Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight Double Twin Stroller Double Umbrella Stroller, Charcoal

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With independently reclining seats, the Twin Groove Ultralight double stroller is great for twins, but works just as well for siblings and is safe for newborns, too! It’s narrow enough to fit through doors and checkout lines and still gives your children plenty of room with mesh storage pockets in the seats for toys and snacks.. Twice the Space, Not the Trouble When you have two kids, you already have your hands full — let the Twin Groove Ultralight Double Stroller take a load off for you. At just 26 lbs, it’s easy to throw into the back of the car, and still strong enough to carry up to 100 lbs of kid around.

  • Peekaboo canopy windows
  • Two under seat storage baskets
  • Adjustable leg rests
  • Independently reclining seats
  • Two extra-large UPF 50 sun canopies
  • For newborns to kids up to 50 lbs
  • UPC: 849285080891
  • Features: 3 cup holders and 2 zippered pockets on back of seats
  • Brand: Joovy
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Gray
  • Maximum Weight: 50 lbs

Reviews (17)

  • In love
    5 stars

    12/14/2018 by Vane

    I am in love with this stroller this is my third double stroller I've bought and for sure my favorite

  • Not for me!
    1 stars

    11/1/2018 by MariaG

    First of all the instructions that come with this stroller are the most cheap basic instructions. Thank goodness for YouTube I learned how to fold and unfold the stroller. It's supposed to be light weight. It's heavy and bulky and difficult to operate. The middle wheels in the back why are they there? When walking my foot hits the wheels. All in all this stroller is not for me!

  • So light!
    5 stars

    10/10/2018 by Taylor L

    I got this stroller 2 months ago. It is so light and easy to travel with. My kids love riding in it and it's super easy to maneuver when there in it.

  • 3 under 3...couldn't have done it w/o this strolle
    5 stars

    8/29/2018 by FitForwardMom

    I'm currently very pregnant with my third baby in 3 years. I don't know what I would do without the ease of this stroller. I can push my older kids around with one hand (it moves that easily), fold it up and lift it into my trunk with ease, and it's perfectly slim and low profile to fit nicely into my trunk even with the third row up. My favorite feature of the stroller is that it's designed so well that it never tips backwards from the weight of my oversized mom bag hanging on the back when my antsy toddler jump out of their seats. So happy with this stroller!

  • Very high quality
    5 stars

    8/17/2018 by Kassievisco

    Not only are joovy products high quality while still being affordable, their customer service is absolutely outstanding! They went above and beyond to make sure we got everything we needed and were 100% happy with our purchase! Anything I can purchase from Joovy I will! They back their products 100% and definitely have their customers best interest at heart! Amazing stroller and even better customer service!

  • Amazing stroller!
    5 stars

    8/9/2018 by Mychela

    I have been needing a double umbrella for awhile, but have just been borrowing friends here and there. I'm so glad I finally made this purchase! This stroller is lightweight (for a double) and easy to use. Highly recommend it.

  • Great stroller and excellent customer service
    5 stars

    8/3/2018 by PA602

    We transitioned to this stroller from our double britax (that carried the carseat). We were looking for something light weight, had storage underneath and protected the kids from rain. Major plus was the carrying strap. We were gifted this item 2 months ago. We contacted customer service and was greeted with knowledgable, courteous employees. Highly recommend

  • Great stroller, but small
    4 stars

    5/5/2018 by Boog0603

    Stroller was super lightweight and really easy to push. Fit through all the doorways, even in our home. However, my almost 3 year old looked like a giant in it! His arms were squished and his head was coming over the top. He is 34 pounds and 40 inches tall. Even my 2 year old looked a little snug. So I will be returning it and I went with one that had a little more room. It would be great for smaller children, but once they get about 3 I think you would outgrow it.

  • Hasn't been a great stroller
    2 stars

    5/1/2018 by Domimarie15

    So we originally bought this stroller for Disneyland & errands but it hasn't been great to us like we had hope. The wheels In the middle do not always stay on the ground, the stroller is hard to open & close, one of of seats gets stuck, the cup holders aren't great on the back to hold our extra drinks there's no support. It's extremely frustrating having a stroller that is suppose to be an easy thing to use & it just hasn't been. I hate taking it out of the car because I'm not sure how it's going to be & recently our fabric ripped. We have to kids 3 & 1 so we needed a good stroller & this hasn't been it sadly .

