Joovy TwinRoo+ Twin Double Car Seat Stroller

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With a unique side-by-side positioning, the TwinRoo+ Twin Car Seat Stroller has a smaller footprint and narrower turn radius than other twin frame strollers. Twins, Simplified Designed with car seat sleepy dust in mind, Joovy’s TwinRoo+ Double Car Seat Stroller means you’ll never have to wake them to take them ever again. each max for baby + car seat). Compatible with the following infant car seats: Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40Britax B-SafeBOB B-SafeUPPAbaby MESA Full Dimensions: 41.5"H x 42"L x 26"WFolded Dimensions: 47.75"L x 26"W x 10.25"HStroller Weight: 21.6 lbs.Max Weight: 80 lbs. (40 lbs.

  • Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40
  • Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35
  • UPPAbaby MESA
  • Britax B-Safe
  • BOB B-Safe
  • UPC: 877408008484
  • Features: TWIN INFANT CAR SEAT FRAME STROLLER with unique side mounts for easy access to both babies
  • Brand: Joovy
  • Gender: Boys
  • Color: Standard
  • Maximum Weight: 80 lbs

Reviews (20)

  • Confusing on all levels
    1 stars

    5/5/2019 by Seion21

    I've been told left and right that babies should not be allowed to be in carseats for long periods of time and shouldn't be allowed to sleep in them because their airways can get cut off, so a car seat stroller makes no sense to me in general. I was gifted this by family who should have known this tbh, but even more confusing is website vs manual. The manual says you have to push and hold multiple buttons, with the wheels locked in a specific position, before you can fold it. That's not a one hand fold up type of stroller imo. Also it shows on the website you can have several types of carseat options, 23? But in the manual theres only like 12 listed. Also from other reviews it looks like we need adaptors for the car seats to even fit the right way??? How does that make sense and how are people getting it as a gift supposed to see that and know that right away? Oh right, the person who likely couldnt even afford the car seats or stroller are supposed to know this automatically and be able to so afford an additional 2 adapters for their twin car seats to even work in the stroller. May be a life saver to several but this is a confusing chunk of useless metal to us and that's very unfortunate. We now have to search for a different stroller that's used because we cant afford a 140-200$ twin stroller brand new with us trying to move and have enough money to feed, diaper, and clothe everyone.

  • Question
    4 stars

    11/28/2018 by FLtwinMom

    What adaptors do I buy for Cybex Aton 2 car seats? the drop down menu does not list this brand as an option

  • Can't leave home without it
    5 stars

    10/6/2018 by Kate418

    This is the perfect stroller for twins. It's very easy to maneuver and it fits nicely in my trunk. There is ample storage space underneath and there's room for 3 beverages and a phone in the front area. It's also quick and easy to open and close. Love it.

  • TwinRoo Stroller
    5 stars

    6/27/2018 by growlergrrr

    We purchased this stroller second hand when we had out twin girls. It has been a great way to get us all out of the house with not a lot of hassle. The stroller worked great until about 4 months of use when both front wheels tore out from their plastic housing. We were disappointed but after contacting the Joovy company they replaced both front wheels for FREE! I am so impressed by their commitment to their customers and to their products - even knowing we bought this stroller used!

  • Must Have With Twins!!
    5 stars

    10/28/2017 by chrissyjxn

    From the first time I laid eyes on a Joovy Twin Roo, I knew it would be very beneficial for me as I am a first time mom of twins. Out of all that was purchased in preparation for the arrival of my twins, my Joovy Twin Roo+ was the best!! I wouldn't trade it for any other stroller. It's very convenient, easy to assemble, fold, and use! People literally stop us everywhere we go asking what is it and where did it come from. I couldn't imagine attempting to carry two car seats with two growing babies in and out of the car all the time. The Twin Roo+ is definitely a must have and worth every penny!!

  • Great Maneuverability
    4 stars

    7/17/2017 by brickhouse40

    Great maneuverability with tight spaces, lightweight and folds down very compact. Snapping our twin car seats in and out of the stroller with the sold-separately adapter(s) is a breeze. Only wish accessing the storage basket below was a bit easier and without needing to remove a car seat for accessing any larger items.

  • Great!
    5 stars

    6/19/2017 by Lifewithboys

    WAY WAY higher quality then other brands. Not rickity and wobbly. This is a STRONG sturdy stroller which is a MUST with twins.

  • Loving it!!!
    5 stars

    5/9/2017 by MamaofFive

    After many months of research and searching for perfect stroller for our twins.... this is the BEST stroller I ever had!!!! Easy set up and put car seats on and go! No struggle or more complex straps to secure the car seat. Highly recommend this for twins!!!!

  • Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30
    5 stars

    4/14/2017 by andrealazor

    Do the adaptors that are sold separately work with Graco Snugride Classic Connect 30 carseats?

