Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single - Steel Gray

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All-terrain wheels let you decide how far you want to go off the beaten path. The City Mini GT is not intended for jogging.. Taking the City Mini to the next level, the City Mini GT gives you the ability to pave your own way. And with little touches like an adjustable handlebar to adapt to the parent's height, and a hand-operated parking brake, the City Mini GT is very accommodating.

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  • UPC: 047406136896
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Boys
  • Color: Steel Gray
  • Maximum Weight: 65
  • Stroller Style: Jogging Strollers

Reviews (20)

  • Lots of room
    4 stars

    4/28/2019 by baby r

    We got this stroller a few weeks ago because we needed something that was easier to push through a neighborhood that would really grow with our baby girl. This will be here only stroller as it fits up to height of like 46". The under storage was not as big as my other stroller that we had but it is average size. The only thing we didn't like that it didn't have a place for bottles or drinks. that you pay so much and still have to purchase that separately.

  • Like-Love this stroller!
    3 stars

    3/23/2019 by RK Cali

    I registered for this stroller for my first LO after doing a bunch of research and after using many city minis with my nieces and nephews. I have been using ours for the last nine months and feel like there are pros and cons: Pro: - easy to fold - beautiful teal color - sturdy - the infant seat clips with my click connect car seat nicely Cons: - the front wheel keeps falling off!!!! - the seat belt top and bottom sections keep disconnecting from each other. Both of these Cons make it difficult for the grandparents to take my little one around. So sad. I would like to love it, but I only Like-love it

  • Toddler still uses It!!
    5 stars

    10/14/2018 by NBratt

    I like most did a lot of research before buying a stroller and I love my City mini GT. Downside the compartment below too small, but not a dealbreaker. Since birth I was able to use his car seat with adapters on the stroller and now my 3 and a half year old still uses it. He's almost grown out of it. But we took it to Zion National Park, Grand Canyon caverns, Red Rock in Las Vegas NV and the California Beaches. This stroller has been everywhere. Easy transition for #2.

  • Good products
    4 stars

    7/30/2018 by Evelyn

    I bought the city mini GT stroller for around 1month. It is a fashion style and good to use.

  • Awesome
    5 stars

    7/1/2018 by Fee22

    This stroller is great!!! I bought it to bring the baby with me when I go to my sons games. It rides great on the grass. My only complaint is I wish the basket bas bigger.

  • Wrong tires on my order
    3 stars

    5/18/2018 by Ramon

    I purchased a City mini GT, anniversary edition of your site. The problem is that if you look at the picture on your website as well as the description it states: "all terrain tires" and also you can see them in the picture. The unit I received does not have this, it comes with the plastic swivel tires. What is this? Is this how you products are promoted?

  • No regrets!
    5 stars

    5/13/2018 by Kimbo

    Love everything about this stroller. I researched for weeks and it's exactly what I hoped it would be. Easy to fold, light weight but sturdy, narrow enough for mass transit and nice looking. It's too bad it tumbled out the back of my car down the driveway- so it's a bit torn up already.

  • New adapters
    4 stars

    5/7/2018 by redmom

    I purchased this stroller and the car seat adapter for the Britax. My friend had the same travel system. I LOVE the stroller, but due to the fact that the Britax Car seat adapter is for the retired model car seat, I cannot convert into a travel system. Is there a plan in place to make an adapter for the Britax B Safe 35/35 E?

  • I love how easy to use it
    4 stars

    4/30/2018 by AS86

    I have the stroller and car seat for 16 months now and they are more than wonderful. Can i Add a second seat to stroller similar to city select ?

  • Smooth Ride
    4 stars

    4/26/2018 by Fran99

    Great stroller. Wished it had a one hand seat recline and adjustable footrest. Easy one hand fold but The belly bar becomes a tricky feature when attached while folding. Super compact and smooth ride. Love the hand break.

  • Simply perfect!
    5 stars

    4/24/2018 by Elleelipse

    Wow the baby jogger stroller is the best. Love it!

