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The Door-Friendly Double Stroller Double strollers have a natural enemy in the world: doorways. Joovy’s double stroller is perfect for twins, but with independently reclining seats suitable for babies to big kids, it works just as well for siblings.. Most double strollers are so big, you’re hard-pressed to get them through your front door, but the ScooterX2 is kicking that problem to the curb. Narrow aisles full of breakable somethings in department stores. Checkout lanes at the grocery store.

  • Two mesh cup holders (in addition to trays)
  • In-seat storage
  • One-step linked parking brakes
  • Easy access extra large storage basket
  • Detachable bumper bar
  • Parent storage pockets
  • UPC: 849285080716
  • Features: One-hand fold, huge basket and canopy, removable bumper bar
  • Brand: Joovy
  • Color: Red
  • Maximum Weight: 90 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers

Reviews (20)

  • Awesome stroller for 2
    4 stars

    5/10/2019 by Ellec

    Great stroller for 2 kids at a good price. The seats are comfy and easy to recline, and buckle in. Lots if storage space at the bottom and easy to get too. Nice back pockets for storing small things like your phone and keys and good cup holders, also we like the side pockets by the seats for the kids to put a drink or toy. Comfy handle bar for pushing, and pushes very smoothly even on long walks. My only complaint is that I wish the canopy would extent more for the sun in your kids eyes. It folds pretty easy, I wish it folded in the other way to keep the seats clean from storing especially when it gets stored in airplane... but that's being extra picky. We love the stroller, great price for it too!

  • Some good, some bad
    3 stars

    4/12/2019 by smckb8

    We have had this stroller for 1.5 years. We love that the seats recline, there is ample storage underneath and nice sized pockets for storage that make it unnecessary to buy an additional parent console. The seats seem comfortable for the kiddos and easily wipe down to remove dirt, sunscreen, etc. and the sunshade comes down low enough to provide good shade. Our biggest complaint is that with just 1.5 years of use with our small for their age kids (one is 26 lbs and the other is 37 lbs), the wheels just aren't holding up. The front wheels constantly stick and make pushing the stroller and trying to turn a real pain. We have to stop and turn the wheels with our hands to get them to turn. So after less than two years of normal use, we are already having to shop for a replacement!

  • Perfect for twins
    5 stars

    3/24/2019 by Twinmom3

    I love that this will fit in just about every doorway. Super easy to push and fold down. Our twins are 1 and have been sitting in this stroller since they were about 6 months old.

  • Locking front wheels
    2 stars

    2/13/2019 by Kjk11

    This was our favorite stroller for walks around the neighborhood and Disneyland visits. That was, until, one front wheel started locking on it's own. It is impossible to turn now, even with the wheel unlocked. With only a year of use I'm disappointed that I now have an unusable stroller.

  • Best Double Stroller Ever
    5 stars

    1/31/2019 by Mimmy

    I absolutely love this stroller. I've had it for almost 2 years now. I have a 3-1/2 year old and an almost 2 year old. Both are girls. We've now added a little boy too, who is 5 months old. I'm really sad to say that I will have to give up my Scooter X2 ...but I'm hoping to sell it and put the funds towards a Joovy Big Caboose! I've had so many good memories with my girls. I take them everywhere with me! I recently took them with me to get an oil change and I put them side by side in the scooter X2. Then I can push them right up in front of me and play games with them talk to them and give them snacks, and it's like they're sitting right there with me in their own chairs. I've loved watching them hold hands and pass toys back and forth on our outings. I'm really going to be sad to see the stroller go! Our family has just outgrown it. I wanted to voice my opinion on how wonderful this stroller is. *THANK YOU* for making such fantastic accommodating products for families with multiple small children! Wish me luck on being able to hopefully purchase the Joovy Big Caboose!!!

