Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini 3W Single Stroller- Sand/Stone

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This stroller is the essence of urban mobility: lightweight, compact and nimble. The City Mini is not intended for jogging.. Running errands and getting around with your child has never been easier, thanks to the City Mini. Its sleek and practical design makes it the perfect choice for traversing the urban jungle.

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  • UPC: 047406136001
  • Brand: Baby Jogger
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Sand/Stone
  • Maximum Weight: 50 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Jogging Strollers

Reviews (20)

  • Great Stroller - Dislike the straps
    4 stars

    5/6/2019 by Sunshine1234

    This is a great stroller for kids ranging in age from infant to 3 or 4 (maybe older but my oldest is 4.5 now). One thing I do not care for (AT ALL) are the straps that you use to buckle the child in. It is impossible to find the right strap quickly to get the child buckled with a squirming child.

  • Sleek and Functional Stroller
    5 stars

    4/20/2019 by Ashes1812

    The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 is a sleek and functional stroller. The stroller is comfortable enough for long day adventures, as well as compact enough for travel. The near-flat seat recline combined with the adjustable calf support allows for a perfect sleep position. The sun canopy is adjustable, which ensures children are covered no matter their height or sitting position in the stroller. The front wheels can be locked allowing easy maneuverability no matter the terrain. Perhaps my favorite feature of this stroller is the quick fold technology. The one hand fold is an absolute dream, and by far the easiest fold of strollers that I have experienced. The City Mini 2 has a small profile when it is folded, and easily fits in my car trunk. I am a proud mom of 2 children and use this as a single stroller, and also as a double stroller with the glider board. I appreciate that the same glider board can be used with the City Mini 2 and the City Select. Not only is the City Mini 2 functional with many infant car seats, I also like that there are many optional add-on accessories to personalize my family needs. The City Mini 2 will continue to be my new go-to stroller for neighborhood strolls, running errands and traveling. Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this stroller.

  • Serves a Purpose
    5 stars

    4/17/2019 by Runrgrl

    I received this stroller as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel and I love it! Some of the questions I was asked to consider while testing it out were; thoughts about the design, how easy was it to fold, favorite feature and did the little one enjoy the ride. First of all, some assembly was required when delivered in its box. I did not have to pull out the manual, it was that easy to put together. All I really had to do was attach the wheels and attach the canopy. I am really liking the canopy with the double window and the way the flaps roll up so nicely, which was definitely thought out. It extends more fully over the seat than competitors do. The handle bar is a tough rubber compared to the foam of other competitors. I anticipate this lasting much longer. The rubber also has nice grips for my sweaty hands. The front wheel can be set to pivot or stay stationary, which is good to have while walking versus running. Second, this stroller could not be any easier to fold and collapse down. A tug of the handle (which is located inside the seat area) and the thing is practically flat as a pancake. This stroller sits much flatter in the trunk of my SUV and less bulky than the competitor. Third, my favorite feature would have to be more than just one. I like the fact that the foot rest comes up and you can get the child to nearly lying flat. Under baskets are always nice. This one is not as big as I am used to with other strollers but access is quite convenient. In conclusion both of my children love this stroller. The oldest gets jealous the youngest gets to use it more. Also included in box are the adaptors to attach a carseat, which I have not used yet but that is always a nice bonus feature.

  • Great stroller to have on you at all times!
    4 stars

    4/11/2019 by wwenner

    Thank you to the WeeSpring parent panel for sending me this stroller. \This stroller is so incredibly practical and easy that I would recommend to all my friends over buying an umbrella stroller. It is easy to assemble, easy to fold, light, moves around easy and extremely functional. I loved that it came with adapters to attach a bucket seat for a baby. However, I am only giving this stroller 4 stars because of those adapters. They do not fit all car seats. I have a Chicco Keyfit and it won't go on the adapters. You would have to buy either separate parts of get a new buckets seat that fits it. Other than that one thing, this stroller is a total WIN. I love that the foot rest comes up so that your baby can essentially lay flat. I love that the hood of the stroller has two settings so that it can be lower for smaller children and really keep the sun out of their face. And I love the basket of storage at the bottom. I would recommend this stroller to all of my friends. And if they wanted to step it up a notch, they can purchase the GT 2.

