Superyard XT in Gray

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It is made of weather-resistant materials making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Set it up in the living room, kitchen, patio, beach, park and more. The North States portable playard opens easily and folds flat for compact storage. It gives children and animals a sufficient amount of space to feel comfortable, while giving you peace of mind. Create a safe environment for children and pets with the North States Superyard XT Portable Playard. It includes a carry handle that makes transporting from the car to your desired location effortless..

  • Non-slip pads work on any surface and will not scratch hardwood floors
  • North States Superyard baby gate has 6 interlocking panels which are pre-connected, just click in place
  • Encloses 18.5 sq. ft. (over 5 ft. across)
  • Comes with a convenient carrying strap to make it easy to take with you
  • Creates a safe portable play area for young children and pets indoors or outdoors
  • Versatile yard with easy-access entry, keeps your child in or out of an area
  • UPC: 026107086693
  • Brand: North States
  • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Features: Swinging Door
  • Material: Plastic
  • Type: Configurable

Reviews (14)

  • Perfect doggy pen
    5 stars

    5/29/2019 by MG

    Excellent. Packaged compactly, yet easy to operate and use immediately out of the box.

  • Perfect chick playground
    5 stars

    5/20/2019 by HighMountainFarm

    I have used these play yards for years. They are worth every penny. I use them for chicks when they leave the brooder. They last FOREVER!

  • Great product!!
    5 stars

    5/10/2019 by Liz

    We love this! Our baby is able to play in a safe, closed environment while mom and dad get work done. Sturdy enough for him to pull up, brightly colored which is fun, and easy to put up and move around!

  • Smokeyjo
    5 stars

    5/7/2019 by CoffeeLover

    Love love this gate! We use it for camping and my child stays inside and able to play safely

  • Great bargin
    5 stars

    5/3/2019 by Irene

    This play yard is very well built and sturdy, good to use for pets as well as the kids. Great price as well. Plus you can add on and make larger.

  • Wonderful!
    5 stars

    4/24/2019 by Anonymous

    This is the best thing yet to keep kids safe- both two-and four legged ones. Thank you!

  • Not as strong
    4 stars

    4/23/2019 by Grannyx8

    This is the second one I've owned and the first was stronger and sturdier plastic. So I'm a little disappointed with the quality of this one. It still does the job but I know it's not going to last as long as the other one.

  • MEH.
    3 stars

    4/13/2019 by AGardenParty

    I think I paid $79 for the 6 panel North States corral at a competitor. Hard to shape and set up with less pcs. we started with 4 which was hard enough but the baby (goats_ have grown and so we wanted to go to 5 pc. Can't. have to use 4 or 6. 5 we need to wire it together, 6 is too big for my space. But this is a better price if you have to have one.

  • Amazing!!!
    5 stars

    3/29/2019 by dayton

    Amazing!!!!! In every way!!!!! Buy it and you'll see!!!

  • Use it as a doggie gate!
    5 stars

    3/22/2019 by jewels0925

    Works great to keep my dogs out of the living room!!

  • Works.
    4 stars

    3/7/2019 by NotHappy

    It is huge and bulky and not great for Great Grand Parents to use.

  • Happy to receive but .......
    4 stars

    2/8/2019 by SheliaG

    This is a very functional device however, we needed to separate it into two pieces. That became very difficult, after reading and rereading the instructions I was luckily able to pop it apart. The pieces are designed to pivot but, doing so requires muscle and is quite herky jerky. Thus swinging open is impossible and so there are two choices to get around the fence. One, move entire structure or two, simply ‘high jump'. As I am over 67 years old, I AM getting needed stretching exercises but my family would absolutely discourage this as it's simply not safe for me. On a positive note, I was thrilled to receive 8 panels, enabling me to fence out dogs from two areas, which I was not expecting. Thank you. And price was reasonable.

  • A must have!
    5 stars

    2/6/2019 by Sarah

    This is hands down the best baby product I have purchased or received since I first got pregnant. My son is now 16 months old and I would be so overwhelmed without having this playpen. It is huge when the 2 gate extension is added to it, and he can play inside without me having to watch him like a hawk. It is very sturdy and easy to assemble. I reccomend this to all new mom's and all my friends who have toddlers! Very good item. a must have for active tots!

  • Great gate.
    5 stars

    1/29/2019 by Fran

    This is our second time we have bought this gate. The first time was a couple of years ago, then we found walmart had it and we bought again to connect them for a couple of puppies. That's what we have been using them for. It will then come in handy for grandchildren. Well built, sturdy, and easy to use.

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