Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini Double Stroller- Black/Gray

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The City Mini Double is not intended for jogging.. You can even roll through a standard size doorway. You can glide around town even when you only have one hand free to steer. Getting everywhere with two little ones has never been easier, thanks to the City Mini Double.

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  • UPC: 047406136254
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Maximum Weight: 50 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Jogging Strollers

Reviews (20)

  • Easy glide double stroller
    5 stars

    11/4/2018 by Nonna

    My daughter bought this stroller for me after a horrible experience with a competitors stroller. This stroller is easy to push even with a 2 yr old and a 3 month old. It is quiet and rides smooth. There is more than enough room for my grandson who is 32lbs and 35 inches. The hoods are super deep to protect the children from sun or wind. It is a pleasure to walk with this stroller. It is easy to fold it too and not too heavy to lift into my car

  • LOVE IT!
    5 stars

    5/11/2018 by Brown

    I love this stroller it is perfect in every way for my twins. Im able to push this stroller effortlessly! Its amazing!!

  • Chicco Needs Adapter
    1 stars

    4/15/2018 by Mill_has9

    I am so disappointed! I've researched for months and asked other moms which double stroller they liked the best. I didn't think to read the reviews on here! I didn't know it wasn't compatible with the most popular/most recommended infant car seat. I would have never purchased if I'd known. I now have to return this product with a 1 month old in tow.

  • Locking front wheels
    4 stars

    1/6/2018 by Unsatisfied

    I bought one of these and cant figure out how to get the front wheels to quit locking up.

  • Not compatible with Chicco Keyfit
    1 stars

    9/7/2017 by EG Austin

    I am a loyal baby jogger consumer (I have 3 single strollers that I LOVE) but I am beyond disappointed that this double stroller is not compatible with the Chicco Key Fit car seat. This is a poor move by Baby Jogger who is missing out on additional business, especially since the City Mini single is compatible with Chicco.

  • I would buy this stroller in a heart beat
    5 stars

    9/6/2017 by Christine

    Absolutely love it! It's super light weight. I've purchased five strollers since my first child and this thus far is my favorite. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • I'd definitely purchase again!
    5 stars

    9/4/2017 by Tracy

    I love this Stroller! I love that I can have both kids side by side but yet there is still a barrier so they can't fight. The stroller moves with such ease and can fit through any doorway which I'm very impressed with. The seats recline to an almost flat position so my newborn was able to go right in the stroller without having to buy a car seat adapter. The back of the seats roll up so a breeze can pass through as well which is so nice especially for us being in hot and sunny Florida. The only downfall I have is I wish it came with cup holders for the parents and that wasn't something you had to purchase separately. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Not compatible with all infant seats
    3 stars

    1/23/2017 by betsycampbell

    I bought the city mini single and it was compatible with my Peg Perego car seat. So I bought the Double assuming it would be compatible as well. That is not the case. I am super frustrated I can't use my new double stroller until my baby can hold his head up now. Not cool.

  • VERY disappointed
    1 stars

    11/17/2016 by Amber25

    How does a brand contain the name 'jogger' and yet not recommend you actually jog with the strollers? I have the City Select with a second seat and LOVE it, as a daily stroller. My family knows I run a lot, and they also know I love our current stroller, so they bought me the City Mini Double and I am so disappointed to read I can't run/jog with it. Are there replacement wheels I can purchase in order to be able to run with it?

  • Won't fold up anymore
    2 stars

    10/28/2016 by Mamatwins

    We've had this for only six months and the thing won't fold up anymore. It's back breaking! Boo

  • A Britax Adapter Not Available
    1 stars

    10/20/2016 by CSinBOS

    I first want to say we absolutely love our City Mini (single). It ideally met all our needs for city living. When #2 arrived, we didn't have second thoughts (in hindsight we should have) getting any other stroller than the City Mini Double. To our dismay when the stroller arrived, the Britax car seat we used without a hitch on the City Mini is not compatible with the Double. There are no adapters to make it work. This makes zero since. I guess if you're having twins the first time around this will not be an issue because you'll buy the car seats that are compatible. If you're like us and didn't have the foresight for baby #2, you're not going to buy a new car seat when the Britax you already have works just fine just to buy this stroller.

  • The best stroller period!
    5 stars

    9/19/2016 by Norab3

    I have owned this stroller for a little over a year. I searched for months for a stroller for my twins, who at the time of purchase were five months old. I really wanted the to be able to see each other and have the same view of the world (sitting side by side). I don't have a single regret! I look at it this way, if a wheel chair is meant to fit through a doorway, this stroller will too. I am glad I splurged for the extra things the gt offers, like adjustable handle bar and better tires. We were just an outdoor event and travelled in all terrain without an issue. I often push this stroller with ONE hand and pull a shopping cart at the grocery store. I added the belly bar amd my kids love leaning forward and holding it.