  • Great Little Stroller
    4 stars

    4/10/2019 by Arhupp

    This is a great everyday stroller. It is very lightweight, would be very practical if you have to carry it up steps. Despite being lightweight, it's very sturdy and well built. The steering is my favorite part. It could turn on a dime. The suspension is very smooth for a lightweight stroller but it's definitely not a rugged stroller. I'd recommend this to someone who'd be using this almost exclusively on smooth, hard surfaces, such as sidewalks and stores. I keep this one in my car for errands, while I prefer a jogger at home on our gravel driveway. As for the seat, it seems comfortable, the fabric is easily cleaned, and the best part, it can lay almost flat! Great for changing baby on the go. I do not use an infant car seat, but how awesome that the car seat adapters are included! The only two “cons” that I can think of is that is does not come with a parent console (you can easily add a generic one), and the storage basket is not as roomy or accessable as I'd like it to be. Thank you to Weespring for sending me this stroller as part of the Weespring Parent Panel.

  • Fantastic Stroller
    5 stars

    4/10/2019 by SWTC

    This stroller could be the perfect combination of braun and agility. It's robust enough for everday use but is light and small enough to fold quickly and easily for running errands and getting in and out of the car. The seat is comfy, super-spacious (my 3 yr old has plenty of room width and height-wise), and has an almost flat recline for stroller naps. I didn't think the new leg rest would make a difference but my daughter loves it. Between that and the big canopy, my normally particular girl was so satisfied with her stroller experience, she fell asleep on the way home from the park! My only (small) gripe is that it's a bit annoying and difficult to rethread the straps when you need to adjust them but you should only need to do that a few times. The basket fits more than you think but I would stick with unstructured bags and now that the bar goes straight across, the best access is from the sides (rather than the back). I love the new design and think it's is more sleek (and less jogger-y), more stable and easier to push than the previous one. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this Stroller.

  • Almost Perfect
    4 stars

    4/9/2019 by kas56379

    I like the design of this stroller. I was able to easily assemble it out of the box. It folds easily and compactly. It isn't as bulky or heavy as previous strollers I've had that are made to accommodate an infant car seat. I like that the stroller can be adapted to many different types of infant car seats. The stroller maneuvers easily and smoothly, and has a lot of features that are useful long term (adjustable calf support, seat recline, large storage basket). My 5-year-old daughter can easily push my son around in this stroller. The few things it doesn't have, that I found myself missing, were cup holders, a place for small storage, and a snack/drink tray. At this price point, I would want certain accessories to be included. I also found it difficult to adjust the five-point-harness. I was given this Stroller to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  • All the Bells & Whistles
    4 stars

    4/9/2019 by Aritson

    I was looking for a stroller for my third baby when I was given one as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel. My 13 y/o assembled the stroller and as we used it we continued to be amazed by feature after feature. When they designed this they thought of almost everything! *A flap to allow air flow through the carriage. *A canopy big enough to actually shade baby yet also a sunroof big enough to see baby. *A foot rest that can be locked straight out for better sleeping/laying down position! Just one thing after another we were impressed by. It's compact, easy to fold. Only drawbacks were no cup holders, trays, or compartments. Except the compartment under the stroller, in which we found another bonus: There were multiple accesses to this! En route it's easy to maneuver, smooth and stylish!

  • Easy Stroller
    4 stars

    4/9/2019 by candicemckibbin

    This stroller is SO easy! Easy to put together, easy to use, easy to fold! Being 9 months pregnant with baby 3, this was a major plus in my book. Not a huge fan of how the buckle works, its a little time consuming. My wild 2 year old moves fast so I don't have time for a long folding process. It's also light weight. Haven't used the car seat attachment, but will be very soon. Love the all black sleek design. I like simple designs, and that's just what this has. Overall great stroller, and easy for a soon to be mom of 3. I did receive this stroller as a part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  • Game Changer stroller that is toddler approved!
    5 stars

    4/9/2019 by LilyMay

    I can't say enough good things about the City Mini 2. This is our first one handed fold stroller and I'm not sure how we made it this long without one! I can easily carry our 3 1/2 year old, while pushing the stroller and then fold it up without ever having to put her down. We were surprised how quickly our daughter embraced this stroller as well. She generally gives us a tough time getting in our other strollers. This one is very easy for her to hop in and out of and gives her a sense of freedom the other strollers don't even come close to providing. The storage basket fits exactly what we need it for, backpack, lunch bag and with room to spare. My husband is over 6 ft and the handle is high enough for him and also at the perfect height for me at 5'3”. The city mini 2 has many great features, but we both really love how we can one handed steer, the steering is simply perfect. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product!

