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The front seat includes interchangeable cup holders and a padded arm bar. For infants, the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller accepts two KeyFit or Fit2 car seats, one in each seat. Both seats recline for comfort, with a multi-position full recline and cozy infant enclosure in the rear seat. (sold separately) The front seat folds forward and the rear seat reclines to accept the car seat with integrated click-in attachment. No adapter needed! Two padded stroller seats with independent, adjustable and removable canopies accommodate older children. All-wheel suspension and optional toe-tap swivels help maintain a smooth ride from surface to surface.

  • 3-position padded handle accommodates mom or dad
  • Extra-large storage basket with rear zipper access
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders and storage
  • 2 independent adjustable/removable canopies
  • Interchangeable child arm bar and cup holders
  • Self-standing fold can be activated with one hand
  • UPC: 049796610086
  • Brand: Chicco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Maximum Weight: 40.00 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CHI-0807904302

Reviews (20)

  • It is a huge heavy monster
    1 stars

    5/7/2019 by traveler

    I bought this with the intention of having it for traveling since I'm going to take my infant and toddler on a trip to Europe with me this summer. But there is NO way it makes sense to bring it to the airport. It is very heavy and bulky. It does not fit in my nice-size car trunk, so how would it possibly fit in a European rental car? It cannot be maneuvered around in smaller spaces so will be a pain to drive around in any other supermarket than Cosco. What a waste of money, I so deeply regret buying this monster. I'm honestly not sure when we'll ever use it other than the test drive we just did around the block.

  • Smooth ride
    4 stars

    4/7/2019 by Courtney78

    Love the easy handling of this stroller. I can steer it with one hand which is nice if I want to hold my other child's hand. It would be better if the canopies were wider and if you could access the back storage while the car seat is in it. Other than those things we love it!!

  • Heavy and hard to maneuver
    1 stars

    3/1/2019 by HH626

    My twins are 8 months old and I dread having to use this stroller because it's SO hard to steer. It doesn't matter if it's inside, outside, smooth or rough surfaces - the stroller doesn't do well. Granted it's going to be large and a bit heavy due to it being a double, but it's frustrating trying to maneuver through a store and having to fight for the wheels to turn or to access the diaper bag that's in the storage basket on the bottom of the stroller ... under both kids. Since I have twins, I have a tote-sized diaper bag and trying to get to it through the small opening in the basket isn't exactly ideal. I end up carrying the diaper bag because the only other option to get to it in the bottom of the stroller is to hope that taking one of the kids and their carrier out of the stroller gives me enough room to grab the bag - but I usuallu need to take them both out. Bottom line: This stroller should be a LOT cheaper for what you get.

  • My favorite of any double stroller
    5 stars

    10/28/2018 by Katiemarie23

    Had this for a month or so and it works great it's very large so no fighting about who is touching who !

  • Heavy and not built to last
    2 stars

    9/13/2018 by Coop

    It wasn't even 5 months into using this stroller and the basket broke. I should have gone with a different stroller for my twins

  • Unusable rear car seat
    1 stars

    7/25/2018 by Steve o

    Rear seat of stroller padding blocks installation and removal of car seat. Poor design, unhelpful fixes.

  • Too large for trunk of sedan
    2 stars

    6/27/2018 by jill225

    I registered for this stroller, without realizing how big the frame is, when I had a newborn and two year old. I loved the single Chicco KeyFit® Caddy and was hoping for similar ease of use and versatility. Unfortunately, the Cortina's frame was so big and bulky that I could not fit it into the trunk of my Toyota Camry and so it became impractical to have as a primary stroller for visiting stores and parks. If you have much larger trunk space, you might find this stroller more useful.

  • Not always practical
    3 stars

    6/11/2018 by Avcampbell

    I bought this stroller when our second son was born. I knew we would need a double stroller for both of them to ride in. While this is a very nice stroller, I've found over the past couple of months it isn't always practical. It's very nice indoors, malls, etc. but as far as outdoor use (zoo's, parks etc.) it is BRUTAL. My 30lb 2 year old rides in the front and it is so hard to turn and maneuver. I recently purchased a side by side jogging stroller which is much better for outdoor use. So bottom line - if you plan on just using it indoors, great! But if you want to take it on walks or anything outside, I recommend also budgeting to buy a jogging stroller.

  • Does not fit 2 infants
    1 stars

    5/9/2018 by Jennifer D

    This stroller only fits 2 infants if one is in a car seat. The front seat doesn't recline at all, so not only can an infant not sit in it, but a toddler can't nap. I have the Chicco Keyfit carseats, but it would be nice to be able to use the stroller without them. I'm extremely disappointed with my purchase and will be buying a more practical stroller.

