Graco RoadMaster Jogger Stroller, Oakley

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The Graco® RoadMaster™ Jogger Stroller is the ultimate crossover stroller, featuring all the comfort and convenience of a traditional jogging stroller while being more compact..

  • Removable stroller seat converts stroller into lightweight, portable infant car seat carrier
  • 20% more compact fold than the current Graco FastAction Jogger
  • Accepts all Graco® Click Connect™ infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment to create your own travel system
  • Stroller stands when folded for easy storage
  • 20% more compact fold than the current Graco FastAction Jogger, making it easier to stow or take with you
  • Graco's signature FastAction™ one-second, one-hand fold provides the ultimate in convenience for parents on the go
  • UPC: 047406147458
  • Brand: Graco
  • Color: Oakley
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2021609

Reviews (20)

  • Mediocre
    3 stars

    5/4/2019 by Tysmom

    It looks great but feels wobbly and cheap. Tips backward with little pressure. It's good for the price.

  • Finally able to get to the park and can't use it
    1 stars

    4/24/2019 by neenee

    Bought this for my daughter as a gift for her baby shower. The baby was born in October. Reviews at that time were good. It is now April in Ohio. Can finally get outside. While the stroller is 6 months old, it has been used only a handful of times and only folded up twice!. After taking the baby to the park this weekend the stroller would not close or fold back up!!!! Almost had to leave it behind.

  • Won't fold up
    1 stars

    4/7/2019 by Lue245

    I'm so beyond frustrated. I have watched YouTube videos, looked at their website, read the manual many times, IT STILL WILL NOT FOLD UP. It never folded nice for me even in the beginning. I almost left it at the Zoo the other day because I could hardly get it in the car not folded up. So frustrated.

  • Stuck open...
    1 stars

    3/28/2019 by Rice12

    Like so many others stuck open after minimal use. We have two strollers and only use this one part time, so dissatisfied.

  • Replacement stroller and its still not working
    1 stars

    3/28/2019 by ledye

    This was a replacement for the first road master i bought which would not fold. I was excited to receive a replacement because i like the overall design but this stroller has so many flaws. 1st the front wheel is super loose (not falling off but i can feel it super wobbly while walking down our side walk) and 2. one wheel deflated in a couple days, it looks like its missing a part that the other 2 have. I am going to have to order a different stroller because i am at the point where i need to have a good sturdy stroller. I have been using a umbrella stroller that can hold the car seat.

  • Horrible does not work like it should
    1 stars

    3/22/2019 by Samantha151

    I am very disappointed with this stroller I purchased for the fast fold up and it's supposed to stand up when folded. It does Not fold easily and does not balance up right when folded. I feel this is cheaply made and would not purchase again. Very disappointed in Graco.

  • Broken after folding 2 times
    1 stars

    3/19/2019 by Brian1990

    We used this stroller twice and the went to fold up and Nope not happening the stroller would not fold up!

  • Won't fold after 10 months of use!
    1 stars

    2/26/2019 by Gloriac92

    Our stroller won't fold and is stuck in fold out position so it's awkwardly taking up space in a spare room of our house. When it got stuck we were out and about with our son at the mall. Thank goodness we were in our truck so we were able to put it in the trunk but it barely fit. We bought this stroller prior to my son being born and we only got 10 months use to it even though we used it sparingly! Do NOT recommend this stroller at all! Have been trying to fix this issue for months but nothing works!