  • Fabric not as durable and water resistant.
    3 stars

    4/7/2019 by Quality

    Fabric is porous. This stroller is good but not as durable as the first model, it's no longer a save for the next baby. The company made it cheaper so it can sell more overall.

  • Such a Simple yet Luxurious Stroller
    5 stars

    4/7/2019 by dearsweetbriar

    We love to go for family walks with my toddler, but sometimes we get halfway there and she decides to nope out - rather than carry her the whole way, we needed an option for a stroller that can carry her and all of our outdoor needs (bug spray, sunscreen, kickballs, picnic blankets). Wagons are cumbersome and regular strollers aren't rugged enough for the terrain in our x-burb neighborhood, and we found a jogging stroller to be a great compromise. We have a used jogging stroller that was given to us by a friend, and while it has been well loved by our family, I found that I couldn't buy any accessories, because it was too old of a model. With a little one on the way in the fall, I knew I would need an infant seat adapter, and the same maneuverability and flexibility of our old jogging stroller, but with some new bells and whistles. The Baby Jogger City Mini 2 has been given two thumbs up by our toddler. By the time our little one arrives, the toddler will be in preschool, so I'll need a workhorse stroller for mommy/baby walks, and general transport. We have already tested this with our infant car seat, and it is ready for the new baby in the fall! The one thing I LOVE about this stroller is how easily and compactly it folds. It fits in the backseat of my hatchback without any crazy maneuvering, and snaps up so easily with one hand, I feel like just maybe I can handle the stroller, a baby, and a nutso toddler. I also sat my pregnant self down with the instructions and put this thing together in under 20 minutes out of the box. Thank you to weeSpring Parent Panel for sending my family this stroller to try and review.

  • Citi mini 2 is a great little ride!
    4 stars

    4/7/2019 by Shafer

    I was given this Stroller to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. This stroller is a great compact stroller. It was an instant hit with my 3 year old. She climbed in and insisted on going for a walk right away. We love the view panels and being able to put her feet up when she was riding. (The foot stool is hard to get into position but will hopefully get easier with use) She also liked being able to lay flat. It is super easy to fold, but took a few tries to figure out how to hold it to reopen it. It strolls easy and is pretty light. The wheels lock but you have to stop to put the brakes on or fix the front wheels. I would like the brakes and wheel locks to be at my fingertips better and it would be great if it came with cup holders and a spot for small storage (like keys). There is a small basket under that works well for a small bag and jackets. Overall, we really like this stroller and look forward to many walks around the neighborhood and the zoo!

  • Smooth ride and roomy
    5 stars

    4/7/2019 by Lboaz

    This stroller is wonderful! The seat is large and my 6 year old even fits without her head touching the top! The tall handle makes it easy to push and the ride is very smooth. All three of my kids enjoy riding in it. Although the wheels aren't made for off road strolling, it still did great on our nature trail. I love the full coverage canopy, large storage basket, adjustable foot rest and a machine washable seat! This stroller is also very easy to open and close. There is very little not to like. I prefer mesh peek-a-boo windows that have a magnetic closure. The brake is not very flip flop friendly either. However, those are just my preferences and really are not a deal breaker. Due to the compatibility with many infant car seats this stroller will give parents many years of use. A huge thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product. We now have a new favorite stroller.

  • Flawless
    5 stars

    4/6/2019 by ShelbyMather

    Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this Stroller. I am In love with this stroller, and so is my daughter. It glides so smoothly and is so easy to push and turn. My daughter loves the adjustable foot rest and how far back she can decline. I love The easy one hand fold and flat it folds down to fit my my trunk. There is not a feature I dont Like about this stroller!

