Pressman Toy Lucky Ducks Game for Kids Ages 3 and Up

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Offers all the benefits of a memory game in a format that's easier for little fingers than cards. This quacky matching game combines developmental skills for young children with the fun of a "My First Game". Helps kids with shape recognition and color mat.

  • UPC: 021853027006
  • Brand: Pressman Toy
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2700-04
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Age Range: 3 years

Reviews (19)

  • Disappointed
    1 stars

    3/16/2019 by Nicki

    Very small and should come with shape cards for the kids to remember their shape easier

  • Great Toy
    5 stars

    3/1/2019 by TucsonSporting

    Perfect gift for toddler to play quietly and be fascinated with a brain development learning activity.

  • Stopped working during first use
    1 stars

    2/3/2019 by Murpt

    The first time we used this the battery got hot and the pond stopped working. We didnt even get all the ducks in the pond. Unfortunate. Looks like it would be fun for my toddler

  • Not what We were expecting!
    3 stars

    1/14/2019 by Yovanka

    We bought this as Christmas gift for our youngest daughter. She’s turning 3 years old in about 3 months. We paid almost $20 box for this game. For our surprise, we had to put all the stickers to the ducks i.e. eyes and the color stickers to the game. The concept is nice, but our daughter did not even put the attention to them. We were so dissapointed. This game should cost a maximum of $10, no more than that!

  • Not worth it
    3 stars

    1/8/2019 by Mom3

    The game is cute but my 4 year old is to old for it, it works for my 2 yr old though. The duck sound is very soft it is drowned it out by the game. If you can get it for $5-$8 dollars its worth it but not the $17.77 I paid.

  • You have to put ALL the stickers on this game!
    5 stars

    1/7/2019 by multiculturalmommy

    You have to put ALL the stickers on this game...even the ducks eyes! Ridiculous. While this is a fun game to play with our toddler, setting it up was very disappointing and time consuming. For the price of this game I would expect it to come ready to play out of the box!

  • Lucky Ducks!
    5 stars

    1/5/2019 by Claudia

    Three year old great grand son loves this Christmas present. Having fun playing with him.

  • Son enjoyed it
    4 stars

    12/26/2018 by Devoni

    My son kept seeing commercials for this and videos on yourube so he requested it for his birthday but couldnt find it in stores or online Glad i waited until Christmas i only spend 8$ on it. Was kinda dissappinted with it, wasnt assembled which didnt take to long to put all the stickers on, but some ducks only have 1 eye because there was no extra I have a feeling my son will get bored very quick not sure if its worth 20$ but was definetly worth 8$

  • Good game
    4 stars

    12/25/2018 by MomOf3

    Honestly the only negative was you have to put stickers on each duck for eyes and the shape on the bottom (I just hate little stickers) other than that it's been great!

  • Good buy
    5 stars

    12/24/2018 by Alisha

    Fun game for the family. Most of the time my 2.5 year old isn't interested in playing family games but this one was just for her and she loved it.

  • Lucky ducks
    5 stars

    12/23/2018 by Mary

    A timeless matching game just like the carnival games. Great for toddlers.

  • Lucky Ducks
    4 stars

    12/19/2018 by Teach2018

    I didn't like that that you had to apply the stickers including the duck eyes and that there were no lily pads but my 2 year old grandson enjoyed pushing the button to make them go and finding the shspes.

  • Great for the littles
    4 stars

    12/16/2018 by Sassygirl4u27

    This game is simple and cute that my 2yo is able to play without trouble. But I agree with other posters, the quality of this game is not as good as the original, but my little one still loves it.

  • Not worth buying this junk
    1 stars

    12/12/2018 by Mom2boyz

    I ordered this game thinking that it was the original. Firstly, its a copy, and a bad one!!! the ducks r light and flimsy and you need to put the stickers on by yourself. Also, the pond mechanism is bad. it jerks every few seconds sending the ducks flying and it has a funny squeak to it. It does not quack as it should. overall, i am not happy with this toy. $20 for a piece of junk that couldve been purchased in the dollar store.

  • Momof2boys
    5 stars

    12/11/2018 by Worker

    This is an excellent game for kids. My son has been wanting this game for awhile and he finally got it for his 4th birthday. I couldn't find it in any store but was able to purchase it online and get it within a few days. He has been getting it out everyday playing it with his older brother who is 9. Its great since they learn to match and can learn shapes and colors by playing it. Would definitely recommend this game.

  • Fun
    5 stars

    12/9/2018 by Kay

    I bought this game for my niece for her 3rd birthday, and she thought it was the funniest thing ever! She played with it for a whole hour and a half.

  • Cute game and educational too!
    5 stars

    11/18/2018 by Tea

    My daughter loves this game. She uses it as intended and also just playing with the ducks. The only bad thing (and it's not really a big deal) is getting all the ducks back in the box, they don't all fit in the box. Other than that is is a cute game.

  • Lucky Ducks Game
    5 stars

    11/16/2018 by wiseinhimmer

    Bought this for my grandson for Christmas. It's a FUN game that teaches recognition of shapes. I like to purchase games or toys that help with learning skills! And of course FUN!!!

  • Entertaining and educational at the same time!
    5 stars

    11/12/2018 by ToniO

    I just recently purchased this game for my 4 year old grandson and I to play together. I love the easiness of explaining the game to him. He is learning colors, shapes and memory skills without fighting me. The only thing that I would say as a negative is that the stickers for the eyes would not adhere good. We lost one and finally found it on the floor looking at us.

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