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It grows with your family!. The only stroller you’ll ever need! The Uno2Duo stroller starts out as a single stroller and then expands into a double stroller with 8 modes of use.

  • Extendable extra-large storage basket
  • Stroller Expands
  • Easily expands 5"
  • 8 Ways to Ride
  • Standing Platform
  • Easy Fold
  • UPC: 047406157136
  • Brand: Graco
  • Color: Black
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers
  • Manufacturer Part Number: uno2duo
  • Assembled Product Weight: 36.33 lbs

Reviews (20)

  • Best Stroller
    5 stars

    5/30/2019 by Lauraxo

    Hands down the best stroller I've ever owned!! I have a new born and two toddlers (2yr and 3yr old) that fit perfectly standing up on the stroller. I love that you can extend the handle, making it easier for dad(since he's tall).

  • Uno2duo
    4 stars

    5/16/2019 by HM

    I purchased this for my 2 and 4 year old. It is perfect for these ages and very versatile with the multiple seating options. I do have a little trouble with the front wheels feeling cheap. They almost feel like they may snap sometimes. Also, the frame is lightweight which is great for transporting it, but it is not the most sturdy frame. My 2 year old weighs 20 pounds and my 4 year old weighs 38 pounds. I don't feel like this stroller could tolerate much more weight on it and still function properly. For now though, it works great for what I need!

  • Right wheel started catching
    2 stars

    5/8/2019 by Paganlaus

    Was a great stroller until the right rear wheel started catching at random moments. Stroller was never mishandled

  • Very cute stroller
    4 stars

    5/6/2019 by Jojo87

    Beautiful and stylish. My boys love it. Easy to put together. Wish that it was a little more compact. Great choice for people with trucks or vans.

  • Wonderful for two young kids !!
    4 stars

    4/7/2019 by Mom of Three

    Wonderful product for parents of two small children!!! Only dislike is it seems kind of shakeu when you try to turn to tight of corner. Over all wonderful and I would definitely suggest this to other parents !

  • Started off awesome...
    2 stars

    3/17/2019 by Ynvalerio

    I was so excited when I saw this stroller last year as I was looking to purchase a new one that could accommodate our growing family. I love the look and the fact that you can position it in so many different ways seemed even more appealing. I've had the stroller for about a year now, and I still have the second seat in the box as my baby still fits in her car seat, so if need be I put the seat that came with the stroller on the bottom and the car seat on top for both my baby and 2 year old to use at the same time. Although it is rather bulky and a tad bit difficult to maneuver, that wasn't enough for me to complain or even think of looking for a new stroller, until now =/ for some odd reason, the front right side wheel does not respond like it used to. I can't make it go where I need it to go unless I pull the stroller by the front from whichever seat is attached on top, standing on the right side so I can guide that wheel in the direction I need it to go. It makes it so impractical and frustrating! I wish I knew what the problem was or why it happened to begin with, as much as my husband and I have tried to figure it out, we have no idea what is wrong with that wheel. Extremely upsetting, because as mentioned before, this stroller was not cheap by any means, and we decided to invest in it because it seemed like we'd be able to use it for a long time.

  • In love with this one!
    5 stars

    3/12/2019 by Ksalas2019

    My husband will tell anyone, I have a stroller problem. We have 5 strollers from our first child yet when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed one that could carry 2 kids. This stroller is perfect! Currently I use the bassinet feature for my newborn and pull out the bottom so my toddler son can stand on it while we walk. We also purchased the second seat for when we're out and about for longer periods of time and my toddler has to rest. The stroller has a lot of stroller space, is a smooth ride and is aesthetically pleasing! Happy to say, we have donated a few of our old strollers and I'm in love with this one.

  • Great features
    5 stars

    3/12/2019 by Lil2

    I bought this stroller and í love it. Love the seat of it and its EASY to move around í love you can use it in different positions .it has 14 ways you can use. It has accessories Like the duo holder and your cell phone holder . Love Graco products í use the convertible car seat as well...