  • Great quality and perfect for on the go!
    5 stars

    4/6/2019 by JennyLynne

    I absolutely love the Baby Jogger City Mini 2! The first thing I noticed about the stroller was the amazing quality and sleek design – the fabric and materials used look great and are comfortable for the little one. The stroller folds very easily with one hand in one simple step. Being 5'2” with a SUV does not always make it easy to get things in and out of the back of the car, but the City Mini's lightweight and compact design when folded has made it a lot easier to get it in and out of the trunk while leaving plenty of trunk space left over for groceries and other things. Even on rough terrain the stroller has provided a smooth ride, and the three-wheel design makes maneuvering an easy task even in tight spaces. We frequently go to busy outside events and festivals and the stroller was perfect for getting around in crowds. My favorite feature is the adjustable calf support – you can prop the calf support up and recline the seat flat which makes taking a nap in the stroller more comfortable for my son. The under-seat storage is spacious, but there is a metal bar in the back making it more difficult to get larger items in and out of it. However, I found it easy to access the under-seat storage by lift up the adjustable calf support. It seems like Baby Jogger thought of almost everything when they designed this stroller. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this amazing stroller!

  • Awesome stroller!
    5 stars

    4/6/2019 by Jennknits

    I was given this product to try as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, and am so glad that I was! My second daughter just turned 1, so I've used a few strollers in the past. The first thing my husband noticed is that the handle on the City Mini 2 is actually high enough for him to push comfortably (he is 6'2"). For me, I love how accessible the basket is on the bottom (you can even get items in from the sides, but the fabric springs back up so your stuff won't fall out). My daughter is super happy in it, and I love the sun cover -- the sun shade is large enough that no matter where the sun is coming from, it won't be in her face, which is an issue I've had in the past with others. I do wish that the straps secured differently -- this is a feeling I've had with the other baby jogger I have too-- basically, the shoulder strap and the waist strap are separate and you have to bring them together to click in. I'm never going to not use the arm straps so why can't they just be connected already? It's a minor complaint though and certainly doesn't stop me from using my baby jogger strollers. I like that the City Mini 2 is so easy to fold as well. One hand, pull up. My mom came to visit and was amazed how easy. It will actually stand up in place, closed up and locked, which is a nice feature for storage in my garage or when popping it in the trunk -- but it means that I can't open it with one hand, since I need a hand to open the clasp keeping it shut. Not really a problem, and I prefer that it can stand on it's own and is so easy to fold! All in all it is a great stroller and I can see I will get years out of it!

  • This is a great stroller! I highly recommend it.
    5 stars

    4/6/2019 by Eddy13

    I love this stroller and highly recommend it. I've used approximately seven strollers over the years and this is my favorite single child stroller. The set up was so easy I didn't have to consult Youtube a single time and had it put together within five minutes of opening the box. I also love the one hand fold. It truly is a one handed fold, so much so that I can do it while juggling a cup of coffee, The back has a nice, smooth reclining option which is great for nap time. The fabric seems very durable and appears water resistant which are both major factors for the longevity of a stroller in our house. We are going on a few flights in the coming months and this will definitely be my pick for travel. There is a nice, generous storage area under the stroller which easily held a wool blanket, my daughter's toy purse, snacks, two water bottles and some dog supplies. There was even room to spare with all of that stored. The stroller moves really smoothly over our neighborhood's cracked and bumpy sidewalks and uneven curbs. The downsides of the stroller are that it doesn't come with a cup holder, there doesn't appear to be a way to convert this into a double stroller. I wish there were some pockets within the storage area. There is a strong 5 point harness on it that takes a little getting used to as you have to line all the pieces up correctly- it is slightly more involved than a simple click and go. I have a three year old and while it is long enough for her to sit comfortably, she is 42 inches and if she was 50 inches, the stroller would likely be too short for her. I received the Baby Jogger Citi Mini 2 from the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  • Pull to fold is finally just that -pull to fold!
    4 stars