  • very nice but disappoint due to issue on folding
    3 stars

    2/17/2019 by Samarth

    to start with it was perfect , i love it, and This was a gift. I am so dissapointed that my stroller is stuck in the fold out position in just two weeks and used it less then 5 times. I'm even more dissapointed to find out that this is a common problem after reading so many other reviews.since it was a gift from my family on my baby boy born, I do not have a receipt of it. This is not a cheap stroller like available in the market. more then that i have special feelings with it as its a gift from family. little dissapointed with such issue. please let me know how you can fix it. i am in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • We love it!
    4 stars

    2/9/2019 by Wubaby

    This is an excellent stroller! We have the travel system and I love that with both the car seat and stroller umbrella raise baby is completely sheltered from wind, sun, and rain. Also it is great for blocking out distractions when she is overstimulated or we want her to sleep. The reason I deduct a star is that one is the tires went flat already, and we had to order a replacement tube for it. We have had it for a year because we bought it when we were pregnant, but we didn't take it out of the box until 9 months ago, so I wish the tire lasted longer before going flat. The only other downside is that it takes up a lot of room when it is folded, and it is large which makes it cumbersome when trying to stroll through tight or crowded spaces. I suppose that is the trade off for having so much storage, which is awesome. It fits my giant diaper bag even when it is stuffed full and still has room for a shopping bag or two. It has a smooth ride and is great for grass and trails or other more rugged terrain. And it is lightweight and collapses with one hand.

  • Stuck in fold out position
    1 stars

    1/27/2019 by Ashley89

    We received this as a gift at our baby shower. Our son is almost 9 months old and it has held up extremely well, we use it occasionally. We were out and about a ways from home today and it got stuck in the fold out position, we have a standard car so we had to buy a bungee cord and get as much of it in the truck as possible. Not happy!!! Will be contacting Graco tomorrow.

  • 10 months in - still loving it.
    5 stars

    1/2/2019 by CaptBarbarossa

    I've had this stroller for ten months now. In that ten months, it's been on numerous trips to theme parks, walks, runs (anywhere from 3 to 10 miles). It's been in and out of our car and truck. It's been packed and taken on vacation (not on an airplane). We have LOVED this stroller. Still do. PROS: *Seriously easy fold. No joke. We tried probably twelve different strollers (we are very thorough shoppers) and this was by far the easiest to fold. *Easy to maneuver - we are both runners, training for another half marathon and taking our baby with us on our runs. I personally hate the front wheel locked so I never do it, and it maneuvers just fine. It is so easy to steer. *Big storage basket. I'm a shopper so this thing has held the diaper bag, my purse (and I am not a little purse kind of woman), and a few bags as well. (Side note: The cupholders can double as bag holders. Just saying.) *Size - It's a pretty lightweight jogging stroller. I have no trouble fitting it into the back of the truck or the trunk of my car, and it fits just fine. There have been a few times where we've had to fit it in the back seat of the truck as well - with the little seat folded up it fits fine right next to the car seat. *Weight - I don't find it heavy. No, it isn't as light as one of those little umbrella strollers but how could it be? It's easy to pick up. *Click and go - when our baby was really little and still in an infant car seat, it was very easy to just click it in and go. I had no problems running errands by myself and taking the stroller with me. It's also very easy to take the seat out and just use it as with an infant car seat. *Height - I'm 5'1. My husband is 5'8. The handle bar has three different positions and honestly, we just leave it in the middle at all times. Unless we're folding it - then it has to be all the way up. Super easy to change. *Air-filled tires - I. Hate. Plastic. Tires. I just do. Even if I'm just running errands, I love the smooth, easy ride of the air-filled tires. We check them frequently but we haven't had to fill them much. CONS: As much as I love this stroller there are some areas of development. *Cup holders - they almost always come off when we put it in the trunk or the truck bed. We just get them and pop them back on so it's not a huge deal for us, but I can see where it'd get annoying. *Number of cup holders - you can buy another cup holder, but it only comes with two. So if my husband and I are out and about we almost always have water with us. If our daughter wants a drink... she has no cup holder. It's not a deal breaker, we can buy another one, but if it has three spots for cup holders I feel like it should come with three cup holders. *PLEASE MAKE THIS IN A DOUBLE. We're planning on baby #2 and as much as I love this stroller, I don't want two - I can't handle two on my own (and I don't think two would fit in my trunk). Just make a double roadmaster. Go on, you know you want to. We haven't had any issues with this stroller. I'm going to be really sad when Baby #2 comes and we need a double because this is so easy to use.

