Graco Trax Jogger Click Connect Stroller, NYC

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The Graco Trax Jogger Click Connect Stroller is packed with features for your full life. A locking front swivel wheel allows you to easily switch from strolling to jogging. Folding and stowing this Graco stroller is quick and easy. There's a tray with two cupholders and room for covered storage of small items, such as a purse or bag. Whether you're shopping, strolling or jogging, it offers both comfort and convenience to meet your needs..

  • Rubber tires with visible suspension are filled with air to give Trax jogger stroller a smooth ride
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Switches easily from strolling to jogging with locking front swivel wheel
  • UPC: 047406138777
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Gray
  • Stroller Style: Jogging Strollers
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1969646

Reviews (15)

  • Great Stroller - Great Price!
    5 stars

    3/26/2019 by SLS56308

    Our little guy is 7months and loves this stroller! They sit up higher off the ground in this stroller which is so nice! We live on gravel and it works great! Love that the front wheel can be locked straight or can swivel. Great storage space. Love that the front swivels open for easy in and out. Seat reclines. The adjustable handle is fabulous as my husband and I are different heights. Love that our Graco infant Car seat can lock into it and be used as well! I'm not a runner or jogger, so not sure how it pans out for that but living in a rural area, the wheels are great on all different terrain. Two slight dislikes, but not deal breakers: When the sun shade is is retracted up, I feel like it blocks the view of my child. Also the cup holders could be slightly deeper.

  • Great full size stroller
    5 stars

    3/8/2019 by Chris

    I love how high it sits and how easy it is to get open and closed as well as the fact that all tires are easily removed to travel easier. And it is a big stroller and fits all our stuff in cubby under chair for hiking

  • Great stroller!
    5 stars

    2/15/2019 by RainStorm

    Love this stroller and so does our little guy, it was so easy to put together and very easy to steer and moves very smoothly.

  • Great Stroller
    5 stars

    1/24/2019 by Shana

    I love this stroller. The height is amazing, putting it together was super easy and the maneuverability is awesome. The only downside is the rear tires are too big to fit in my sedan.

  • Love this stroller.
    5 stars

    1/18/2019 by Missy

    Love everything about this stroller. From the deep compartment underneath, to how easy it folds up, to how smooth it rides. Wish I had bought same one with my last baby. The graco carseat I have clips onto it too.

  • Too heavy
    3 stars

    12/21/2018 by Geme

    I like it but it's too heavy My mom has lupus and for her this is something she can't use while babysitting my baby

  • Lightweight, easy to steer, and compact!
    5 stars

    11/3/2018 by LGray

    I bought this stroller for my third child, I have previously used other various jogging strollers, however this is by far the best! Do not spend extra money on the more expensive brands, this stroller is the best! It is easy to steer, easy to close with one hand and light weight enough to use on hand to put into your trunk or van. Also other brands tires are bigger and take up your whole trunk. I do not have a negative thing to say about this stroller. Love it!!!

  • Perfect purchase
    5 stars

    10/15/2018 by Lissagard

    Perfect stroller, great price, quick delivery. Only negative is the car seat doesn't click onto shopping carts like our previous one.

  • Decent for the price
    4 stars

    9/24/2018 by Catworkathome

    After 8 mths of use, I think that the knob that contracts the stroller should be easier to squeeze. Right now my 80 yr old mother has trouble contracting it. Also, It's heavy. I had a c-section and my back would always hurt because it was so heavy to lift. I also did have issues with the tires losing inflation at first but after the 3rd inflation, it stuck. It fixed itself. I use this daily and for the price it does it's job. All in all just wish it was easier to contract and lighter.

  • Easy to fold/unfold
    4 stars

    9/5/2018 by wooselsdad

    One hand fold/unfold is a great feature and so is the rear facing seat. The two negatives are it is hard to get the car seat out of the car seat base and the stroller could use a shock system. If I had to do it over I would research and pay more if that's available.

  • NOT good for jogging
    2 stars

    8/15/2018 by jcnc29

    This stroller might have been good for walking, but locking the front wheel for jogging made the stroller veer left. I thought maybe the stroller I received had a minor defect causing this, but the replacement stroller went left even more when the front wheel was locked. Would not recommend for jogging.

  • You need this stroller!!!
    5 stars

    8/2/2018 by ATXMOM

    This is one AMAZING jogging stroller!! No need to spend hundreds more on a Bob or other trendy jogger. Great on rough roads, gravel, etc. My son loves sitting higher in this stroller. The canopy is wonderful for blocking out the sun. I live in Texas and our summers are brutal, so this was an important factor in choosing a jogger. We recently took this stroller on vacation and it was so easy to take the back wheels off, fold the stroller, and put into a sturdy gate check bag at the airport. And the basket holds SO much!! I dare you to find a jogger that has a sturdy basket like this one and holds as much as this does. It even held my big and bulky carry on bag. Seriously, BEST STROLLER EVER!!!

  • Good stroller if the tires would stay inflated
    4 stars

    8/2/2018 by JustJen

    Bought this in May, 2018 for camping and 1 beach trip. Have had to put air in the right tire 3x already. When it's full, rides nice on rocky roads at campground as well as boards at boardwalk.

  • Rides Smooth but could use minor improvements
    3 stars

    7/10/2018 by Giselle_W

    Pros: -Very smooth ride and glides with ease! -Solid material yet easy to maneuver -Love that the wheels pop on/off easily -Love the height of the stroller and that my child sits higher up off the ground. Great for taller parents, dad is 6'4 -Seat backing adjusts easily Cons: -Sun shade hardly covers the sun. The sun is always in my daughter's face -Parent cupholders are virtually useless because they are too shallow and cups/bottles fall out -Front wheel locks when jogging but you cannot turn, only ride a straight path -Stroller cannot stay upright while closed, which is not convenient when trying to hold baby and pack stroller in the car

  • Unstorable
    2 stars

    5/25/2018 by JenF

    Once it's folded up it won't stay upright because of the front wheel. It has to either lay flat or be propped up between other things. You can't just lean it against the wall. Plus it takes up a ton of room in the car trunk. Very frustrating and inconvenient. It won't even fit in our Honda.

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