by-side no one needs to fight about who gets a better seat. Found the stroller easy to fold and convenient when heading on the subway. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great concept, lacked functionality for us
    3 stars

    12/31/2017 by sajumanchi

    My kids are 15 months apart and have very different needs though one things for sure, I need a functional stroller for both! Upon receiving this, I was really excited for how well this may work for our growing needs. I took it out of the box and as you can see, it was basically ready to go! I couldn't find the instruction manual and although this bothered me, i realized once i opened the stroller, it was tucked away in the seat. I quickly snapped on the wheels and we were in business! Where I particularly struggled was the straps. They were really difficult for me to adjust initially and throughout the day with both kids on the go. Another thing i wasn't too fond of was the recline functionality. I had to use both hands to recline the seats but then i didn't have room to hang anything from the handles when in recline mode. Also, during recline mode, the undercarriage was unusable. All in all, this stroller helped getting from point A to B but the functionality was a big issue for both myself and husband (who is very low key). Wish the recline was a push of a button, wish the undercarriage was bigger and wish kids had a little bit more room. The footrest was a bit flimsy IMP as well but was a bonus nonetheless. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great stroller!
    4 stars

    12/31/2017 by Hart392

    I received this stroller about a month ago and I am in love! My 4 year old and 1 year old both fit well into the seats. The stroller is very easy to maneuver and fits through most door ways! The stroller was very quick to assemble to took very little effort. It fits nicely in my trunk and I keep it there for easy accessibility. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • One of the best double strollers I've had!!!!
    5 stars

    12/29/2017 by Kimmy197

    I was a bit hesitant about getting a side by side double stroller, I've always thought they were way too bulky, or wide to get through doors but I was wrong! When my wife saw the stroller she said nope, your not going to stroll comfortably through the stores, or oh it's way too big, etc. While getting the stroller out of the box we didn't find instructions but we didn't need those, it was super easy to set up. (instructions were inside the box). I love that I have a cup holder on the side of the stroller, I can attach or take it off easily. Stroller is very easy to maneuver, it's very smooth, easy to open and close and I love that I can lay my kids down if one is asleep, it also has a handy sun shade just in case, It has a small basket under the seats and comes in handy for small items, big bags do not fit so keep in mind. Stroller is not heavy at all, and when folded it does not take much space, I have a 2007 Kia rondo and it fit comfortably in the trunk. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great fit for my family
    5 stars

    12/29/2017 by Doctorbauhaus

    I received this stroller from the manufacturer to review, and I am impressed by several aspects of it. My wife assembled the stroller out of the box with little trouble and it appears to be made of strong, quality materials. This is perhaps the best part of the overall user experience: the stroller feels sturdy but not overly heavy and the manufacturer clearly put some thought into designing it. I am beginning to notice that Evenflo builds well-constructed strollers and Use: The stroller rolls smoothly on its wheels which are a good size (not too small, not too large) and it fits through a doorway without too much trouble, provided that I approach the opening straight on. Despite the fact that the seats are side by side and limited to the width of doorway, my 3-year-old daughter and 16-month-old son can sit comfortably next to each other. The stroller is not unusually heavy or shockingly light, given that it is evidently made of quality materials. Lifting it when folded is not difficult and the carrying handle on the side is positioned to balance the weight. The folded stroller fits easily in the cargo area of my mid-size SUV and it feels nicely stable when standing up and/or rolling in the folded position. The rear wheel locks feel strong and secure. Features: The cupholder feels like it is a little bit of an afterthought, but it's nice to have. The cargo area is easily accessible from behind the stroller without having to step around to the side or front to reach something I've placed down there. Folding and unfolding: There is a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to folding the stroller, but once you master it, the process is actually quite simple. It took me a few tries to get the hang of pushing firmly enough to collapse the frame sufficiently for the locking clasp to close. The foot rests fold on their own and it isn't necessary to have the seat backs in any specific position before folding (this is an issue I've had with other strollers that won't fold unless the seats are reclined). The self-latching clasp on the left side is a nice feature; I have used other folding strollers that do not have a quality latch and they tend to open on their own or at least feel like they are going to. Overall, I'd say that this stroller is just about ideal for my family now that I have one pre-schooler and one toddler (no infants who would need a stroller that is compatible with a car seat). It's easy enough for my older child to climb in on her own and it isn't difficult to get the 16-month-old in and out either. I haven't noticed any major problems now that I've begun to try out the stroller and it's got a satisfying sturdy feel to it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Fits in car trunk
    5 stars

    12/29/2017 by Grandma of 2

    I'm happy that this stroller fits in the trunk of my mid-sized car. I have 2 young granddaughters. The visors and nice and big to shade the sun. The seats can individually recline. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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