Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller

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stand out features: - at just 25" duet is the same width as a single buggy, and fits seamlessly through doorways - hand operated control brake for slowing down, providing additional confidence and superior handling when pushing the extra weight of two, whilst jogging or going down slopes - one hand fast fold, with hidden automatic frame lock and stand fold.

  • compatible with most leading car seat brands, including the Mountain Buggy protect capsule , for a single or double travel system
  • individual mesh SPF 50+ sunhoods with flick out mesh visors and silent peek-a-boo windows
  • individual leg rests for your childs comfort
  • Easy to use foot park brake for a complete stop
  • extended parent facing connections with key compatible additional accessories - carrycot plus and cocoon
  • full lie flat recline (for newborn) to upright (for toddlers)
  • Brand: Mountain Buggy Strollers
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: blue, marine
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DUET_V3_3

Reviews (20)

  • Great double buggy
    5 stars

    11/7/2018 by Jen

    Fits through every doorway I've tried. Lots of storage space. Love the hand brake to slow the buggy down when walking down a hill, that's a great feature. Comfy. Easy individual recline. Strong. Easy manuoverable with one hand while I hold my toddler's hand. Fits my big toddler in well if he needs to sit down and I pop one baby in the sling. I have the Lascal buggy board maxi fitted to it which fits well except toddler has to stand to one side away from hand brake, and it's hard to get to the foot brake with the buggy board connectors in the way.

  • We love this stroller!
    5 stars

    10/18/2018 by Arianne

    We've loved our duet stroller! So nice that it is meant for all kinds of terrain - makes it easy to go out on different kinds of adventures with it! I also love that there are so many seating options and that we can change it up as our infant gets bigger. Would definitely recommend!

  • Great double stroller!
    5 stars

    8/24/2018 by Athens Mom of Boys

    We've been really happy with this product. Our sons are 2 years old and 2 months old and it's been a lifesaver. It turns on a dime, is really lightweight, and squeezes through spaces I never would have thought. We also get a lot of compliments on it from strangers.

  • Great stroller!
    5 stars

    10/13/2017 by Blynne

    We bought this stroller for our 3 month old twins and have been incredibly impressed with it. The seats are adjustable and the overall smooth performance makes it easy to push one handed. We are excited to keep using this product as our girls grow and with the numerous accessories available, it will keep growing with us.

  • 2017 MB Duet - Great stroller, terrible tire
    3 stars

    8/13/2017 by Mic123

    I bought my Duet a month ago, and within two weeks one of the front air-filled tire needs to be re-inflate every few days. The tire has since gotten worse and is completely flat after every use. Just filed a warranty claim. I had read about the terrible tires online before, but had expected that MB would have addressed this issue for the newest model. It is a fantastic stroller otherwise.

  • Perfect Double
    5 stars

    8/7/2017 by Tillyholmes

    I've just purchased the Duet Double. I've owned so many pushchairs between my 3 children. I believe I've now stopped looking.

  • Love the new size!
    5 stars

    7/29/2017 by Kayla84

    I bought this a month ago now and so far it's been an excellent upgrade from the baby jogger city select double. So much easier to get out of the car, there's no putting seats on and wasting time putting it all together. One quick unfold and your ready to throw the kids in! Love that the new size, means you get through any doorway without any issues. Both the kids love it. I think the only issue I have is the sunshades.. They keep coming undone, as they're only held on with an elastic band and clasp, which keeps coming undone. Otherwise, it's been a great investment for our family!

  • Super for twins
    5 stars

    7/13/2017 by The twins

    If you have twins then look no further for a buggy. This is the narrowest on the market, very sturdy and incredibly good value. We love it and so does Otto and Albie.

  • Tires are garbage and not covered under warranty
    1 stars

    6/24/2017 by Sylvie

    I suppose it is no coincidence that tires and inner tubes are not covered by the warranty. They are complete garbage. We filled the tires with the recommended 22psi during a cold Canadian winter day. Then a few months later during a hot day at the park, the two tires that were in the sun blew up. With two babies and no one to help me, I had to push the stroller home 4 blocks with the two flat tires. I regret not buying a stroller with solid tires. Wish that I would have read the reviews before buying this stroller. Very disappointed.

  • Does exactly what we wanted it for
    4 stars

    6/14/2017 by steve26

    We wanted a buggy that would allow our toddler to be able to see where she was going while we were out and about. Most it seems dont unless you go for the Donkey but it doesnt fit through many doors! Its easy to push and the steering is light and effortless thanks to the large tyres fitted. Easy to manoevre up and down pavements more so then our single bugaboo. Does what it says on the box, fits through all doorways we have come across and the little ones seem happy in it. We bought the silver cover which is nice but the carrycot is a different shade to the rest of the cloth for some reason which is a little irritating but livable!. Very easy to collapse once you know what you are doing, probably the esiest we have come across. Quality is ok, would be better with a more rigid mechanism to hold the sunshades up and maybe extend them a little more overall though we are very happy with our purchase.