  • Great double
    5 stars

    9/18/2016 by Mcampbell310

    So nice that it still fits through all door ways even as a side by side double.

  • Only stroller you will ever need for 2 kids
    5 stars

    9/15/2016 by Mommaof2under2

    I call this stroller the mother of all dpuble strollers. It easily folds and fits in a sdan or mini can. Very comfortable for both kids and they are side by side so at time they just play with each other. The design is sleek amd fabric is sturdy

  • Excellent Double Stroller for families
    5 stars

    7/12/2016 by Smittoli

    We purchased out City Mini Double new and have loved every single minute of it. It has hands down been the best stroller we have ever owned. Being somewhat of a 'try to get the best fit' for my kids to make mine and my wife's lives much easier when on the move, we have owned a lot of different strollers. Joovy's, Phil & Teds, BOB, Baby Trend... Jogging strollers, umbrella strollers, sit and stand... you name it, we have probably had it at one point. We purchased our City Mini to help maneuver around town while also being able to carry all the gear we need for a family of 5 (2 girls and 1 boy). It has massive sun shade canopies that are a must in hot places, we utilized these to the max when taking our kids to DisneyLand and DisneyWorld as well as countless trips to California etc.. The fact they are independent from one another means that you can have one fully extended while another open or partially closed. This is great when loading up the stroller with bags and there is one child in there! Its extremely maneuverable and effortless to push even when fully laden. It's best feature for us (as a family that fly's a lot) is the folding mechanism. It is a synch! Simply pull up on the locking tabs on the seats and the stroller folds extremely flat. In addition, its light weight means it is easy for my wife to handle and lift into the back of our truck etc... Unlike some of the heavier strollers. Our's has been to DisneyWorld 3 times and DisneyLand Once. It's been loved by our kids but also been treated to typical kids abuse! We have simply taken the stroller to pieces and machine washed the fabric and then rebuilt it. After nearly 5 years it is still going strong. While some may baulk at the price of new strollers (I know i did when i first became a father!) I'm of the opinion to 'buy once, cry once'. You really do get what you pay for and for the longevity and use of this stroller it is absolutely worth it. I would like to point out that in my experience, any time we have had to speak with customer service, lost or damaged part, the purchase of new rain cover's etc... They have been outstanding. Having a company that stands behind its products and be willing to go the extra mile speaks volumes and is most definitely worth the price. We have recently swapped out of our City Mini Double as our children have got a little bigger, and we have moved over to the City Mini GT. Can't see us purchasing anything else given our experiences.

  • Great stroller, great customer service
    5 stars

    3/31/2016 by DesMoinesMama

    I bought an older version of the City Mini Double second hand. It looks like it's had at least 3-4 years of wear and tear already, but it still works awesomely for my twins. Just recently though one of the front wheels broke and came off the stroller. This made sense to me because it's older. I assumed it would start breaking down eventually. I called their customer service and explained my situation. Baby Jogger sent me a new wheel free of charge. This is despite the fact that I wasn't the original purchaser of the stroller and no longer had any kind of warranty. I'm so happy to still be using the stroller!

  • THE BEST stroller yet!
    5 stars

    3/23/2016 by CourtniT

    Okay, I have a confession to make. I have a slight obsession with strollers, and have purchased 9 different brands/models over the last 3 years so I have A LOT of experience with others! After having my baby jogger for the last year, I can honestly say that it has been the best of them all! I HAD side by side strollers that were too wide to fit through doors, and tandem strollers that were impossible to turn, BUT the City Mini Double has *easily* fit through every single door I have tried to go through, and the turning could not be easier! My 18 month(30 lbs) & 2.5 year old(40 lbs) also love this stroller, because they both fit in the stroller comfortably, with room to grow! Other side by side strollers that I have tried do not have enough support in the middle which can cause the children to tilt/lean towards each other, which can lead to a lot of toddler frustration on hot summer days, but the baby jogger keeps my kids sitting straight and separated. Baby Jogger is the only brand of strollers I now will ever buy- and with baby number 3 coming soon, I have many more years to enjoy this quality brand! Next purchase will be the City Select double with the scooter board, and I cannot wait! Thank you baby Jogger for making mom life easier!

  • Easy to use
    4 stars

    3/23/2016 by Momma3

    We love out double stroller. I go on walks push 66 lbs in this stroller and it's so simple to move.

  • Lovely Double Stroller
    5 stars

    3/16/2016 by BabyLove

    Our friends have twins and they let us borrow this stroller for our two kids - we love it! It's very comfortable and stores a lot of baby items for families on the go!

  • So lightweight and easy to maneuver
    5 stars

    3/16/2016 by Clion

    I am petite, and find this stroller so easy to fold and lift in and out of the car, up steps, around corners, etc. The children are super comfortable and both have a front row seat, AND it can fit through regular doorways! How awesome is that? It's the perfect stroller for zoo trips, theme parks, and shopping. I love this stroller and love baby jogger in general.

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