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The Only Stand-On Triple Stroller In the World With room for up to three passengers, the Joovy Big Caboose Stand On Triple Stroller has everything you love about a sit and stand stroller, plus one extra spot for baby #3. Whether you’re adding a set of twins to the family or preparing for your third child, the Big Caboose Standing Triple Stroller is a must-have.. With two seats plus a bench and standing platform, everyone gets to sit the way they want, and mom keeps everyone in one place.

  • Two-position adjustable leg rests
  • Includes two child trays with cup holders
  • Stadium seating for front riders
  • Canopies for three
  • Fits through doors and checkouts
  • Seats up to three kids, newborn - 40 lbs.
  • UPC: 849285081577
  • Brand: Joovy
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Weight: 45 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 8157

Reviews (18)

  • Worst stroller ever!!!!
    1 stars

    4/4/2019 by Singlentwinma

    I purchased this stroller thinking/ hoping it would work for my toddler and my twins and if didn't. This summer is UNSAFE! I used it one time and one time only! It took all my strength tp keep it on the sidewalk. Contacted customer service and that has been one big headache; some still isn't returned.

  • IT'S HUGE!
    1 stars

    10/6/2017 by DJMiz

    completely folded - won't even fit in our SUV, which totally defeats the purpose of trying to get away from the house with twins.

  • Love this Triple Stroller!
    5 stars

    2/24/2017 by salemtears

    I have been shopping around for a triple stroller for some time now with no luck. When I saw this Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller with all its awesome features I knew I had to have it! I am a single mom of three, and sometimes when we go on our outdoor adventures it can be overwhelming managing all three of my kids, especially when one or more of them get tired. This stroller is amazing. It has two seats that fully recline, both that have foot rests, large canopies and attachable trays. The trays each have two small cup holders and provide enough space for your littles to snack or play. These two seats are perfect for my youngest kids. My son just turned a year and my daughter is a small four year old and these seats are absolutely perfect for them. They each have harnesses that are easy to use and keep them safely secured when you are on the move. They also have reflective stripes on them for added safety at night. This stroller also features a bench seat. This seat slides in and out so you can put it away when not in use. It also has a safety belt and foot rest. My six year old loves that she can choose to sit down, stand or walk. It is a great feature! The entire bottom has a large basket for keeping your necessities for when you need to use it. Now this stroller is big, but it fits in my mini van with ease. It folds down pretty compact which was a surprise. It also steers with ease, even up and down hills and has a nice feature where the wheels lock in place to keep it from rolling away if you need to stop for a few minutes. My kids love this stroller. It has provided so much more comfort for the three of them and has given me so much more sanity when you are out and about with all your kids. It came with two universal car seat adapters as well which is perfect for those with little ones who fall asleep in the car or someone with twins. If you are looking for Triple Stroller that gives your children ample space then this Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller is the one for you! I honestly could not be any happier with it! We take it everywhere with us now and use it nonstop! Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes in exchange for my honest review, which may differ from yours. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I used personally, and believe will be a good fit for consumers.

  • How the Chery sisters roll
    5 stars

    2/12/2017 by The Chery Sisters

      I'm a mom of three under three( twins girls and a 2yrs old). I was looking for a stroller that would be able to accommodate my family, easy to use, and didn't cost a fortune. A stroller that would allow me to be on the move with all three kiddo without having to rely on another person always being we me. I came across your joovy big caboose graphite and I was in love ❤️❤️. This stroller allowed me to have a place for everyone !!! And best part it comes with the universal car seat adapters which is really a plus. I was also able to purchase the extra seat for my toddler being that she is still small to use the stand/sit feature. The only thing I'm missing now is the parents organizer. I can't wait to post our pics/videos. Thanks from the Chery Sisters Stephanie Chery 