  • Question
    5 stars

    2/28/2017 by Anna

    Will this work with the new Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35?

  • Awesome stroller!
    5 stars

    1/27/2017 by Leana23

    I have this for my twins & I LOVE it! Very easy to move around. Much more convenient than a standard double with seats. Just click the car seats in & go! The basket space is great, So are the 4 cup holders :) I like how the car seats can sit the same or opposite ways. Also that it's compatible with different brands of car seats & not just a particular one. Highly satisfied with the features!

  • Great stroller, but doesn't fit a lot of vehicles
    4 stars

    9/8/2016 by Jibbybonkriot

    We bought this stroller before our twins were born and love the stroller itself. We get stopped numerous times by people admiring it. The one big issue is its size. We had a Ford Fusion For the first 5 months, but had to tie the trunk down around the stroller to go anywhere. We ended up buying a larger vehicle (honestly because of the stroller issue), and now it fits perfectly. While the stroller has a large footprint, I wouldn't say it is any larger than another twin stroller we have. You have to expect anything built for two is going to be big!

  • Best price of equipment for twins!
    5 stars

    6/22/2016 by Audra720

    This was my favorite piece of equipment I received off of my registry. It allowed me to take the boys out and about by myself with much more ease. I would highly recommend this for any new twin mom!

  • Would be great if fit in car
    1 stars

    6/17/2016 by Daniela2436

    I bought this excited with how the reviews are so amazing and when I opened it i loved it until I tried putting it in my car. Doesn't fit unless you have suv or minivan which is horrible!! Now I'm stuck with a stroller that I can't really use!!

  • Lifesaver!
    5 stars

    6/9/2016 by Baby BamBams Mom

    The is the best invention ever for twins! So practical and convenient. The babies comfortably ride in their car seats and can be faced in either direction! They can look at each other or, when we go out to eat, they can both face the same direction! The storage basket is huge and there are 4 beverage holders! Perfect for bottles and my coffee! Genius design and highly recommended for all parents expecting twins!!

  • Every twin mom knows this is a MUST
    5 stars

    6/20/2015 by 5isawesome

    This stroller frame has been a huge plus to being a mommy to twins. The storage holds EVERYTHING, the FOUR cup holders is genius and is always maxed out and used, and this is an absolute must have item if you live in an elevator building. I have two different sized twins, one is now 26 lbs, and the other is 16lbs. One is in the Graco 40 and the other in the 35, love that the new model let's them face the same way finally. With my older kids, I can pile everything I need into the bottom, put bottles or water bottles for us in the cup holders and with some stroller hooks, I hang my purse and am hands free to get everyone and everything through 5 doorways between our condo and the parking garage. The only negative is that now that they're 40 lbs combined, it's getting heavy to navigate and push. I'm going to purchase another stroller now, but if this had air-filled tires, or the option to purchase, I'd have no need to switch yet. Oh and it fits quite easily flat in the back of my Toyota Sienna, which means I don't even have to take the bottles out of the cupholders!!!

  • Not so compact.
    3 stars

    4/18/2015 by Jamie

    Easy to assemble. Seems really sturdy and rides smooth, but isn't so compact as advertised. Joovy claims it fits in any car, which could be true if said car didn't have car seats in it. We couldn't get it to fit in our hatchback 2014 Kia Soul. We took out the bottom section of the back and still didn't fit.

  • Must have for parents of times
    5 stars

    12/12/2014 by Liz

    The TwinRoo is a must for parents of twins. Every aspect of this stroller was well thought out from the design to the cupholder! We loved the positioning of the carseats because it makes the stroller more sturdy and easier to push. Other brands that face foward are longer and more difficult to steer especially through aisles. It stores so easily as well as folds and unfolds. It could not be easier to click in the carseats. It's reassuring knowing they are safey secured in the stroller. We were very upset when our twins reached the height limit of their infant car seat because this stroller made our lives so much easier! This is how we got to and from the car, through the grocery store, doctors office! EVERYWHERE. Great great product that can withstand daily usage.

  • great stroller
    4 stars

    10/12/2014 by twin mom

    My twins are six months we use this stroller every time we go somewhere since we got it when they were two weeks old. It's light weight and easy to snap car seats in (gracco snug ride 30 classic connect). I love how babies are side by side.

  • Don't underestimate this stroller...
    5 stars

    9/12/2013 by Mommy of triplets

    Great is very practical and still very stylish. I love everything about it and so does my husband. It looks great with the Chicco carseats (Pulse Color). If purchased, prepare yourself to be stopped and asked about the stroller, as for some this is a rarity (still cute). I'm sure my babies will love this product as much as we do. By the way, customer services is amazing!!!

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