Extra Tall Swing Close Security Gate Combo (Black)

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The Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Gate is also ideal for keeping pets confined to specific areas of the house. The Chelsea model gate will conveniently open in both directions and swing closed automatically so you'll never need to worry about closing the gate behind you when your hands are full or you're in a hurry. Expand your Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Gate up to 111" with optional extensions which can be purchased separately.. The Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate by Dreambaby provides a secure barrier for your curious little ones. This gate combo pack will fit openings from 28" to 42.5" using the two included extensions. The Chelsea Extra Tall Gate is designed to fit a wide range of doorways, hallways, top or bottom of stairs, and other openings.

  • Conveniently swings in both directions for quick and easy pass-through with a simple one-handed operation or utilize the Smart Stay Open Feature
  • Fits openings of 28" - 42.5" using the included extensions, tall height of 39.4"
  • Auto-close from any angle with EZY-Check lock indicator
  • Suitable for doorways, top and bottom of stairs and wide doorways
  • Pressure/hardware mounted
  • UPC: 878931007838
  • Brand: Dreambaby
  • Installation Type: Hardware Mounted
  • Features: Swinging Baby Gates, Extra Tall Baby Gates, Expandable Baby Gates, Baby Gates for Stairs
  • Material: Metal

Reviews (18)

  • Chelsea Extra Tall gate keeps our pup in.
    5 stars

    5/3/2019 by Red

    We are very happy with our gate. We bought this to contain our new little fur baby. We wanted an extra tall one because she is such a jumper. I was a little concerned about the space between each rail because our puppy is so tiny, but it is perfect. This gate is strong enough to keep our puppy in even with constant jumping. I highly recommend this gate to keep small dogs contained but cannot say anything about keeping a baby or large dog in.

  • Love this gate
    5 stars

    3/12/2019 by Jlg13

    We have had this gate for 2 weeks and love it so far. It's tall and the lock is easy to work. We choose not to drill holes in the wall and just used the sticky pads to keep it in place. It keeps our 10 month old out and also stopped my 6 year old niece the other day!

  • Great gate!
    5 stars

    2/25/2019 by JC GSMD

    I neede a gate to contain 2 puppies that are quickly becoming very large dogs. These gates are solid and tall and I love so many features: tension install, swings both ways, stay open feature. These gates are literally perfect. And the gate calculator worked perfectly to give me the exact combination of gate and extensions to fit my opening.

  • Simply The Best
    5 stars

    1/2/2019 by Canine Fan

    Ok, so we use our Dreambaby gates as dog gates. The quality is superior to every other one we've tried and installation is a breeze. I do wish the safety labels were easier to get off, as they are a distraction, but it did not stop a second purchase.

  • Great gate for French doors
    5 stars

    10/26/2018 by L

    Used this gate with extenders to block French doors to a second level patio. They fit and work great!

  • So glad I bought!!
    5 stars

    9/19/2018 by Christygirl4504

    So glad I bought this. I had a gate that u had to step over, total pain. This gate is great! It's very stylish too. Easy to install no tools!

  • I purchased, liked it so much I purchased another.
    5 stars

    9/5/2018 by Mike

    Like the extra height compared to others. Easy to open and close for adults, but has great safety lock for the little one.

  • difficult installation/poor design
    1 stars

    7/16/2018 by Kate

    The installation manual is very brief and unclear. We were not able to install it at the bottom of our stairs. Screw holes are designed so they are not secure with the screws attached to the knobs. They are seemingly stripped, so any time we tighten/adjust the knobs the right side the left slides out of its place and vice versa. Therefore, the opening of the gate will not narrow enough to activate the magnetic feature. I would return this product, but the store I purchased from went out of business.

  • Great safety Gate
    4 stars

    7/4/2018 by Christine

    I use the Boston Magnetic auto-close security gate and it works great. The auto close feature is great but the gate is overall very sturdy. I had closed the gate before and my little one tried to push it open and can't. The lock is tight and secure and my little one can't open it. As for adults, it's pretty easy to open with pushing and lifting up the gate. I would definitely recommend this product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • I would buy this product
    4 stars

    6/24/2018 by NMF910

    I tried the Boston dreambaby slimline auto close gate and thought it was a great product. It's a great gate for babies, toddlers, and also training puppies. It is easy to open and close and looks nice in the home as well. I would definitely purchase this product and recommend it to anyone with small children or animals. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Might/Might Not Recommend to Purchase
    2 stars

    6/21/2018 by SlimShip

    So when I first open the packaging I noticed that it was bent out to far for it to be able to latch shut. So I had to fix it before I could even try to use it. There was nothing wrong with the packaging it came in so I don't know if it got damage while it was on it's way in shipping to meor if it was something that happen at the plant before they packaged it into the box. Once I got it all setup and in a door in our house I noticed that I had to help it latch when it would swing back closed. Also the mechanism for the lock is really flimsy, wobbly and wasn't made high quality or throughout really good in my opinion. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone in my opinion but maybe I just got the lemon out of the bunch of them. I like the swinging door with the magnet closure mechanism, adjustable legs with permanent discs for the legs that get secure to the wall, how study the rest of the gate is made and a pleasant color for the gate. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Very easy to use
    5 stars

    6/10/2018 by Mom of a busy baby

    I really like the Boston Auto Close Gate. It has a wider gate opening than my other pressure mounted gate and can swing open both ways. You can see in the picture I attached how much wider it is (my Boston gate is black and my older gate it white). It is also much easier to release one handed. Just slide your thumb and lift up. The auto close feature is also very nice and if you push the gate all the way open, you can lock it in that position if you want it to stay open for a long period of time when you don't need to use it as a gate, but don't want to remove it, either. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Easy to use
    5 stars

    6/2/2018 by Nicole

    I needed a gate for my dog and this is a great gate to use and easy to assemble [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • We're Glad We Tried This Gate
    5 stars

    6/1/2018 by Maemae77

    This gate works for us. Now I can run around my kitchen and get things done without having to worry about running into Abbey. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Perfect design for looks and durability
    5 stars

    6/1/2018 by Jibbage

    Keeps 3 small dogs safely contained to one side of yard.

  • Best baby gate ever
    5 stars

    6/1/2018 by Nana

    This gate is blocking the kids from getting into the kitchen. It was super easy to put in place and I love how you don't need to screw it into the wall. I like how easy it is for me to open it and I would absolutely by this item again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Recommended highly.
    5 stars

    5/27/2018 by DB

    I love it. It was easy to install, operates easily and looks quite nice.

  • Highest Gate I've Found!
    5 stars

    5/7/2018 by Crazy Dog Mom

    I have a 1 year old very hyper lab and we finally found a gate she cannot jump over or knock down! The gate swings both ways and is wide enough for carrying laundry baskets through! i would recommend this to anyone with a strong dog that likes to jump or any parent with busy babies, no worries they cannot get anything stuck in the railing and they also extend!

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