  • Perfect for Twins Plus One
    5 stars

    8/17/2016 by US Japan Fam

    The Seats: The 2 full seats are much more upright than many stroller seats (actually, more than any stroller I have used!), which gives the kids a great view, so they're not struggling to pull themselves upright with the belly bar. The 2 seats are also "stadium seating" as I like to call them, so the kid in the 2nd row can see over the first, and you can see both of them (the backs of their heads anyway) while pushing. It's functional and adorable! The Under Basket: The basket is huge!!! It has a max load of 10 pounds which means you can't load it up with a weeks' worth of groceries (though you may be able to create some kind of hack here to give it more support), and there's no one giant space to access it from so you can't stuff your humongous double diaper bag down there, but it holds a LOT!! I've been packing 3 smaller bags of stuff that i can access from between each seat - one bag for diapers / wipes / extra clothes, one for snacks, and one for toys. That way, we just pull out one bag at a time, much simpler! 3rd Child Flexibility: At the back of the stroller, there's a built in bench (with 3-point lap belt) and ride on board. A toddler or older child (45 pounds max) has great flexibility to sit or stand here without being in the way of the stroller pusher's stride (which is my big pet peeve with the sit/stand ride on boards that attach separately - they're always in my way!!!!). When the back seat is reclined, it'll leave the child sitting in the back a bit hunched over, but it's not a huge deal. There's also a 3rd option which is great when you have triplets - you can purchase the Caboose Rear Seat and install on the back bench seat, giving the Big Caboose 3 fully functioning forward facing seats!! The Spectacle: Let's face it, this stroller is an eye turner! If you have 3 small children (especially twins or triplets), you're probably used to hearing "You've sure got your hands full!!!" 10 times a day. You will not be incognito pushing this stroller. There is no flying under the radar with the Big Caboose. But you know what? Personally, I love it! I love the comments, the smiles, the "WOW, SUPER MOM!!!" shout outs! The Canopies: While not the largest on the market, they are pretty big and each of the 2 regular seats has an independent canopy that can be opened, closed, and pulled forward or backward, which is great because you can move them to block the sun no matter what angle it's coming in from! They also snap in and out easily, so if you don't need them just pull them out and give your kids an even better view!! But, let's not kid ourselves. There is no PERFECT stroller. They all have their pros and cons and we have to decide for ourselves what our priorities and deal breakers are. The Joovy Big Caboose is narrow (21.5" wide), which is a great selling point, but it is also LONG (55" in use, 63" when folded). This means it's a bit of a beast to maneuver. Corners are a full body workout and pushing on slightly tilted surfaces will have your triceps cut like a mother (pun intended!!!) in no time. Popping up and over curbs and steps is a no-no (but it actually does really well with large door lips, side walk cracks, etc etc). If you're an itty bitty 4'10" 80 pound mama, this might not be the best stroller for you, but it's still worth taking it for a test drive to be sure! For me, it's not the best push, but it's no big deal. Let's get real. It's a 34 pound stroller (similar weight to all the doubles), so with my 3 kids and our stuff in there we're talking pushing 100 pounds or so around. Ain't no stroller out there that's gonna have a dream push with this kind of weight. There's no double or triple (that I've seen) allowing you a luxurious one-handed push while you sip a latte or hold an umbrella. Another semi-negative aspect of the stroller is that the seats only have 2 position recline and they don't lay back very far. My 10 month old twins have been napping just fine in them, but they get in that head-tilted-over kind of position that freaks me out. But I do love how upright they are in their most vertical position for awake time, which trumps sleeping position in my book! I was nervous that the Big Caboose wouldn't fit into my building's tiny elevator, or through the very tight turn in my apartment's entry way. Surprisingly, it fit just fine!! It's been kicking butt strollering through the mean streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - I've had it for a couple of weeks so far and haven't had to do the "turn of shame" for not being able to fit somewhere (it's happened with my double-wide on numerous occasions). I know the nabe, so I know which cross streets to avoid (the ones with no curb cutout). Yes, it does well in the city, I can attest to that! The front wheels can lock, helping you out a bit if pushing on grass or gravel, but I imagine it's still be quite difficult. If you're a suburban mama looking for a stroller to take to the mall, this is perfect - space for the kids and the shopping bags, it'll have a fabulous push on those beautifully level department store floors, and it'll be narrow enough to navigate through racks and what not! Just measure your trunk carefully to make sure this bad boy will fit! It does collapse in one piece, which is nice! In a nutshell, the Joovy Big Caboose is an AMAZING triple stroller that accommodates 2-3 children and while I did receive this stroller for free in exchange for my review, this is my HONEST review and I couldn't be happier to be pushing this bad boy around - LOVE IT!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great For My Big Family!
    5 stars

    8/8/2016 by MkBeery

    I have infant triplets, and this is great for pushing two of them! I have Britax carseats & the universal carseat adaptors work great with the Big Caboos Graphite. With being able to purchase a third seat attachment (sold separately) I'll be able to push all three babies at the same time once they're a little bigger. Thank you for making it possible to stroll with all three of my kids.

  • Terrible stroller
    1 stars

    7/1/2016 by Abby

    I would give this zero stars if I could. I consider myself a strong person and I can't keep this stroller moving straight which makes any walks miserable. I have a 2 yr old, 1 yr old and 4 month old so they aren't even heavy kids. I hate I spent the money on the stroller. I would love to return it but I can't.

  • Not at all what I expected
    1 stars

    5/21/2015 by Tara quinn

    I thought I really researched strollers before I purchased this one. It is terrible! I wish I didn't spend my money. I have a 4yr old, 2yr old, and 1yr old twins. It barley turns although this has helped me work on my arm strength.. My mother can not turn the stroller. It doesn't fit in my minivan which is kind of important if I want to go out at all. It's a beautiful looking stroller. But if I can't turn it with my kids in it and it doesn't fit in my car what good is it? I'm very disappointed in this product.