  • Horrible!!!
    1 stars

    1/14/2019 by Amy T

    The concept is great but the structure is so wrong! When extended and a child is standing it's impossible to maneuver! The front wheels keep locking up. Also feels very flimsy when extended. I've had this stroller for less than a year and now looking to replace it which is so frustrating because it was pretty pricey. Extremely disappointed, especially because I love graco products and have only trusted them for my kids travel products.

  • Great features
    4 stars

    12/21/2018 by Misso

    I bought it a 20 days ago cause I have a new born and a 3 years old child. The stroller is very good to use for 2 kids, even being a big stroller and taking to much space in car and home, it is very good.

  • Double duty
    5 stars

    12/21/2018 by Katya

    I love the fact that this can have multiple uses, carseat attachment, standard seat and the option for a second seat. It's so simple to fold and unfold. I cant wait do go on spring walks with my son

  • Good Stroller
    4 stars

    10/26/2018 by Mom Of 2 Girls

    I bought the Uno 2 Duo Stroller back in June and I really like it. It's perfect for my newborn and 4 yr old. The only thing I didnt like is that the front tires dont turn [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Love the versatility
    4 stars

    10/16/2018 by Jessy4114

    Only thing I wish was had better wheels in front thru seem to get caught up allot . And I rather have a tray then just cup holder and phone holder but other then that it's great [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • dispointed
    1 stars

    7/4/2018 by jadatiftin

    I was so excited about this stroller that I researched it for weeks. my husband and I already have a one year old and as we are expecting a second child we opted to update to a stroller that can grow with us. I went to the store nearly once a week to "test drive" the stroller even watched a few YouTube video's my husband last his job so money is tight. I finally opted to purchase the stroller only to find once it was built it didn't break down to fit in either car. to fit in my scion tc I have to put the seat down which isn't practical with 2 car seats. even in my husbands car a kia soul it isn't in our budget to upgrade our cars. the frame is heavy and the wheels done move as smooth as they did in the store. so we have spent lots on a stroller that we cant use. my advise is to ensure this can fit in your car. pick it up and if possible break it down and see how you like it. I was so hopeful for this stroller I am disappointed by the design.

  • First Stroll with a Double
    4 stars

    3/19/2018 by HeyMama

    This is my first experience with a double stroller. I searched for a while to find one that wasn't too bulky (both open or collapsed) but also not too cramped for the kids. First of all, the dimensions are hard to find online, so I took some measurements to help other parents, these are all approximate. Open: 25" wide x 41.5" tall (handle) x 36" long (back to front, not extended) Collapsed, with seat and child snack tray: 25" wide x 25" tall x 46" long Collapsed, with seat and tray removed: 25" wide x 16.75" tall x 33.5" long I have an almost 4 year old son and 8 month old daughter. Currently, I only have 1 toddler seat which I use for my daughter, and my son stands (and loves it). One of the main reasons I wanted this stroller because of all the available seating arrangements and the fact that this stroller can change easily to meet the needs of my family. It is a bit wider than I was expecting, but an acceptable trade-off for the smaller (than most double strollers) length. Overall, it is easy to maneuver with some exceptions. Good for bumpy sidewalks or paved trails, okay for mulched playgrounds (with front wheels locked), terrible for sloped areas (if one side is higher than other). Also, sometimes it was very easy and lightweight to push, other times I noticed I was working hard to push and steer. It has a decent turn radius and comfortable handle bar. I only have 2 complaints - the child snack bar and the size of the stroller while collapsed. The snack bar is made of 3 pieces, so that you can attach it and then unlatch and swing it up to put your child in the seat. Unlatching to swing up the bar is quite a hassle and makes me annoyed, so I leave it off the seat all together. The stroller is very bulky while collapsed, especially with the seat still attached. If I remove the seat, I can fit the stroller in my midsize car's trunk. But it's an annoying extra step to have to remove the seat before stowing away the stroller. Plus, the seat doesn't collapse so it takes up extra space in my trunk too. But, it seems that this is a trade off for any double stroller. I think it would be great if the wheels could fold in so that it would take up less space. Overall, it's a really nice stroller and I'm excited to continue using it.