  • poor quality, poor customer service
    1 stars

    5/15/2017 by Helene

    Our duet is 6 month old, one seat is broken. We received a new one as a spare part, also broken. The customer service in the Netherlands (I am living in Germany) refused to deliver the new seat directly to us (which would avoid that we wait 2 weeks longer). I can't use the troller 4 weeks long! And I can't carry my 2 kids alone!

  • Love it! Very smooth! Super Narrow
    5 stars

    5/7/2017 by Skstace

    Love this double stroller. I have brand new twins and this stroller is perfect. Decided to treat myself and get the best stroller out there. I did my research. Its very narrow. Can go through any doorway. Best of all, very smooth, walks are enjoyable. We attached a board for my 2 year old with no problem.

  • Probably the best double/convertible stroller!
    4 stars

    4/25/2017 by Millu

    After 17 strollers, I have to say, I might love this :D it beats other convertible strollers in the market! I have gone thru several side by side and single strollers. What accessories/upgrades I want to see in the future: - summer canopy/zip open panel for more coverage - smaller Joey tote, just not as long as current one, maybe more squore with lid and handlebar, almost like shopping basket - snacktray, specially when used as a single stroller. - carrycot+ when on seat mode, differen reclines! - better foam to the handlebar and bellybar. New model competes higher price class (baby jogger, bumbleride) so pls upgrade :) or have leather grip available as accessory. What I already love! - my 4 year old fits in! - smooth ride and turns in a dime - takes literally no space, width is amazing - love the new grid pattern - handlebar adjustment - footrests adjustable now - takes most carseat - single to double - easy fold

  • Amazing !
    5 stars

    3/28/2017 by Leonie25

    I've wasted so much money on many of the other high end doubles out on the market ! This has by far been the best pram I've bought ! I love it and my children love it !

  • Love the duet
    4 stars

    3/24/2017 by Pramaddict

    I bought the 2017 mountain buggy duet 2 weeks ago for my 3 year old son and now 5 week old daughter. It is wonderful so far. The bassinet was a bit of a struggle to assemble. But my daughter now loves it. The extra height in the seat makes a big difference for my tall son (he's in the 95th% for height). The seat is narrow but my son seems to like it. It is big when folded and heavy to lift into the car but it fits with room for groceries. I am constantly surprised at the spaces I've been able to push it through! It's no wider than my old urban jungle! It is very easy to push and steer. This is our third MB pram and we are just as impressed with it as the others. As you can see from the pic, the kids are very comfortable in it!

  • Excellent
    5 stars

    3/22/2017 by ellea

    beautiful buggy, very sturdy, a bit heavy but I like the secure feeling.

  • Not perfect!
    3 stars

    3/21/2017 by Annieisok

    Some features of the double buggy are awesome. It is v smooth to push and it is wonderful that it can fit through my front door and in the aisles of even small shops. It looks slick and the rain cover is impressively secure and fit for yucky Irish weather. However, the clip that secures it shut when folded snapped off one of the first times I used it, and despite several emails I have heard nothing from the customer care team. Also it was not clear to me that I would need to buy an extra clip to fit on the mountain buggy car seats. I ordered one for €49 but when I put the seats on to the buggy frame it looks really precarious as the seats are really high up and slightly wobbly. I can honestly say I'll never use the car seats on the frame, which slightly defeats the purpose of having a travel system. Finally, we also bought the carrycot plus x 2 for our twins, but they were looking squashed in the carrycots by 8 weeks old, and by 11 weeks I had to convert them into the parent facing seats as they were totally uncomfortable in the carry cots. This is not ideal as the manual says that the seats are only suitable from 6 months but I don't have much choice!

  • Great purchase
    5 stars

    3/1/2017 by Barbara

    All the positive reviews on this item are true! I absolutely love my double stroller. It easily rides in different surfaces. It is easy to maneuver, and fits through doors. Sitting looks a bit small for my 29 months old, but he hasn't complain yet. I would advise you to purchase directly from the manufacturer. I bought this product twice from a vendor, Couch Potato, and both times I received defective products. I returned the items and gave it a third try by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Couldn't be happier I did! Got my product in two days and in perfect conditions.

  • Almost Perfect
    5 stars

    3/1/2017 by NolaMama

    This is about as good as it gets for a side by side stroller. Super narrow, good storage, comfy seats, great canopies, awesome adjustable handle, super smooth and can ride over everything. I love this stroller so much. I wouldn't change anything. Adjustable footrests would make this stroller absolutely perfect, but as far as everything on the market goes, this one is absolutely the best side by side that exists right now. I've had several and this one is just awesome.

  • Stylish and smooth
    4 stars

    11/30/2016 by cheezenyc212

    Purchased this gorgeous double buggy with the year of the monkey print. Can't even tell you how stylish and beautiful it looks in person. I have a new born and a two year old and needed a new double buggy, I don't like the idea of one of my children sitting in the back basket so I was looking for something where they are sat side by side but not in something unbelievably wide. Its true that this double buggy will go through the average size door and disabled/changing room doors with no problem. Storage basket on the bottom is a great size, good to put lots of shopping in. These are my negative points: if your toddler is wearing a heavy coat, it seems as though the straps are a bit too tight. It is a bit heavy so if you live in a place with stairs like me, you might want to think again.

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