    4/5/2019 by arimas85

    Pull to fold is finally just that -pull to fold! No gimmicks, no hassle! One second for folding stroller with one hand while carrying my daughter in the other! Parents could only dream about it until now. All the other strollers that I had opportunity to try out, no matter how heavy or light they were, needed some extra time and steps to fold stroller. With Baby jogger city mini 2 just grab handle and pull to fold! That's it! It's that easy! This will be very helpful to parents, especially those who are using public transport, travel a lot and are on the go a lot like me. In NYC, you have to fold your stroller if you want to ride on a bus. (Probably the rule from someone who never had situation to find himself in that his kid finally was able to fall asleep in a stroller and when you want to enter bus, driver looks at you not very happy to see you with strollers and tells you you have to fold them and doesn't seem to care the fact that you are telling him she just fell asleep.) So, you grab your kid, bags and try as fast as you can to fold strollers. Thankfully, with these, that situation and many other will be easier next time. There a lot of things to love about this stroller like very well padded seat, 5 point harness system (which I would make all kids have to have until 12 years old), almost flat recline, a lot of peek a boo windows to keep an eye on your child while pushing stroller. And they have small clips to hold that rolled material so it doesn't cover it back while driving or if wind is blowing. Also, the wheel on the front has an option to be locked and just roll straight or unlock and it moves as you want (the option I always choose). There is brake for front as well as back wheels and they can be removed easily for storage in a house or trunk of your car. Lots of storage which is accessible from all sides (very important), very large and long canopy and they added one more feature that I saw first time and loved it - you can pull up part of the stroller where legs go to have legs elevated if you want. You also get car seat adapters with this version so you can use it with your car seat. My daughter doesn't use car seat anymore so couldn't check on that too but I believe it is comfy and easy. Overall, there is a lot to love about this stroller and it is priced reasonably for what you get. My daughter enjoys it and was able to sleep in them for 3 hours. Yay! They are so sleek. I only have few things that I would change or add like when you are changing height for 5 point harness system, it is a little bit hard but luckily it is not something you do everyday. And pads for that system could be little bit more padded. Also, the feature to elevate legs for your kids works best if your child is smaller. My daughter is 104 cm and while sleeping, her legs just fall from that part and go on the sides and when you put that part back, sometimes it doesn't lock and it pulls little bit up. Also, there is not enough depth for feet support at the end, so my daughter just let her legs down but it creates pressure on her back doing it. You don't get cup holder either for mom or kid or a bar for kid (you can probably buy it additionally). Back wheels are on wider side so I had difficulty maneuvering while shopping in stores where aisles are little bit narrow. And one more thing I noticed today while pushing stroller while raining and it was a little bit windy - I put cover from rain on stroller and wasn't able to find anywhere to attach velcro strap to secure it on stroller so it was difficult driving them. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product. I

  • Amazing for Mom & Child
    5 stars

    4/5/2019 by aelise713

    For years I have heard amazing things about the Baby Jogger strollers so I was so excited to try out the City Mini 2. Wherever we go I need to contain my toddler so he isn't running away from me and this stroller is the perfect help for that. He doesn't feel too contained since there isn't a tray in front of him, so he is more likely to sit in there for longer periods of time. I love how the stroller is so easy to fold and unfold, so no matter if I have my hands full or not I am able to easily open or close it. It is a seamless transition. I have loved that the stroller handle is a little higher so that I am comfortable pushing it and not hunched over like on some strollers I have used and it also is a little grippy which has been great walking outside and I get sweaty, my hands still have a good grip on the stroller. The lock feature on the front wheel is great when we go walking around the neighborhood or on occasion want to do a light jog. In the baby industry it is hard to be too picky about the look or color scheme of things but for this stroller they perfectly created a sleek AND functional stroller that is great for mom and baby/child. The storage is amazing underneath and I LOVE that you can access it from the front as well. I feel like In other strollers with large storage I lose what is under there but with front AND back access I can access it all so easily! This feature is also great because if your child falls asleep you can elevate their legs, which is especially helpful if you have a young child who can't sit up on their own yet. You can recline the seat back all the way and put the foot rest up so that ANY age can fit. My son loved that I could see him through the flaps, while I was pushing the stroller. He likes to know where I am at all times so this was key to making stroller rides enjoyable! I loved that the stroller came with car seat adapters so no matter what brand of car seat you have it is likely going to be able to fit on the stroller which is the best when you have a young baby sleeping and don't want to wake them up! I could talk this stroller up for days, it has been a wonderful addition to our family ;) thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this stroller.

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