  • LOVE ❤️
    5 stars

    9/7/2017 by Normsss28

    I bought this for my newborn and my 22 month baby girl and I love every single thing about it. I can have either my toddler in the front and my newborn in her car seat keyfit 30 in the back or viceversa and they are so comfortable either way. Totally recommend this stroller!

  • Perfect for all age ranges
    5 stars

    5/9/2017 by Cconover1517

    With twins on the way and a toddler, this stroller fits all of our needs. We can use it for both infant in carriers or one infant and toddler and wear the other infant. The recli e seats make it nice when the twins are a lite older and don't need to be in their carriers anymore. This stroller folds up easily and is very easy to assemble. It is easy to push and turn. I would recommend this double stroller to anyone looking for a stroller to fit many needs.

  • Impossible to turn!
    2 stars

    5/2/2017 by Mom254

    This stroller is impossible to turn. Very sturdy very comfortable. No complaints from my children they LoVE iT. But it doesn't fit anywhere. It's impossible to turn. It's deff not made for outside. It's rather heavy. Takes up ALOT of space in the car. Overpriced.

  • Great
    4 stars

    4/17/2017 by Queen 7

    It's great just a little long . I like it though, put it together on my own

  • Smooth Ride & Maneuverability
    4 stars

    9/26/2016 by LnAsMomma

    We just recently purchased this stroller for my toddler and 4 mo old for our vacation. I was very impressed at how smoothly the stroller rides and how easily it was able to negotiate rough terrain. With my toddler in the front, it does make it a little harder to push uphill, but with the lockable front wheels, I didn't have to worry about one wheel getting turned a different direction. A star was deducted because the umbrella attachments do not cover much of either child.

  • Love love love!
    4 stars

    8/11/2016 by Dancejennie

    This stroller has made traveling with my newborn and toddler so easy. I don't have to carry anyone or anything including the diaper bag! I took one star off for two reasons: the back seat does NOT recline all the way. It is called the "bassinet" position, but it is ever so slightly inclined. This makes a big difference when you have a swaddled newborn that keeps sinking into their blanket. For safety I have to adjust her often, or just use the key fit 30 infant seat. The other reason is because my iPhone with an otter box cover does not fit in the slim pocket on the handlebar, which I assume would be for phones.

  • Worth the price
    4 stars

    4/16/2016 by Ifeoluwakitan

    I bought this stoller 2 weeks ago because it wasn't easy moving around with ny toddler and my newborn. It was really worth it. The downside of this product is that it is heavy. It isn't easy to carry into the car aside this, it is effective.

  • Worst stroller ever
    1 stars

    2/6/2016 by Heathpork

    My wife bought this stroller. I hate it. Falls apart and she can barely even pick up, super heavy! Don't waste the money!

  • Impulse Buy! But Secretly needing a double
    5 stars

    1/27/2016 by YoungMama

    Going again my husband and needing "ANOTHER" stroller, I was done with the constant struggle of carrying my 2 yr old and pushing the snap n go with my 6 mo or vis versa. I was done with the mind games I was playing on myself (hahaha). Stuck at home with two sick kids, I need to get out of the house! Dropped into a babies r us, quickly compared the double strollers and I walked away with the Cortina! With more errands to run, I opened the box in the parking lot and assembled it in the back of my car, within 25mins! NO JK!!! It was super easy! Then took my new toy to IKEA!!! IT ROCKED!!! Overall, I am very happy with my impulse buy on this stiller, not having researched this brand. Cost was worth it, weight of stroller is manageable and good quality. Thanks Chicco RMY SF, Ca

  • So easy and well made
    5 stars

    10/24/2015 by Momof2

    I have a 2 year old and a newborn and went back and forth about wether I needed a double stroller or not !!!! I'm sooooo happy I got this stroller has made my life so much easier .....

  • Compact double, easy to operate
    5 stars

    5/14/2015 by Mike_MN6

    We purchased this stroller to accommodate our newborn twins. First thing I noticed is that, as a double stroller, it does not take up much more space than our single Chicco stroller does when folded (just a touch wider, and a touch taller). The stroller truly is one hand operable, which is nice. Both the infant car seats integrate flawlessly and it "drives" very smoothly. It's a little long (front to back, when open) but I think with time it will be easy to adjust to making turns with it. Have taken it through a couple different grocery stores, to the park, hospital, etc and have not had any issues with it. It can be a little tight in some elevators, but it's much better than having to carry two car seats up the stairs. We did test our 3 year old toddler in it and she fit comfortably in both the front and rear seat. We also purchased a Chicco "umbrella" stroller for her, which she loves. There is ample storage underneath, and they added a nice zipper door to it so that you can access the storage even when the rear seat is lowered to handle an infant seat. The construction seems very solid and I don't feel like there are any flimsy or cheap parts that will easily break. Very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a double stroller.

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