  • Perfect!
    5 stars

    12/30/2018 by Gabby725

    I've had this stroller for a month and I couldn't be happier. It comes together and comes apart so easily. It fits in the back of my very small Chevy spark trunk, even though I have to take the side wheels off and the arm bar. I was hesitant about buying it because of the reviews saying it gets stuck open but I haven't had any problems with it. I suppose as long as you aren't jerking it and being rough with the fast action strap it should be fine. Good buy, lots of nice features.

  • Awesome jogging stroller
    5 stars

    12/21/2018 by Brittany16

    I got this as a gift and absolutely love it! It is very sturdy and easy to fold up.

  • Another Stuck in Fold Out Position
    2 stars

    12/15/2018 by Heather1010

    I wish I'd have seen these reviews before my son was born!!! When he was 9 months old it suddenly got stuck in the fold out position. Otherwise it's a good stroller, it's smooth. It's annoying that the cup holders fall off every time it was folding up and the short canopy didn't do much to keep the sun off of my son. We had only used the stroller with him probably 10-12 times before it got stuck. Wouldn't recommend this stroller!!

  • Disappointed for a second time
    2 stars

    12/7/2018 by Blair

    I received this stroller in replacement to the Graco FastAction Folding Jogger due to a number of reason with the first jogger. This one has proven to be better in terms of durability but I am at my whits end with it. The Front Wheel has now completely broken. I thought it was just flat and needed air but no dice. It also was very flimsy with the attachment pieces and as soon as we traveled with this one we lost all of the attachments and all of the extra padding that keeps our son comfortable. I am an extremely active mom and love to get outside with my son. I am really disappointed in both products. I had one for less than 6 months. I have had this one for just over 7 months now and it just seems like they completely fall apart.... What is the point in spending this amount of money on a stroller to just have to purchase another one year after year after year it seems like. The quality of these are not good and I would not recommend these if you are a very active mom

  • Stroller won't fold after 3 months of use.
    1 stars

    12/4/2018 by AStevenson11

    We have been using this stroller for 3 months and it will no longer collapse. We don't use it very often either, only about once or twice a week. This is RIDICULOUS for such a new and lightly used product. I wish I had seen all the other reviews saying that they've had the same issue because I would have NEVER purchased this stroller. At this moment I am trying to contact Graco Support about the issue, but I've already been on hold for 1.5 hours and no answer from them yet. Very frustrating that their products have major issues and you can't even get in contact with them.

  • Won't fold!!!!!
    1 stars

    12/3/2018 by Tori123

    My husband and I just opened the box and put together the stroller. We followed all of the instructions and when we were ready to pack it up, IT WONT FOLD! I have researched and reviewed so many videos as to what we are doing wrong but it seems that many people have the same problem! We haven't even gotten to use the stroller yet and since this was a baby shower gift, it is past the return date. So we are now stuck with a defective stroller taking up a lot of space we don't have. If anyone has solved this problem, I'd love to know how, as this is a nice stroller otherwise.

  • Stuck in fold out position after 7 months of use
    1 stars

    11/21/2018 by Louie

    I was first very happy with the stroller, until it broke, which seems to be pretty common with this stroller. It's too big to fit in a vehicle without its folding function and it doesn't have screws that allow you to take it apart and fix it so it became a giant jogger to be left on my patio until it gets stolen. I was warned about buying Graco products but didn't listen thinking they're so popular they must be good.

  • My Stroller Won't Close
    1 stars

    10/2/2018 by Nessa85

    I thought this stroller was great until it wouldn't fold. It's easy to maneuver and the wheels pop off making it even more compact when you fold it. I like that it can be placed in many positions in case your child wants to sit up or recline.

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