  • Loving so many options in 1 unit
    4 stars

    2/8/2018 by mama321

    I'm not sure who was more excited about this stroller--me or my older son (age 4). He was THRILLED when I told him we were getting a stroller he could stand on the back of. Though, once it arrived, he looked at it and said "yeah, but I want a seat to sit in [like his brother]. Poof! There it was! Nothing left for him to desire. :) The pros: - I like the design. I much prefer the one behind the other set up than side by side double stroller as it is much easier to walk down the street/sidewalk and not worry about taking out other walkers along the way. - I also really like the ability to switch the front seat to either front or rear facing. My kids can look at each other, play and snack together while facing each other when using the second seat or platform. And if none of that is going well, we can just turn our little one around for a (literal) change of scenery. - GREAT amount of cargo space. - Such a smooth ride! - Turning radius is good despite its size. - Love the cup and phone holders. - Great height of front seat--no more bending down so low to get kiddo in and out (and bonus being higher than the many sniffing & licking dogs we pass on our walks...I'm all for friendly dog interactions, but we have more control at this height) - I haven't tried inserting my younger son's car seat into the stroller, but I'm excited about that being an option. The cons: - It was a bit of a challenge to put together. I suggest assembling after kids have gone to bed. Definitely not a 1 person job when the kids are around. - The tray for the front seat sits really far from the seat itself. My 15 month old can barely reach something in the tray when buckled in properly (and he's super tall for his age). So, I don't see how it would be useful if he can't get to a snack or water bottle. - The restraints/buckles are great coming off, but can be tricky putting on with a wiggly kiddo. There are 2 straps to manually attach together before inserting into the crotch strap/buckle. Our other strollers, car seats, high chairs have been just one strap that you put the kid's arm and shoulder through one strap and then buckle. It sort of holds them in place this way while you're fully securing them at the crotch buckle. The extra step of connecting the shoulder and lap straps before buckling is annoying; however, it makes getting out a breeze. You click the crotch buckle once and all straps separate, so there is no wrestling arms out of straps like what we're used to. - Platform seems a bit short. I love all the cargo room, but I would have gladly given up a few inches of that space to double the size of the platform. My kid has already stepped into the cargo area and I'm worried he'll soon rip the netting of the cargo space with his weight. - Folding it up felt cumbersome, but I'm guessing that will get easier with practice. - It takes up a lot of space. Not that it would be fair to expect anything else from a double stroller, but it does require a lot of space for "parking" when not in use and takes up my entire hatchback space in the station wagon when collapsed. Would love to take this on vacation, but I don't think we'd ever have the room for it along with all our luggage. Overall, the whole family is super excited about getting to use this stroller. It gives us many options for both our kids in one unit. We're a family who walks a lot, and this just made day-to-day outings that much easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this stroller!

  • Attention Expanding Families
    5 stars

    2/8/2018 by Hollyrod08

    Graco went above and beyond with the new UNO2DUO. Talk about innovative, this stroller can be used as a newborn when the seat is transformed into a bassinet or can be used with a car seat . As an infant baby can face you or turn towards the road. Once a second seat is added its nearly endless possibilities. Both seats are very soft and smooth and can be reclined at the same time! I love the extender where my younger children who no longer like to sit can comfortably stand and still not be in my way. Love that the handlebar is adjustable in height and has a foam handlebar for comfort. The basket is very generous and can hold my huge diaper bag. The wheels are sturdy and have handled grass, cement, rock and sidewalks with ease. There is a place for moms water bottles and get this... a cell phone holder, it fits my iPhone 7+. It folds like a breeze and locks into place, it's large but as with all doubles. Frame is sturdy and I can see it lasting for years and years to come! Thanks Wee Speing Parent Panel for providing this gear to test!