  • Great stroller for two
    4 stars

    3/15/2018 by Jas

    Good stroller for an infant and toddler, I have a two year old and a three month old and I like that I can lay my baby flat and under each foot rest is a mesh thing that keeps them from sliding out. It distributed the weight great so if I just have my two year old in it it still stears and pushes smoothly. It fits through doors and fits into my Malibu trunk(which is why I got it, no other regular double stroller would fit). It's like an umbrella stroller so it is a little tight and snug for my two year old but he is kind of fat and big for his size so maybe it's just my kid. That's the reason I give it four stars is because he fits snugly and gets annoyed after so long in it.

  • Happy mom
    5 stars

    1/27/2018 by Mamiof4

    I just received mine today. Love it!!!!! I'm so happy the hubby and I could find something we really love for our newborn and 2 year old.

  • Favorite double so far!
    5 stars

    9/2/2017 by MalPal

    We just got this stroller this week, and we have used it every day since. We LOVE this stroller!!! So much storage all over this thing, which is my faaaavorite! My girls are Irish twins, turned 1 on July 27, and 2 on July 28 so they are both little enough that they need to ride. Of course they are thrilled about the new stroller so we have taken many laps around the driveway. I also love the uv shades, huge bonus for this worry wart mom! Another bonus is the ease of fitting through all doorways. I am excited to use this more and get to know it a little better! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Confused...?
    3 stars

    8/16/2017 by frankie211

    I bought this stroller because I read great reviews and articles about how it accommodated a newborn in bassinet mode as well as a toddler up to 50 lbs. The bassinet mode doesnt seem to go fully flat, it still has a slight incline. When I contacted "Chat" on the website a rep told me she thought that was an incorrect description and they dont really reccomend it for a baby under 3 months. Very misleading. Many articles and buybuybaby's site also tout this which the rep says it not really correct.... ?? Would love some feedback from others or corporate. Also, I notice the seats dont really go that upright for my 3 year old. Even fully upgright has a significant recline feel. Anyone else dealing with this ? Wish it works out because I think it is a great stroller but not if i cant use it for my newborn when i have to travel, etc.

  • Works great
    4 stars

    7/18/2017 by Araine

    I bought this a few months ago. I love it. It works great except I live in NYC and the side by side seating makes it difficult to get in and out sometimes. I love the quality- very superior. I love the storage space underneath. And I love the wheels and how sturdy it feels. If I could do this all over again considering where I live I would have loved to have swapped it for a different one. By the time I got the first use I think I may have been out of the return exchange policy. Another thing I liked is when I emailed the company they answered all of my question very promptly and helped narrow my search down, as I was comparing and going crazy on researching strollers. Overall great quality and I'd recommend to someone who doesn't live in a bigger city with a lot of compact places.

  • Couldn't live without it
    5 stars

    6/27/2017 by Anna123

    I have a toddler and an infant and I couldn't live without this stroller. It folds up beautifully, they fit perfectly and comfortably (especially the baby as she grows, it adjusts to her size wonderfully) and they were totally covered when we were caught in the rain while visiting the zoo. The best part is that it fits through doors!

  • Great even with two heavy older kids!
    5 stars

    5/9/2017 by RenJentMom

    I pushed this stroller in a non competitive 5k for autism awareness. Since my youngest son has autism we still use a stroller a lot. It was easy to push even with two older kids in it. They are 40 and 45 lbs each. Probably getting close to the strollers max, but it was still easy to push. Folds and unfolds easily. Fits great in the back of my car. I have a small car (Lexus IS350 Fsport) so having a stroller that folds small is a must. I loved the storage space under the stroller and the back zipper pouches and back cup holders. I highly recommend this stroller if you have two kids. It's now my favorite go to stroller when we go on outings with both kids. So much easier to use than big double strollers. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

    5 stars

    4/18/2017 by Anjuli

    I recently bought the TwinGroove stroller for my 4month old twins who absolutely despise their car seats and for the seats we do have the original and plus frame stroller. For my family this is our very first pregnancy with Twins so I have to say that I've never had just one child or just one stroller and it's been a wonderful experience having a company that makes products that are easy to use for multiples. My girls are in the stage of trying to sit up and being more awake during the day and it does make it hard to have them in their car seats all the time so when I started looking for another stroller my goal was to find one that #1 they could grow in basically not to ever have to buy another stroller again #2 that they would love and #3 that was easy to use and not even that heavy for being a multiple use stroller. I've only watched two videos one for myself and then another for my mother to watch. The other WONDERFUL thing about this stroller is it fits through doorways (that are standard), I was wanting a side by side for my girls. We also have one behind the other but it's not a Joovy and it's very heavy an bulky. Anytime I have to buy anything I always look on your website to see if you have it first because I would prefer to have products that I know are very reliable.

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