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This tablet includes $110 worth of games, apps and videos so kids can learn and play right away. They'll also have access to a library of content including award-winning apps and cartridges featuring kids' favorite characters. Designed just for kids, LeapPad Ultimate is the perfect kid-safe learning tablet. Exclusive Just-for-Me learning technology is built into many of the learning games, assessing your child as they play and automatically adapting the curriculum to a more or less challenging level to keep kids engaged and motivated. The tablet is kid-safe right out of the box, with a kid-friendly web browser that provides access to pre-selected websites all approved by learning experts. Parental controls allow parents to add multiple kids to one tablet and set play time limits.

  • This ultimate kid-tough tablet features a 7" shatter-safe screen, multi-touch capacitive screen and a built-in bumper for durability.
  • Includes $110 worth of learning games, apps and videos that kids can play right away.
  • Includes a kid-friendly web browser that provides access to pre-selected websites all approved by learning experts.
  • Exclusive Just-for-Me™ learning technology built into many of the learning games adapts the curriculum to a more or less challenging level to keep kids engaged and motivated.
  • Access to a library of content including award-winning apps and cartridges featuring kids' favorite characters.
  • Brand: LeapFrog
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Group: Child
  • Age Range: 3 years
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Assembled Product Weight: 5.2 lbs

Reviews (17)

  • Overall Satisfied
    3 stars

    11/26/2018 by CB

    Cons: small power button. Stylus broke, and now it’s metal on the screen. (It was only a rubber ball with thin mesh netting). Demo-only games, that make you pay. I can’t find games easily. Pricey games, and accecories. Pros: My 3-year-old son cab navigate the screen well. His stays charged well. Very educational. Very durable. Nice for road trips.

  • Excellent!
    5 stars

    9/30/2018 by YellowGlitter

    Not sure why all the bad reviews but we got this as a 1st tablet for our 2.5 year old. We have had no issues at all with charging, wifi, etc. Excellent educational toy but still fun. There are a ton of learning games, I do wish there were some Disney shows to download for fun besides the Nickelodeon and other character shows. The tablet itself though is great to start with.

  • meh
    3 stars

    9/7/2018 by Mommyofevilspawn

    This could be alot better. Besides these things are made from ages 4 and up or 3 i believe the stylus should be more durable and so should the screen or add like a protection screen or box something to make this more durable for younger kids to handle so we wont be buying them or returning them as much

  • hard for littles to turn on
    3 stars

    8/22/2018 by Gnomersmommmy

    Have to hold down power button to turn on and that is hard for little guys and gals to understand. turning off is easy. That is my only complaint. We have one of the older leappad's from 6 years ago. it stlil works like new. only you can't down load games for it anymore so I was forced to upgrade.

  • Not worth it
    1 stars

    8/11/2018 by jadewolf1224

    Bought this in April for my 2.5 year old son so he could learn from something that is truly educational. It broke so easily. The bumper isn't useful at all, it was dropped once and within the first week, it got scratched; half the screen stopped working. The stylus doesn't last at all. I got one replacement stylus and it's just not made for young children. My kids are very intelligent. They need something more educational than just a toy with buttons. I purchased this for $97 including the 2-year product warranty from Walmart, which ALSO doesn't cover accidental damage. I contacted Walmart, they said contact Leapfrog. I contacted Leapfrog, they don't cover accidental damage. So, 3 months later, I have a broken Leappad with a voided warranty. Waste of money for me personally. I know things happen, I know stipulations, and I'm normally one to take responsibility for damage and what-not, but don't say it's made for young children if it can't handle one drop. Kids are kids. Even I drop things often. These need to be made with more protection. I'll be moving to a different type of learning pad made with more protection. This is my first one-star review. I'm just speaking from the heart on this one.

  • Buyers Beware
    1 stars

    5/14/2018 by Julie

    Would give 0 stars if that were an option. Went with my grandmother so she could purchase this for my daughters birthday on Thursday. Got it home today (Saturday) after her party and immediately noticed something was wrong. 1.) There was already scratches on the screen. I thought okay, no big deal. Maybe my grandparents were a little rough with it. 2.) Pulled out the stylus and the rubber tip looked like it had been chewed off. Thought okay.... maybe I was too rough pulling it out. 3.) I turn it on to get it set up for my kid and ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME..... there is already an account set up on it with some other childs photos on it.... We got this from Wal-Mart and the normal full price was paid for it.... I do not have the receipt for it as it was a gift and from my understanding Wal-Mart will not except these kinds of things for exchange or refund without a receipt. So as you can imagine I AM NOT HAPPY. $100+ For what could be found in a dumpster or yardsale for $5- $15...... Was really excited to use this product to help and encourage my child to qlearn, however, we are extremely disappointed.