  • We LOVED this stroller... until it broke!
    4 stars

    11/30/2018 by EmmaLee

    We absolutely loved this stroller for our two boys close in age (19 months apart). Very smooth ride, comfy seating for the kids, fairly compact (and easy) fold, lots of storage space. We actually bought this stroller to take with us to Disney. It worked AMAZING! We had only used it a few times at home prior to our trip. On the way home from Florida, however, the joint on one of the leg rests broke, causing the entire seat to collapse. Our four year old ended up having to walk through the airport (not fun). Even worse, we got home to realize that there is no replaceable part for this! The airline refused to cover the cost of the stroller to boot. While I thought we were getting a good deal, we actually only ended up using this stroller for 10 days total (including our trip) before it became unusable. I'm still giving it four stars due to how amazing it really is - and the fact that I don't think the stroller breaking was the fault of Joovy. I do, however, wish that we could just replace this part... the stroller is practically brand new!

  • Disappointing maneuverability
    1 stars

    11/15/2018 by Kjh333

    We bought this stroller over a month ago and I was so excited, especially because of all the great reviews. I'm so disappointed in it and am truly baffled why people like it so much! I have a 2 year old and a 4 month old and I struggle to keep the stroller from veering to the side my heavier child is on. So much so, that I have wrist and hand pain from wrestling this thing down the sidewalk. I also can't walk behind t without kicking the break every step of the way. It was supposed to make my life easier, but it's done quite the opposite. We have the Joovy jogging stroller which we LOVE, so I knew it wouldn't push like a jogger but I didn't expect it to be this awful to the point it's painful. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great Storage but easily tips over!!
    2 stars

    3/24/2018 by BowserMom

    I bought this stroller after months of searching and even purchasing others. I loved this stroller at first. It had a ton of room in the bottom basket and I loved that it reclined back all the way. The price was within the pricepoint I wanted to spend

  • BEST Double Stroller We've Ever Used!
    5 stars

    2/9/2018 by AmberB

    We got this stroller specifically to take to Disney (and of course use after that) and we are in LOVE. We adore all of our Joovy products, but this double stroller has to be my favorite. There are so many amazing features! To start, the variety of colors is great, especially if you plan to bring it to an amusement park where you'll be parking it and have to find it again later. We chose the stroller in Blueberry and it was SO easy to find in the stroller parking areas. For being a full sized double stroller, it's fairly lightweight and it folds up so easily. We took it on a flight, through multiple Disney parks (on the monorail, ferry, and buses), Legoland, etc. It was so easy to flip up and fold down when we needed to. The seats are a great depth (we have a four year old and a two year old) and I love that they recline individually. Our kids NEVER nap at the same time, so it's very convenient to let each one recline as they get tired. The oversized canopies are great for blocking out the sun. Another must-have feature is the large storage compartment underneath. With two kids (especially at all-day theme park experiences) we always have a ton of stuff to carry around. This stroller had more than enough space for all of our necessities and the souvenirs we picked up along the way! Plus, all of the cup and snack holders come in handy and the zippered pockets in the back are perfect for phones, keys, and other small items you have to reach for quickly. The stroller comes with a removable bumper bar and while we like to have it on regular outings, we took it off for the theme parks since the kids were getting in and out of the stroller so much. We also got the removable trays to make it easier when we had a quick service meal. The kids had a place to put their food and drinks and then we could stow the trays underneath. The most important thing about a stroller (for me) is maneuverability. The Scooter X2 pushes like a dream, even through crowds with thousands of people. It's got a really narrow front-to-back profile which is helpful when you're walking in large crowds. Plus, it has fit through every doorway we've tried so far. It's a super smooth stroller to push, and doesn't give any resistance, even on tight corners. We absolutely LOVE this stroller and will be using it as our primary double stroller from now on. There's not a thing we'd change about it and we've recommended it to all our friends! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Love stroller but broken seat and tear in fabric
    5 stars

    1/8/2018 by Bgarttman6298

    We love this stroller out of all the doubles we have gone through this is by far my favorite and every thing we need. Only issue is one of the foot rest that bends up on one will not stay up any longer and there is also a tear in the fabric on the leg rest. Very disappointing since we are expecting our 4th and this was my favorite stroller. Also wish there was snack trays available as only thing it is missing.