  • Baby BMW
    5 stars

    3/30/2018 by YoungMommy

    Love this. Rides so smoothly. Folds very quickly. And my LO is able to comfortably take her naps as i roam the city. Only going. It's a bit heavy when carrying up subway stairs... but who knows maybe I'm just a weakling. :p

  • Would not purchase again
    2 stars

    2/6/2018 by mom of one

    I've been using this stroller for about 8 months now. I like that it is a three wheeler and it is easy to maneuver around. The recline feature is awesome and the wheel lock being on the side is a major plus for me. I also like that you can adjust the handle height. the canopy is nice and long so it covers my kiddo well and I LOVE the windows so I can keep an eye on him. The downfalls to this stroller unfortunately outweigh the pluses for me. First is undercarriage storage is a joke, nothing fits in there. It is nice that it folds in half but it is still very heavy. If you try to hang your diaper bag it becomes a tipping hazard. Not a fan of the foot rest, although I'm not really sure if you can consider it a foot rest. It is so small and narrow that when they get to that length they might be able to put their heal on it if anything but their legs will likely just dangle. I also am not a fan of how it does not sit straight up. Last but certainly not least the front wheel, aka my arch nemesis, it keeps coming off either when I take it out of my car or while he is in it if tipped back. This is so frustrating and embarrassing. Worst part is that I thought I loved this stroller in the beginning so I recommended it to a friend who bought the same one, now I regret it. Hopefully she doesn't have the same issues I am having. If it wasn't for the wheel coming off I would have given this product a much better rating but probably would still not purchase again in hindsight.

  • Great stroller
    4 stars

    1/10/2018 by Nbedford

    We love this stroller and how easy it is to fold. We used the adapter with our Graco car seat and it worked perfectly. I do wish there was a way to move the seat up so our little one isn't always reclined. He tries to hold onto the sides so he can see out. Is there anything to do for this? The basket at the bottom is also not the largest, but we only bring what we need and can fit enough down there. Overall, we have enjoyed this stroller.

  • Love the adjustable handle, doesn't sit up enough
    4 stars

    12/4/2017 by Lauren1234

    We bought this stroller (the travel system) for our daughter before she was born, and now she is 13 months. We love the maneuverability, and it still looks great even after having to take it completely apart to wash after a major throw up incident. We use it frequently - at least 3-4 times / week for walks, and took it to Boston with us for vacation walking at least 12 miles around the city. The biggest benefit for us was the adjustable handle - my husband is 6'10", so this was the main requirement when looking for a stroller. It works really well for him. We also love the sunshade and windows, and the back panel in mesh that keeps her cool in the summer. There are two major drawbacks though - 1. Like other reviews have said, the seat back does not sit up high enough. I love that it lies down almost flat, we've used it for nap times frequently, but now that she wants to look around, she holds herself up by the tray table, and gets frustrated after a little while. This is really a huge deal for us - and is probably what will have us looking for a different stroller for number 2. 2. Again, like other reviews have said, the storage is lacking. I can't fit a diaper bag easily underneath, only really small packages or a small blanket. I added hooks to the handle, but that makes it top heavy so I have to be really careful, not to mention awkward to handle. I could live with this, but it is frustrating. Overall, the quality and ride is awesome, and it still looks great. However, I want a stroller a toddler is more comfortable in, with more storage! Especially for the price.

  • Perfect stroller for on the go parents
    5 stars

    10/19/2017 by Nicolle Michelle

    This stroller is the best! We bought the stroller and multiple accessories. Everyday I do about a six mile walk and this stroller is amazing in all weather. It even handles pretty well in solid, compact snowy sidewalks. I'd recommend this stroller to anyone.

  • Love
    4 stars

    10/9/2017 by Annita

    I got this for my baby shower and I love this stroller. I is easy to use. I love the quick one hand fold and how comfortable it is. The only downfall is there isn't much storage. I had to buy handles to put on the stroller so it can hold onto the diaper bag. Other that that it is perfect.

    1 stars

    9/26/2017 by RYRY2121

    After just a couple of uses, the fabric rips!!! I've had several of these now and they all do the same thing. They rip down by the seat. That's the biggest upsetting thing. Where is the quality!!!???

  • Shipping is fast.
    3 stars

    8/30/2017 by Grace

    The stroller is almost what we expect and the shipping is amazing! One thing strange just the back cover of the stroller seat- when it recline full, is not we saw in the store. We was hope it is fully cover with elastic not like a curtain, which the cold wind may get in from the mesh.

  • Worth every penny!
    5 stars

    8/28/2017 by jenimazz

    This stroller is fantastic in every way. It is light, easy to fold (even for someone very petite), comfortable for baby and wheels and turns like a dream. We purchased this stroller for our family vacation and have used it every day since.

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