  • Perfect for families with 3 kids
    4 stars

    10/28/2014 by Mom of 3 boys

    I have three boys (3 1/2 years, 20 months, and 3 months) and this stroller is perfect for my family! It is a great alternative to bringing two strollers or wearing the baby anytime we go out as a family. Yes, it's a little heavy, but it's a triple stroller, so of course it will be bigger than others. I love how easily I can swap out the car seat adapters for the trays. The restraining straps that hold the car seats in place are tucked away on either side of the stroller to prevent them from dragging or getting caught under the stroller. It has an awesome storage compartment under the stroller that fits everything you need for a trip to the park (up to 10 lbs). It took almost no time to put it together, and it is also very simple to fold down for storage. It does not fit in the cargo area of our van, but I was able to store it after folding one of the back seats down. It is a little challenging to steer, but again, it's a big stroller so this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Ultimately, I really like this stroller, and so do my kids. I would definitely recommend it to families with three young children. I received this stroller for the purposes of reviewing it.

  • Triple stroller
    4 stars

    9/17/2014 by Dii T'chaa

    Well I have twins and also a 14month old so I need a method of transportation for all 3. I find it a good stroller kinda hard to turn corners but hey u have 3seats. I got it on sale so the price I won't complain. It adjusts for all the kids I would be good if the third seat had a back for the child but other than that I like it. It doesn't fit in a. Regular size car n takes up the back of a mini van

  • Good stroller for big a family
    4 stars

    7/22/2014 by GMG MOM

    I got received the stroller for the purpose of a review. It is a big stroller, but it is also a triple stroller, so is not terrible. My kids really enjoyed it and I liked the amount of space for their legs and storage. I liked the versatility of having 2 kids in full seats but also having the option of the third kid ride in the board or sit in the bench. The only negative for me is that it is a bit tough to turn and if you have a small car, you need to measure your trunk to make sure it fits.

  • Big Caboose no fun!
    1 stars

    2/28/2014 by Big Caboose

    I am so unhappy with this product. It will not steer properly and is no fun at all.

  • Overall a good stroller
    4 stars

    9/3/2013 by Daycare mom

    I do childcare so I need a quality product that will last. I believe this stroller is high quality. The biggest downfall is when it's loaded up it is very hard to steer especially turning a corner. The large under basket is great but sometimes rubs on the wheels if the load is too far forward. The individual canopies and trays are very nice. I wish there was a cup holder for my drink.

  • Not without effort!
    2 stars

    8/13/2013 by tmc

    I purchased this for my 2 yr old and NB twins. However it is a great find for seating 3 I find that it is very difficult to maneuver. It seems to pull to one side and it doesn't turn easily. It also does not fit easily in my Dodge Grand caravan. I have to fold it only partially for it to fit so it is never completely closed.I also found that the brake piece just snapped off the brake stop pieces on the wheel forcing me to replace them.

  • Nice stroller-does its job!
    4 stars

    6/17/2013 by Mom of three kids 39 months apart

    This stroller is great- the kids think it's fun to ride and it is not difficult to push. Keep in mind that you are pushing three children, and that is a load, but the stroller itself is not that heavy. It is long so steering can be difficult. The canopies are great! I have found it great for walks to the park and leisurely walks. I needed it to be able to transport all my little ones at once by myself and it did its job.

  • Could not live with out the Big Caboose!
    5 stars

    11/30/2012 by Leslie

    I am a parent and a child care provider. I have gone through multiple double and triple strollers until I discovered the Joovy Big Caboose. I LOVE this stroller. It is easy to use, fit's in the back of my Honda Mini-Van, durable, easy to clean, and is versatile. Did I tell you how awesome the customer service is? I had a big caboose that was manufactured in 2007 and I recently needed to replace some parts on it. The customer service rep, Jake, was incredibly knowledgeable with the 5 year old stroller and all of it's parts. Unfortunately my husband ran it over with his car and put it out of permanent service. I just ordered a new Big Caboose and can't wait to get it. It is well worth the money!!!

  • Big Caboose
    3 stars

    6/21/2012 by Lost without my Joovy

    I ha to really search to find a triple stroller. When I finally found one, it was the big caboose. I was disappointed there is no rain cover to fit it. It has been a lifesaver though. I have a toddler and a baby, as well as look after another toddler. I have to walk 2 blocks 4times a day, so it has been really handy to have. It doesn't steer well and the kids keep locking the front wheels with their feet. However, it is easy to fold and pretty light for such a large stroller.

  • Momma of 3
    4 stars

    6/6/2012 by Mama Harper

    I love how easily adjustable this stroller is concerning the seat recline and foot rests. I also love that I am able to take my three kiddos out and about by myself! Definitely wouldn't be able to do that without this stroller. It is a bit hard to make sharp turns and is rather heavy, but with 3 kids on board that is to be expected. Great stroller!

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