  • Easy to maneuver !
    5 stars

    11/6/2017 by Becca

    I'm so thrilled with this stroller! It's fit through every doorway and store aisle with ease, folds up with one hand, and has so many conveniences that just make mom life easier! Thanks Joovy! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • 1 handed fold, DEEP storage and great for twins!
    5 stars

    7/22/2017 by Sophie

    I had a bugaboo donkey, but didn't like the constant 20 minute unpack, the lack of storage and the separation of my twins seats. The scooterx2 is GREAT as it has a massive storage area, folds in second (1 handed!) and is amazing! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Loved everything about this stroller but...
    3 stars

    7/18/2017 by Hawaii Mom

    I bought this stroller in 2013, I loved the space for the kids and especially the space for storage! You don't get many strollers with storage like that anymore. The only problem I had was the maneuverability. As the kids got older, it became a lot harder to push and maneuver wherever we went which led me to stop using the stroller. They were only 1 and 2 years old. I'm happy the company has made changes to the wheels on the stroller and hope I can try the newer version if I need a double again. Other than that, it was great!

  • Best stroller
    5 stars

    7/15/2017 by Jenny927

    Purchased this stroller and couldn't be happier!!! Super convenient and spacious room under for everything you need to bring along for the kids , also the fact that I can move the seat up and down makes it very easy when 1 wants to nap and the other doesn't !!! Love it.

  • Love this stroller, but the fabric is horrible
    3 stars

    7/8/2017 by KAtwood

    I love this stroller. I read all the reviews when purchasing this stroller before I had my twins. I love the basket, water bottle holder on the backs, the zipper storage. There is only two complaints I have, front wheel seems to stick even after getting a replacement, and the fabric is impossible to keep from fading, and the stroller is impossible to take apart and wash, I love my joovy double stroller but not being able to wash the fabric to keep germs away from my preemies is horrible. Wish they made it easier to wash and used a better fabric.

  • Best side by side double!
    5 stars

    6/19/2017 by 540evelyn

    We absolutely love love love our Scooter X2. The baskets underneath are large and the canopy is exactly what we need here in the Texas sun. It pushes easily and the peek a boo window on top is perfect to see which of my toddlers started the squabble, lol. The cup holders are an added bonus, as well as the zipper pockets. We walk daily with it and my boys love it.

  • Great!
    5 stars

    6/19/2017 by Lifewithboys

    This was the ONLY double that would accommodate tiny babies and still fit in my Tahoe with the 3rd row up. Its a tight squeeze but it fits.

    5 stars

    4/26/2017 by Jameela

    Love love love this stroller. A true must for twins and/or families with 2 children. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great except I kick the back
    2 stars

    4/25/2017 by KK6021

    We have 10 month old twins who sit to close together in our Baby Trend Expedition Jogger and fight so when I saw this stroller on sale I snatched it up. I just tried it out and I like how spacious the seating is and the storage underneath. However, I am 5' 9" and because the handlebar sits even with the back wheels, I ended up occasionally kicking the break bar. I found myself using a uncomfortable posture to walk with it. Really disappointing because aside from that I love the stroller. It wouldn't be that much harder to have the handlebar extend back with a shape that would accommodate different heights. We plan to keep the Baby Trend Expedition for my husband to jog with but I really wanted a stroller for parks, walks, the store and big events like Disney Land and Sea World. Maybe I can find a handlebar extension option? Otherwise I will have to return it.

  • So far we love it
    5 stars

    3/13/2017 by Justin

    We just used this stroller for the first time at an all day trip to Disney and loved it. Very easy to manuever and the large canopy provided plenty of shade. The color and quality of the stroller is very nice and is nice and easy to open and close. It is a little heavy to lift in and out of our vehicle but that's to be expected for a double stroller.

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