  • Solid Single-to-Double Stroller and Great Features
    5 stars

    2/4/2018 by Spanos

    Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for having me try the Graco Uno2Duo Stroller! It was well-timed as we had been looking for another option for a double stroller as our humongous side-by-side is a) hard to travel with and b) doesn't always fit into every doorway. So this stroller was great for a few solid reasons: 1) The fold/unfold is ridiculously easy (and can be done one-handed). 2) LOVE the built-in standing platform for my older child, and the easy attach/detach for the second seat (which is sold separately). 3) Easy to maneuver. 4) Nice storage under the stroller and great accessories (cupholder, cell phone holder, and toddler snack tray all included!) A couple things that would make it even better: 1) It's heavy and takes up a lot of space in the trunk. It almost took up our entire trunk. I know it would be hard to make it smaller, but the whole thing is pretty big. 2) Would love the seats to recline a bit more (didn't test out the bassinet feature since my little one is older now, but I imagine that is a great feature for moms with newborns). Overall, loved this stroller and that it was even pretty easy to travel with internationally! It's nice that it has so many configurations and we used it with two kids facing forward, facing each other and facing out in the seat and my older child on the standing platform. Love all the options!

  • Easy to use, smooth ride!
    5 stars

    2/3/2018 by eshoberg

    I received this stroller as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel (thank you for your generosity!!). We haven't been able to use it outside (thank you, winter, for being below zero on all of our free days), but we've used it many times inside. The fabric is nice and easy to clean. We had a cracker crumb spill and I was able to vacuum it up and get all of the crumbs. It folds up very easily and quickly, and drives very well. I like that the handles can extend for both when you use it for the sit and stand function with two kiddos, as well as for taller people who would need handles that are higher. The bottom extends easily to fit shopping bags/purses/diaper bags, and for the sit and stand function for using it with two kids. We used both the two seats and the sit and stand for two kids, which was nice. Our 4 year old is too tall for the second seat function, which was a bummer. He is about 40 inches, not on the tall end for his age, but he doesn't fit in the seat. He does like to stand on it, though, so it works well. We will use this stroller when it warms up to take trips to the park, mall, zoo, wherever we need it - it will be our go to stroller for everyday use. We previously used a side by side double stroller, and that made it difficult to get in narrow doorways, where the Graco Uno2Duo stroller easily handles narrow doorways. Overall, we really like this stroller and are excited to continue on using it!

  • Modern Style & Versatility!
    4 stars

    2/2/2018 by Mountain Mama

    As a mom of a 3 year old and 1 year old, simplicity is key... but so are options!! The Uno2Duo stroller is definitely a MUST HAVE-- whether you are a 1 child family, with the potential for future growth, or you already have 2 children.. this stroller has so many options to grow with you and your family! The stroller has a great, modern and sleek design that works for any gender/any age. Graco took many things into consideration when manufacturing this stroller-- Pros: - Simple assembly and installation of seat (as well as available 2nd seat) - Easy to clean and VERY soft seat material - Provided seat is convertible based on the child's age (bassinet to upward sitting to rear or forward facing) - Plenty of storage space (even when a 2nd seat is in use!) - UV protected canopy is large with peek through window - CONVERTIBLE with so many useful options- push handle can be extended as well - Easy access to 2nd seat install area- no additional parts required.. the attachment bars fold out of the stroller base Cons: - Very large (to be expected with a convertible double stroller, but I am a petite frame) - Takes some getting used to when maneuvering (due to user size and stroller size) - When using the 2nd seat, you must remove it when folding up for storage Overall, this is a versatile product that was thoughtfully designed with the users in mind.. I recommend this product as a must have for any family or caretaker based on the quality and value of the product. The stroller will grow with your family and is worth the price since it will last you YEARS! I am thankful to the WeeSpring Parent Panel, as they provided me with this stroller in return for my honest opinion and review.

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