Dream On Me, Twin Stroller

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The Dream On Me Twin Umbrella Stroller is an ultra-lightweight yet rugged full-size twin stroller. The compact umbrella-style design makes travel convenient, safe and enjoyable.. You can easily stroll along with two children on board in comfort and style.

  • Stroller designed for children up to 60 lbs
  • 2 adjustable canopies
  • Aluminum frame
  • Abundant storage space for necessities
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Stroller weight: 26.5 lbs
  • UPC: 832631001763
  • Features: Five point safety harness, Abundant storage space, Compact umbrella design, Two large baskets, Ultra-lightweight full-size twin stroller
  • Brand: Dream On Me
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Maximum Weight: 30 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers

Reviews (20)

  • Great Stroller!
    5 stars

    9/28/2018 by Jack L

    It is beautiful! It rides very smoothly. It is very safe and comfortable. Wheels swivel nicely.Storage area is rather large, which is very helpful when traveling.light weight and easy to open and close.I am extremely happy with my purchase.

  • Beautiful!!!
    5 stars

    8/21/2018 by Rosie

    I love this stroller! It moves so easily.Easy to push around outdoors all day even in a very hilly place.Rides smoothly.The stroller is very easy to open and to close. Great product.

  • very nice
    5 stars

    10/10/2015 by Lydia

    the stroller was easy to unfold until we put the canopy on . the canopy is attached together so it is all one piece, my husband and I tried for about an half hour to attached it onto the stroller and we could not get it on. So I took the stroller back to Walmart because we were so aggravated with. The stroller is made very good and I would have keep it. I do not understand what the reason is to attach the canopy together, not a good idea idea.

  • Love it
    5 stars

    9/15/2015 by DeeDee

    very convenience my kids are very comfortable and i love the color

  • Horrible.
    1 stars

    8/31/2015 by Soul

    The first time I used it the wheel fell off. My husband fixed it but the second time i used it again another wheel fell off. I dont know why this happened my kids r just 9 months old. So is not like it was so much weight. I dont think they build it properly. I dont recomend it to anyone. I just spend 100 for nothing.

  • Good twin stroller
    3 stars

    8/27/2015 by Mommyof2

    The stroller is at a good Price I like that it reclines a little (not all the way back as expected) it also has a battom basket for the kids dipper bag...what i didnt like is that when you fold it you have to take the rod in the middle off if not it wont fold...another problem is that the shade umbrella does not stay in place it keeps falling off...but those are just litle problems of accesories... in general the sroller is pretty good... it does it job of a stroller & keeping the kids in place & comfortable

  • mom says it's perfect
    5 stars

    7/10/2015 by NanaLee64

    very pleased with item just like the one that I had when my twins were 6 months to a year old used it until they were about 3 or 4 hoping my daughter will get as much use out of hers

  • pink double umbrella stoller
    2 stars

    7/6/2015 by Chris

    Color good. Stroller is ok, but the sun visor was difficult to attach. The bar in front and visor have to be removed to store. All connections are plastic. If stroller was not liked by baby's mom, I would have returned it. Sure hope it lasts!

  • Dream On Twin Stroller
    5 stars

    6/22/2015 by Doc1

    Loved the stroller! Easy to put together.

  • Good
    4 stars

    6/15/2015 by Daniel1027

    It is a good stroller I am using it for my two children, and they love it. The only problem is to fold the stroller you have to take out the bar protection which is not too easy to do.

  • Double Stroller
    5 stars

    6/9/2015 by nanajudym

    This is the perfect stroller for my granddaughters. We are now able to take both of them all over with just stroller.

  • Great for my Girls
    5 stars

    5/31/2015 by Momof4

    This double stroller is perfect for my girls. They love sitting next to each other. It's easy to get around in!

  • Perfect Stroller
    5 stars

    3/7/2015 by Mommyx2

    I absolutely love this stroller. My two girls are 1 & 2, and this stroller is perfect for us, and I love that as they continue to grow, we will still be able to use it. Before we purchased this stroller we had a sit n stand double stroller and it was great until my youngest outgrew her infant carrier. This Dream on me stroller, is light-weight but still sturdy. Roomy for my girls. Easy to collapse, and set-up. Its easy to steer and fits perfect threw door ways. I can throw it in the trunk, or it even fits in my back seat under the girls feet when I've got a load of stuff. I can't brag on this stroller enough. The only draw back is, when it was delivered we had to attach the canopies and the center connection was a little tricky, but once we got it in place, we've never had to mess with it again. The safety bar has to be removed when its collapsed, but its simple and that's what helps it be so compact. Also, has no cup holders, so we bought attachments. Over all I love this stroller, and couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • My dream on me
    1 stars

    2/23/2015 by

    lds and it still push little, some strollers when you put 60lb. In it, it push heavy and at the end of monday your back and hands be tired the only thing I wish I could change about the stroller is for it to be more leg room and I also wish a better hand book came with it to show how to put it together even though they come pretty much all together protector over the top of the stroller was kind of hard the protector to my stroller still pop off from time to time so I really don't think I put it on right but in all it's an excellent stroller for me and my babies. Thank You Walmart

  • lacking in design and needs to be lighter
    1 stars

    2/19/2015 by michelle

    we bought this stroller hoping for a "lighter" version and easier loading and less stress of putting kids in and out. it was not that might lighter than our other double stroller. I found the umbrella assembly a total waste of time beings you had to remove it everytime you wanted to collapse same with the bar across the front. the harness connector was definatly hard to operate and having kids that can undo every fastner this was a bonus except I have a very weak hand and could not operate these connectors myself however having purchased this online the arrivial was on time and returning to the store was a breeze!

  • Shipping and handling
    4 stars

    2/1/2015 by TwinMom

    The stroller is nice, I like the color. Not convenient or space saving to have to take the canopy off and on each time. I will probally get a tandem stroller or seperate strollers for them also, for convenience. The box it came in was torn and busted up, so I wasn't sure what condition the stroller would be in.

  • Pros & Cons but Overall I Love!
    4 stars

    10/8/2014 by Diana

    PROS: beautiful color, fabric is easy to clean + dries fas, has umbrellas to cover up sun exposure has small baskets at bottom for storage, sturdy, runs smooth, light weight, easy to open + close, not bulky, it has lean back position. CONS: have to remove umbrellas in order to close, have to remove front bar (which is pretty hard) in order to close it, front bar doesn't have cup holder, stroller fits exact in between doors no space on either side very tight. - Young Mom (5 month old & 2 yr old)

  • Great and pink!
    5 stars

    9/30/2014 by Fabiulous

    We went from Toronto to Niagara Falls to pick this pink stroller up. Great deal! Strollers in Canada are way too expensive and has no variety at all. We will be using it for travelling with our 5 years old and our 7 months old to Disney! It reclines and it is light weight. just perfect for our needs! Thank you Wal-Mart!

  • I would rate this stroller 0 stars if I could...
    1 stars

    9/16/2014 by Alexx710

    ...but as 0 stars is not an option, 1 it is. I bought this 'Dream On Me' Double stroller in Gray. The canopy popped off every time I opened it over my children, as well as when I folded the stroller. Basically, the canopy and the front bar need to be removed every time you fold this stroller, then reattached again after opening if you want to use them. I expect an umbrella stroller to be convenient- and this stroller is not. Needless to say- I returned this stroller to my nearest Wal-Mart.

  • I'm loving my stroller
    5 stars

    9/9/2014 by RedDiamond49

    I have twins I love my stroller I'll be shopping real soon for my babies

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