  • Don't bother with them
    2 stars

    3/12/2018 by Kdn

    I got 3 of these last Christmas for my kids and have had issues with them since thethen. 1) if you don't have your own WIFI don't get them. You can't access anything without it. You can't download anything without it. Including going to the reward store. 2) when charging you literally have to push the plug in and hold it down and to the side otherwise it won't charge. My sons is still on yellow after 6 hours. 3) doesn't last the 5 hours charged like they said. My kids may get about 3 hours out of them if we are lucky to get them to in the first place. 4) already replaced the stylus pen and may have to get another one. Wished I would have spent the $240 on a different pad for my kids.

  • LP Ultimate is an excellent product.
    5 stars

    3/10/2018 by momeducator

    I'm a bit confused by the negative reviews. This is a durable, responsive product. We've been using Leapfrog electronic products for over 15 years. From the electronic books back in the day, to the Leappad, Didj, etc etc to the Ultimate. We have 7 children and have had this Ultimate since August 2017, it has weathered a 3yo, a 5yo, a 7yo and up. We're very pleased with the unit. I highly recommend it for learning.

  • Fun educational gadget
    3 stars

    2/9/2018 by Debbie018

    My sons are learning a lot by using the tablet. The screen is bright and colorful. It's all kid friendly and educational so I like that I don't have to worry about them stumbling into anything they shouldn't. It's light weight. Holds charge well. My only con is that they're few pre installed games and videos and to get more you're forced to by when the children get bored with what they're repeating over and over and to make it worse they're not like a dollar they are pricey. Im still satisfied with my purchase though.

  • Not kid proof
    2 stars

    2/8/2018 by Samaustin

    Scratches easily, had it for 3 months and now 1/2 the screen doesn't want to work . My 2 yr old loved the tablet, but now she just get frustrated with it. The stylus has a netting to it that can be chewed off. I would NOT recommend this for for children such as toddlers, 2-4 years of age.

  • Great tabs for toddlers
    4 stars

    1/25/2018 by JK

    These are great tablets for the kids. I would have given it a five, but I had to send the first one back as it kept locking up. The replacement has been fine.

  • Touch Screen
    1 stars

    1/14/2018 by Anika78

    My daughter has had the LeapPad Ultimate 2 weeks and already the left half of the touch screen won't respond. This of course limits my ability to access the settings, parent access button and password keypad so that I can see if I need to calibrate the screen.

  • Leap pad ultimate
    5 stars

    12/4/2017 by Sandy

    Bought for boy whose sister has one great and easy to use

  • Just Okay!
    2 stars

    11/29/2017 by EvasMom

    My husband wanted to purchase this item for our daughter. I was against it. But he decided to buy it for her birthday. Her birthday was in August, it is now November. She has been happy with the tablet until a few days ago. It won't hold a charge. The stylus doesn't connect to the screen you have to use your fingers. I want to return it but I am sure its not under warranty. Waste of money. I will not purchase another one.

  • Battery Problems
    1 stars

    11/21/2017 by Pyurah

    My son got this for his birthday. It has now been 3 days and the device will not turn on. The green light appears indicating that it is fully charged, but when I boot the device, the low battery symbol appears and it immediately shuts down. I have tried different outlets and cables, same results. This appears to have been an issue with the LeapPad Ultra as well. Researching this online shows many videos and articles on how to fix this. However, the Ultimate does not have screws to take off the back and re-calibrate the battery like the Ultra does. It is a little more than disappointing that this is still an issue with the LeapPad product line.

  • Do not buy!!!!!!!
    1 stars

    11/20/2017 by shannonP

    My daughter got one for her birthday played good for a month then never would hold a charge. took it back for a different one did they same thing but it was not even two days old.

  • Educative
    4 stars

    10/30/2017 by KKmarshall

    Its durable and quite educational.

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